Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 848 - Danger Lurks Everywhere

Chapter 848 Danger Lurks Everywhere

Using the musket to deal with the water monkeys was the most effective and direct method.

However, in order to kill those water monkeys previously, they had almost used up all of their kerosene. At this moment, even if there was still some left in the musket, it would not take long

“Walk faster in front and leave this place immediately. This thing is afraid of fire. Move quickly.”

Yan Kuan ordered loudly from behind. Dark 1 and the rest also took out their gunpowder guns. They saw that once this thing came into contact with the light of fire, its hands would suddenly turn black from the fire. However, once it left the fire… it would immediately return to normal.

Lin Jiahui and Liu Yufei, who were in front, were brought along to increase their speed. However, this corridor was so long that they could not see the end. They did not know when the end would come.

However, everyone ran extremely fast. Even if they couldn’t run anymore, they still ran forward desperately.

They really wanted to use a grenade to blow up this d*mn ancient tomb, but they couldn’t. Once this place was blown up, the top would collapse. They would also be buried here, and they wouldn’t be able to get out of this place for the rest of their lives.

Everyone was running. They couldn’t explain why these water monkeys would appear in this place when there was obviously no water. At this moment, everyone was thinking if they could… they really wanted to blow up these mysterious sun eyes.

“D*mn it, when will this end?”

Someone in the team muttered. However, just as he finished speaking, a crisp and even negligible sound rang out in front. The yin-yang master in the lead did not have time to stop and fell into a round pit.

The people behind all stopped. The person standing in front saw the large hole that suddenly appeared in front and exclaimed, “There’s a snake.”

Dark 1 walked over to take a look. A snake? It turned out that a two-meter wide hole appeared in the road in front of them, and the hole was filled with poisonous snakes.

The yin-yang master had already fallen into the hole. He did not even have time to shout before a black snake as thick as an arm bit his throat.

Within a few seconds, his entire body was covered in colorful and medium-sized snakes. In less than three minutes, his entire body was gnawed into a skeleton. Everyone who saw this scene felt their blood run cold.

“What should we do now?”

Everyone was anxious. They had just entered this place and four people had already died.

What kind of danger was behind this? No one knew.

“Those strange hands are gone.”

Just when their gunpowder guns were about to give out, those strange hands suddenly disappeared and were replaced by gray-white stone walls that were gradually flaking off.

However, no one dared to be careless anymore. They were even afraid that they were standing in a snake-like cave.

“Keep moving forward. After feeding these snakes, we will be able to get through this obstacle.”

Lin Jiahui’s words were always so cold. She called her subordinates who were supporting her to go ahead and lead the charge. They could just jump into the two-meter-wide hole.

However, no one dared to move. Who knew if they would be another trap if they jumped over?

“You old pervert, why don’t you jump? You only know how to let others open a path for you.”

“Ignorant child, what do you know?”

“I don’t know, you know? Get lost, old hag.”

Dark 4 walked over and took out a mini robot from his bag. It flew straight through the hole and landed steadily on the ground. It was similar to the way he talked to Shen Xiaoxiao and the others about cars and blue gemstones. He slowly began to probe everything around him.

Anything that moved, whether it was cold-blooded or hot-blooded, whether it was a cold weapon or a mechanism, would have a different response.

“Ji– Ji– Ji– Ji–“

The robot made all kinds of noises along the way. Weapons, creatures, it seemed that the road ahead was even more bumpy.

Of course, there were still many things that had appeared through the illusion that had yet to be discovered.

No one knew what was ahead, but no one dared to take another step forward. Even Yan Kuan would definitely not let his brothers walk forward at this moment.

The robot was withdrawn, and Shen Xiaoxiao had already set her gaze on the stone walls on both sides.

She walked over slowly. Looking at the mottled and fallen murals, she felt that they had overlooked something.

“What are you looking for?”

“Where did those strange hands come from? Or is everything an illusion? It doesn’t exist at


“Dark 2, take the musket and retreat 10 meters. I’ll cover you. If you want to know how these water monkeys appeared, you’ll know once you walk back a little.”

Yan Kuan gave the order directly, and Dark 2 instantly understood. Yan Kuan and Dark 2 took the musket and walked back personally. Everyone held their weapons as if they were facing a great enemy, ready to attack at any time if anything went wrong.

A scene that surprised them appeared. When they had just reached the 10-meter radius, those strange hands appeared again, but they disappeared when they were 10 meters away. This place was like an interception point.

Yan Kuan and Dark 2 slowly retreated. Shen Xiaoxiao looked at Yan Kuan and listened as he said to everyone, “There’s no need to go forward. The exit is at this section.”

“Hmph, what do you know? How can the exit be there?”

“If she doesn’t understand, then let’s split up. You guys continue. We won’t stop you.”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not say anything good to Lin Jiahui.

Lin Jiahui could only glare at Shen Xiaoxiao angrily.

At this time, the robots had already searched within this 10-meter radius. The walls, the ground, and even the top of their heads were not missed.

However, just as they looked up, pairs of green eyes were looking at them. This scene made everyone almost fall back into the pit.

What was that thing above their heads?

“Are those water monkeys?”

“I think so. They are observing us. When we are in a dilemma, they will eat us up?”

“Most likely. Are these things mutated?”

“Ji– Ji– Ji–“

At this moment, the robot sent out a signal. A hole appeared on the left side of the stone wall. Only in the hole would it send out a signal-like cry.

“The exit is this way.”

Yan Kuan immediately went forward to look for it. The robot could find the exit, but they had to search for the mechanism themselves.

Dark 2and Dark 1 joined in the search.

“Master, there’s an arc-shaped thing here.”

Dark 2 was the first to notice it. Yan Kuan walked over and saw that it was indeed an extremely shallow half-moon arc-shaped thing on the wall.

“Look, that water monkeys are moving.”

Initially, everyone’s eyes were on the wall, but at this moment, the water monkeys above their heads slowly climbed down the wall.

Now that they saw the whole picture, they were sure that these were really the water monkeys they had seen before.

“Use the peach wood, use the peach wood to press. Press the mechanism with your hands. It won’t move.”

Lin Jiahui saw that Yan Kuan pressed the mechanism a few times but it didn’t move, so she suddenly said this to everyone.

Then, she took out a peach wood block from her bag that was just right for her palm to hold and threw it over.

Yan Kuan took it. When the water monkeys had gathered in the corridor not far away, he pressed down hard on the peach wood.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

With a loud sound, a round stone door opened…

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