Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 847 - Zongzi, A Meddlesome Arm

Chapter 847 Zongzi, A Meddlesome Arm

The cold wind lasted for nearly an hour before it slowly stopped.

Dark 1 and the others took out the air detector and found that the air was close to safe air before they took off the gas mask.

Dark 1 had been hiding in a very good position, and he had desperately pulled 19 under his body to block him. Other than feeling a little cold, there was nothing wrong with him.

After going out, he only needed a few days of hot weather to be eradicated. He glanced at 19 and wanted to say something to him, but 19 did not say anything. Once the wind stopped, he slowly walked back to his team.

On the other hand, the rest of his men started coughing at the same time. Some of them even cried out that they were frighteningly cold.

Dark 1 was not a fool. He knew what would be in this ancient tomb. Most likely, these people had been corroded by the yin energy and were destined to be tortured for the rest of their lives.

“19, you really are infatuated.”

Shen Xiaoxiao mumbled a few words, but she did not say it in front of 19. Yan Kuan heard her. He glanced at Dark 1 and slowly pulled Shen Xiaoxiao out of the stone door.

No one on Yan Kuan’s side had any problems. On the other hand, on Dark 1’s side, everyone was coughing non-stop. At this moment, Yan Kuan was glad that he had not spent a huge amount of money to protect everyone from the impact.

Meanwhile, Shen Xiaoxiao’s gaze had been fixed on Liu Yufei. The only person in the Dark i’s team who did not cough and was not affected by the yin energy was probably Liu Yufei.

However, the blisters on her neck were already on her face, which made people feel even more terrified.

“Look at her face.”

Yan Kuan immediately turned his head to look at Liu Yufei. This glance made Yan Kuan frown. There was something wrong with this woman.

“Don’t touch her. Stay away from her. She’s a little strange. I don’t think we can kill her even if we want to now. No, to be precise, Liu Yufei can’t be killed from the moment we entered this ancient tomb.”

“What do you mean?”

Shen Xiaoxiao was shocked. What did he mean by ‘she can’t be killed’?

Yan Kuan lowered his head slightly. When everyone thought that he was tidying Shen Xiaoxiao’s hair, he whispered into her ear,”She’s already dead. The reason why her body has blisters whenever she touches the yin specters is that she’s regressing.”

“Don’t scare me. What does that mean? Becoming a ghost?”

“Silly, she’s not becoming a ghost. Her vital signs are gone. The reason why she can still maintain her spiritual sense is because she was catalyzed by the Suoyin flower in her body and the yin energy when she first entered the cave. Do you believe it? The yin specters just now made everyone uncomfortable, but she felt extremely comfortable.”

Shen Xiaoxiao followed Yan Kuan’s words and looked at Liu Yufei. Indeed, the comfortable feeling on her face made people’s hair stand on end. What was this thing? Zongzi?

“Like a zongzi?”

“Yes, like a zongzi. It’s just a little more spiritual sense than a zongzi. Fortunately, we didn’t attack her just now.”

“We have to tell the other brothers.”

“I have already informed them. Everyone will pay attention now. Don’t worry.”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not speak anymore. The shock in her heart had long turned this surprise into silence. She was afraid that once she spoke, she would reveal her fear.

The long green stone path had a hint of coldness and eeriness. Everyone held their breaths and took every step with extra caution. No one knew when the unknown dangers in this secret passage would suddenly appear beside them.

The murals on the wall were colorful, but with the strong wind just now, they were slowly fading away. The cameras clicked in front of them. There was a person in Dark i’s team who recorded everything here. However, no matter how fast he was, he could not record all the murals in the corridor clearly, not to mention that it was pitch-black ahead of them.

One of the yin-yang masters beside Lin Jiahui led the way, followed by two men in black, followed by Liu Yufei and the other two. Lin Jiahui, Dark 1, and the last yin-yang master followed behind, then came Yan Kuan’s team.

More than 20 people in the long team walked along the dark and quiet corridor. Other than the occasional cough, even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.

The more it was like this, the tighter everyone’s hearts were. They thought of the calm before the storm. The calmer they were now, the more turbulent the storm would be…

This corridor seemed to have no end. Every step they took was so cautious. However, this long passage made of bluestone had always been firm. It was as if their caution was a joke, it could always make people gradually relax their vigilance in such a flat and uneventful process.

“Don’t pull me. It’s pitch black, and I can’t see your hand gestures. Just speak.”

Dark 17 walked in front while muttering to himself as he spoke to Dark 20 behind him.

Dark 20 glanced at Dark 17. What was wrong with this person? He was dancing along the way. Was he still fooling around with Dark 15 in front of him?

“15, walk properly. Don’t provoke 17. What is this place? It’s no joke.”

When Dark 17 heard Dark 20 behind him asking him to walk properly, he was a little puzzled. Why was he not walking properly? Wasn’t he walking very well? But why were the two of them underestimating him along the way? And why was 15 pulling his bag? “I’m walking fine, but 15 keeps pulling my bag.”

“Are you crazy? Who’s pulling your bag? 17 is pulling my bag from behind.”

“I’m pulling your bag? I even said that Boss is pulling my bag from behind.”

After Dark 17 finished speaking, everyone stopped walking because everyone had heard what they said. Behind Dark 17 was Shen Xiaoxiao. She knew very well whether she had made a move or not. Similarly, Yan Kuan was also pulling her bag from behind.

Perhaps Yan Kuan was the calmest now. He glanced at Shen Xiaoxiao and said, “I’m not pulling your bag. Everyone, be careful.”

No one had made a move, so who was moving their bags?

Red Bull walked behind Yan Kuan, and behind Red Bull was Dark 4. At this moment, Dark 4 was already nervously swallowing his saliva. He wouldn’t be afraid of any strong opponents or animals. However, if he were to encounter ghosts and zongzi, then he would be afraid, and very afraid. “Is, is, is there a ghost?” “AH…”

They had just finished speaking when a man in black behind Dark 1, who was walking in the middle, suddenly let out a sharp scream and slammed into the wall with a bang.

Immediately after, the smell of blood assaulted them. At this moment, everyone’s hands were all lit up with torches. When they saw this, everyone was dumbfounded. They did not know when… On both sides of the long corridor, there were actually black furry arms that looked like the water monkeys deep in the stone walls. Their sharp fingernails shone under the white torchlight, causing everyone’s hair to stand on end. Their arms were waving on the stone walls. Just now, they had said that someone was pulling their bags. It was these long arms that were moving. When they thought of the stroke that the water monkeys had left on Yellow Ox… All of them were so frightened that their hair stood on end.

“Use the musket…”

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