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Chapter 9 – PeaChapter of Immortality from the Immortality Peach Garden

Chapter 9 – Peach of Immortality from the Immortality Peach Garden

Ye Zichen found out from Commissioner Liu’s explanation that there actually was someone else that wanted to invite him there.

As Ye Zichen walked along the shiny corridor until he reached the end, he continuously looked around.

This sort of business club was obviously not just a single level higher than the Latte he went to previously.

“Commissioner Liu, Director Xiao has been waiting inside for quite a while.”

At the entrance to a room at the end of the corridor, the manager of the club smiled and pushed the door open for Commissioner Liu.

Ye Zichen was immediately shocked just after entering the room.

The person was not just anyone else, it was Xiao Hai, with whom they had just separated paths with not that long ago.


The moment Commissioner Liu entered the room, Xiao Hai went over. When he saw Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun, he clearly was dazed for a moment, then he asked Commissioner Liu in confusion, “Liu-ge, the Lil’ Ye you were talking about couldn’t be Zichen, right?”

“You know him already?”

Commissioner Liu was also stunned for a moment, then shook his head with a smile.

“Yep, the Lil’ Ye I was talking about was him.”

“Hai-ge,” Ye Zichen and Su Yiyun called out to him at the same time. Xiao Hai shook his head with a light smile, the moment he had met Ye Zichen earlier, he already felt that Ye Zichen was different from other people.

After calling everyone to sit on the sofa, Xiao Hai spoke directly without cutting any corners.

“Zichen, Hai-ge is not going to beat around the bush with you. This time that I asked Commissioner Liu to get you to come, I want to ask whether you still have that Great Recovery Pill. I can buy it from you with a high price!”

Great Recovery Pill!

Ye Zichen was momentarily speechless. It seemed like Xiao Hai had found out about the effects of the Great Recovery Pill from Commissioner Liu and wanted to buy one.

Yet, it didn’t seem like he had any diseases. Could it be just for emergency? Or was it for someone else?

However, he had only managed to get just that one Great Recovery Pill.

Recently, Old Lord Taishang had not gave out any red packets, where was he supposed to get one from…

“Hai-ge, I don’t have anymore Great Recovery Pills.”

Ye Zichen answered honestly.

“Are you afraid of us not paying you for it or what?”

At that moment, an unfriendly voice sounded out in the room.

Ye Zichen looked over in the direction of the voice, and saw a young man about his age was standing in the corner of the room.

He was covered from head to toe in luxury goods. It was clear that he was a typical rich second-generation.

“Huang Ming, apologize to Zichen,” Xiao Hai said with a frown.

“Biaoge, this fellow clearly just wants to raise the price. Why are you being so courteous with him!”

Huang Ming was Xiao Hai’s biaodi. Due to having a big brother like Xiao Hai, he couldn’t see anyone straight.

“The thing my biaoge lacks least is money. Brat, just name how much you want for that thing.”

Huang Ming ignored Xiao Hai’s warning and walked over in front of Ye Zichen.

To be honest, Ye Zichen was very displeased about his high and mighty attitude.

Due to giving face to Commissioner Liu and his relationship with Xiao Hai, he didn’t explode, and merely answered him patiently.

“I really don’t have any left.”

“Ten million, how about that?”

Huang Ming’s shamelessness especially and his look of “laozi is rich” disgusted Ye Zichen.

Being rich is amazing?

Being rich allows you to look down on people?

“No Great Recovery Pill!”

The atmosphere in the room immediately turned frigid. Everyone could feel Ye Zichen’s displeasure.

Huang Ming still wanted to act out, but Xiao Hai stopped him before he could make things worse.

“Shut up!”

Xiao Hai roared, causing Huang Ming to immediately shrink his neck and walk off to the side.

“Zichen, Hai-ge really needs this Great Recovery Pill…”

Seeing the earnestness in Xiao Hai’s eyes, Ye Zichen touched the phone in his pocket due to his unwillingness to see that kind of expression, and stood up from the sofa.

“Wait a moment.”

Ye Zichen quickly ran off to the club’s bathroom and promptly sent a message to the Monkey King.

“Great Sage Sun, are you there?”

“What did you call me, Old Sun, for?”

The Monkey King pretty much replied instantaneously.

“Do you still have any of those Great Recovery Pills from Old Lord Taishang? Send me a few.”

“How could Old Sun have the shitty pills from that geezer!”

The Monkey King replied instantaneously once again with three contempt emojis.

All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt rather troubled. However, the Monkey King sent another message.

“What do you need the Great Recovery Pill for? It isn’t anything special, that geezer gets several hundred of them when he refines a single furnace of it. He gives them to the heavenly soldiers as candy.”


Ye Zichen was speechless, the people in the Heavenly Court were truly luxurious.

“This little deity ran into some trouble and needs a Great Recovery Pill. If Great Sage doesn’t have any, then this little deity will go and figure something else out.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t do anything if the Monkey King didn’t have any Great Recovery Pills

He wasn’t at all familiar with the other deities in the group, so he couldn’t exactly add Old Lord Taishang as a friend just to ask for private red packets.

God knows what their intimacy level was. What if he was found out?!

He could only say that Xiao Hai was very unlucky. All of a sudden, Ye Zichen felt that he couldn’t bear to face him.

He didn’t sell the painting to him, and now there was nothing he could do when Xiao Hai wanted to buy a Great Recovery Pill.

“I, Old Sun, don’t have the geezer’s Great Recovery Pills, but the peaches from Old Sun’s Mount Huaguo aren’t any worse than his pills.”

Just when Ye Zichen was about to give up, the Monkey King had sent another message over.

“Then hurry and send it to me, Great Sage!”

“Hehe, you want Old Sun’s peach? Shouldn’t you do something first?”

Great Sage Sun sent three finger hooking emojis. It seemed like he still wanted more Wahaha Calcium Milk.

However, Ye Zichen could only make him a promise for the future since he didn’t have anything on hand.

“This little deity is outside right now. How about this, Great Sage send the peach over to this little deity now, and this little deity will send something to you later.”

“You couldn’t be tricking, I, Old Sun, right?”

“How would little deity dare.”

“I knew you wouldn’t.”


When a red packet appeared on his screen, Ye Zichen clicked on it without thinking.

You have collected the Monkey King’s red packet.

Peach x1

Ye Zichen quickly clicked open his Treasure Chest.

He clicked “withdraw” on the peach in the Treasure Chest.

A peach that wasn’t any different from a normal one appeared in Ye Zichen’s hand. He looked at the pinkish peach sitting in his hand.


This was a peach from the Water Curtain Cave. Ye Zichen wanted to be able to eat it as well.

“Never mind, never mind, I will have a chance to eat one in the future.”

Ye Zichen suppressed his desire to eat it and walked back to the room with the peach.

After Ye Zichen had left the room, Xiao Hai was rather worried. This Great Recovery Pill was extremely important to him, the old man back home was relying on his getting this Great Recovery Pill.

“Big bro, that brat just wants to get more money out of you, we’ll raise the price a bit later, then it’ll be fine. What’s more, do you really believe that Great Recovery Pill would even work?”

The moment Huang Ming finished, Commissioner Liu’s expression turned dour.

What’s this supposed to mean, was Huang Ming implying that he was lying?

“Liu-ge, don’t mind him too much.”

Xiao Hai looked towards Huang Ming with a frown, his biaodi was truly only good at messing stuff up.

Just who was Commissioner Liu? Wasn’t Huang Ming putting it that way clearly making Commissioner Liu look bad!

“Heh, Little Bro Xiao, Liu-ge isn’t that sort of petty person. The reason I brought Lil’ Ye over is purely because you begged me to and our relationship was pretty good. You also seem to know Lil’ Ye, so you should be clear about just what sort of person he is.”

Xiao Hai’s expression turned serious for a moment, as he thought back to incident at the antique street…

This Ye Zichen is truly a master!

Although the Great Recovery Pill was a bit too shocking, he was willing to try to get one for his family’s old man.

At that moment, the door to the room was pushed open. Xiao Hai’s eyes also brightened at hearing the door, while Huang Ming’s mouth showed nothing but contempt.

If he was going to leave, then just leave, yet he came back.

After doing so much, didn’t he just want to con them for more money!

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