Red Storm

Book 1-1.5

Book 1-1.5 Wielding the Greatsword

The blacksmith was tired. There were two blacksmith in the largest oasis belonging to the Pareia tribe, but the Young Glow kept coming to him for help. It did make sense, since he was the blacksmith in charge of making the shamshirs while the other blacksmith was in charge of repairing and sharpening the blade. It was logical for Yulian to come find him.

What the Young Glow wanted was to forge a large sword. After being continuously harassed for a couple of days, the blacksmith finally decided to push back everything else and start working on the Young Glow’s sword.

When he first heard the Young Glow explain what he wanted, the Young Glow’s request and the requirements sounded so crazy that he thought he was falling for a child’s prank. Not only did he want a blade that was over two meters long, he also wanted it forged completely of cast iron. If the blacksmith put even a little bit of effort, he would be able to make the weapon lighter, scraping out some of the metal inside the blade, handle and the connection spot. However, the Young Glow did not even want that.

‘A two-handed sword made of cast iron that is over two meters long…’

The blacksmith was curious just what kind of warrior in the world would be able to carry such a heavy sword into the battlefield. If there was such a warrior, it was someone he definitely wanted to meet at least once. But even if there was such a warrior, they could probably get by using this sword in hand-to-hand combat, but it would probably not be useful in the desert’s Pirma battles.

“Just how are you planning to use this sword?”

“When a warrior needs a sword, there is only one reason for it. Are there more?”

When Yulian answered as if he was asking a dumb question, the blacksmith shook his head while replying:

“The Young Glow has not even had your coming-of-age ceremony. Furthermore, this type of sword is one that even adult warriors would not be able to handle. In addition, on top of a Pirma, you can’t put any power in your feet, so you won’t even be able to swing this sword.”

Of course Yulian was thinking the same thing, but he had full confidence in his master. If his master says this, it is this, if he says it’s that, it’s that. He knew there must be a reason his master asked him to go get a sword like this.

“If you don’t have enough iron, let me know. I will go bring a couple weapons from my house.”

The blacksmith turned pale hearing this and responded back:

“Aigoo, that’s not what I mean! A Pareian blacksmith does not think about the iron when we make the weapons. The warriors bring back the iron and we just forge them.”

“Then I would like you to make it as I asked. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need it.”

The blacksmith had no choice but to worry. In order to make a greatsword like this, he could make at least four durable Shamshirs. Iron was a precious material for a tribe. It was as precious as food. As a result, the blacksmith could not help but worry about whether he should use so much iron for something that sounded like a prank.

After debating for a long time, the blacksmith agreed. This was after all the Young Glow everybody had high expectations for.

“Alright. But you must promise to take good care of it.”

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Yulian went back smiling and satisfied, and the blacksmith stretched his arms before preparing to start forging. Such a weapon made of cast iron was difficult to even hammer. Regardless of the difficulty, the greatsword was completed to Yulian’s satisfaction within a couple of days. Yulian could only slowly drag it out when he came to retrieve it.

Since the whole thing was made of iron, the weight was no joke. Yulian had a lot of concerns as it easily weighed more than fifty kilograms. He was concerned about just how his master was going to teach him.

“First, I guess I need to improve my arm strength. I guess I’ll be lifting this sword later?”

Yulian finally arrived at his Paoe while thinking about multiple things. When he showed the sword to Chun Myung Hoon, he said:

“It looks sturdy. Stop dragging it and lift it up.”

At his master’s words, Yulian grabbed the greatsword’s handle.


Yulian was barely able to lift it up with his core flexed and his two elbows stuck on his legs. It was surprising. He had lifted exactly fifty kilograms. (TL: So it went from being easily over fifty kilos to exactly fifty kilos. Whatever you say Mr. author!)

But Chun Myung Hoon had a confused look on his face.

“My dear disciple, what are you doing?”

Yulian stared at his master in confusion.


“Didn’t I ask you what you were doing?”

“Master, didn’t you tell me to lift the sword.”

“Yes I did.”

When Chun Myung Hoon nodded his head in response, Yulian answered back with a puzzled look:

“That’s why I’m lifting it up.”

Chun Myung Hoon came up to Yulian and easily lifted the sword in Yulian’s hands with one hand.

“A sword is something you should lift with one hand.”

“But this is a two-handed sword?”

“If you lift it with one hand, it is a one handed sword. If you lift it with two hands, it becomes a two-handed sword. What kind of distinction is that? In addition, my martial arts requires that you hold the sword with one hand.”

Yulian looked at Chun Myung Hoon in shock before regaining his composure.

“You’re telling me to lift this with one hand?”

“Is there a problem? Didn’t I just say that a sword is supposed to be held with one hand? If you’re going to use both hands, why would you use a sword at all? Use a spear or a pole.”

Yulian just stared blankly at the sword being toyed with in Chun Myung Hoon’s hand. He looked like he wasn’t putting in any effort, as if he was swinging around a wooden stick.

“The weight is sufficient. If you really want to use two hands, I can teach you how to use two swords. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t sound too bad to use two greatswords together.”

Yulian’s eyes started to darken before smiling and responding to Chun Myung Hoon.

Yulian seriously debated what to say before opening his mouth.

“If I used two greatswords, wouldn’t I get tired faster and my arms get longer?”

“It’s you who is using it not me. Do I even need to worry about that type of stuff?”

Yulian briefly lost his train of thought at Chun Myung Hoon’s response. He really could not figure out this master of his.

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“I’ll tell you this in advance. I’m not someone who jokes around. Time is precious.”

Yulian truly wanted to cry inside.

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