Red Storm

Book 1-1.6

Book 1-1.6 Such a terrible disciple!

It was difficult. However, he started to get used to his Master’s method of “If you do it, it’s possible.” And, staring at himself, he was proof that his master was not wrong.

At first, he was saying that it was impossible. However, his master would quickly show him that it is possible. There was no way he could throw a fit.

The scene of his master effortlessly swinging two greatswords at once... (TL: Where did the second greatsword come from?) Even now, just thinking about it is scary. Watching his master treating these two greatswords that were even taller than him effortlessly, without ever dropping them on the ground or sweating a single drop, it made it seem like he was playing around with two sticks.

He could not even voice one complaint, and had to follow his master’s extreme - and in some sense stupid - training methods.

Saying it was for him to learn, Yulian was beat up over and over.

I’m the Young Glow. I had never even been hit by my father, the current Glow. Truthfully, the Desert Warriors do not hit those who will become warriors. This is because it becomes an insult that cannot be paid back. Increasing a warrior’s pride is best done by showing how it’s done, not by beating them up.

This was why at first, Yulian rebelled. Anybody else in the same situation would have done the same.

What returned was…an even worse beating.

This is what my master said.

- If you successfully perform what you are taught, I will not hit you.

Let’s be honest. Honestly, I worked hard to avoid being hit, rather than to become a warrior. Frankly, Master had a lot of unreasonable demands.

I don’t want to write. I feel like vomiting. It’s terrible. I don’t want to be reminded of these terrible memories when I read this in the future. I write in this diary to look back on my life and fond memories, not to be reminded of the pain.

In the future, when I become a great Glow, I will let the warriors know.

Crawling from one oasis to another would be a much easier training method. I will make sure to let them know.

As someone who successfully completed this hellish training, I will have the qualifications to tell them that.

Look. Where else would you find a Desert Warrior who can take a greatsword weighing fifty kilograms and swing it freely with … not two hands but just one hand?

I don’t want to admit it, but the Desert’s best warrior, our Pareia tribe’s enemy, Shuarei tribe’s bloodied hand, Venersis, probably can’t handle it like this.

I wanted to be comforted and to be praised. I wanted my praiseworthy father, the Glow of Pareia, to do so.

But here’s a toast to my current poor situation where I won’t be getting what I want. Somehow, my father became an avid follower of my Master. Warriors respect other warriors, and in some aspects, Master is the ultimate warrior. Claiming it’s not enough… rather, believing Master’s words without a doubt that I am lacking in disposition, all he’s been doing is blaming me...

My poor self.

I can only hope that the day I can sufficiently handle both of these greatswords comes…

‘Comes soon’ is what Yulian was planning to write, but it seems Yulian was so tired he just fell asleep.

“It’s because you haven’t trained enough.”

It was pure coincidence that Chun Myung Hoon saw Yulian’s diary. He was drunk in the splendor of the glowing three moons and decided to ride a Pirma across the desert with Yulian. That’s why he had entered Yulian’s Paoe, but ended up finding his disciple passed out at the desk.

At first, he had planned to simply put a leather blanket over Yulian. It can be called a coincidence that he happened to see the diary while putting the blanket over him.

Chun Myung Hoon’s mood was significantly dampened after reading the diary. How hard had he worked to teach this disciple? He put in so much effort to teach this talentless disciple as much as possible.

Yet, Yulian was unable to meet his expectations at all.

He needed to tell him the scripture at least three times and show him the proper form at least ten times before this slow disciple remembered the tiniest bit. But how hard had he tried, expanding the limits of his patience for his one and only disciple?

Regardless of all of his effort, rather than being thankful for what he’s done, all Yulian has been writing about are complaints?

He’s been writing like he’s a poor disciple who has met a terrible master!

‘If I knew it would be like this, I would have taken Pere as my disciple instead…”

Chun Myung Hoon was regretting his decision. Pere was Yulian’s younger brother, and Chun Myung Hoon thought Pere had a great aptitude to become a martial artist. He was born with a significant aura. Had he taught someone like that, he would have enjoyed being a teacher.

Even so, he had been holding in his temper to teach Yulian, only to be stabbed in the back by his own disciple. In this aspect, he was envious of his brother in law, Yoo Hwa Myung. His disciple was slow but that boy showed complete dedication to practicing martial arts. He was envious of his brother-in-law’s super-wide smile regarding his disciple.


Chun Myung Hoon let out a big sigh before coming out of the Paoe.

There were many thoughts running through his head. There was no message from Miruk, the Goddess who sent him to this world. Even after countless prayers, he had not received a single response.

Staring at the three moons floating in the night sky, Chun Myung Hoon slowly fell asleep.

Chun Myung Hoon was someone who did not understand any of the things normal people considered to be impossible. This was why he thought Yulian was slow, even when Yulian’s talent and potential were actually very high.

Chun Myung Hoon was used to being the best. His title as “Invincible,” in a realm filled to the brim with advanced martial artists proved that to be the case.

In addition, he was a member of the church who served Miruk, the goddess of fire. He did not face much adversary getting the title of “Invincible.” When he read something once, he remembered all of it, as if his mind was a library. He could follow anything he had seen once down to the tiniest of details. As time went on, he could even determine his opponent’s thoughts.

It was because he was so talented that he received the title of being one of the “World’s Five Best Masters” by age 30, and he could have become the “World’s Greatest” even before he became 40.

When he came over to his world, he did not get any stupider. Within a few days, he learned how to read and write the language of the Desert Tribes. All he had to do was learn the basic alphabet, and then memorize a couple books completely.

He had incorrectly considered his genius nature to be the norm, and as he had never taught anybody before, it made him think more and more that Yulian was slow.

If he had taught a person with average talent before, he would have quickly learned that Yulian’s talent level was actually pretty high. Sadly, Yulian was his first disciple. He was too lazy to teach others.

He could never imagine in a hundred years that only he would nag his disciple like this for not meeting his expectation.

‘Why was I sent to this world?’

Chun Myung Hoon’s thoughts caught its tail. (TL: Basically, he had no answer for his thought)

He suffered tremendously after arriving in this world, but he liked this place. The people of the tribe were innocent and passionate and lived proudly.

That is how he was able to accept their culture in such a short amount of time. He felt their culture fit his personality well and he himself thought he was suited for this lifestyle.

Nonetheless, he was still unable to determine the reason he ended up in this world.

He was not someone who had lived a normal life. The Heavens are fair. Although they gave him a genius brain, they also gave him the devliish blood of the Chun Family. Chun Myung Hoon had to work with all his might to prevent the blood from taking over.

To block the effect of the devil, to defeat the devil in his blood, he had dedicated his life to the goddess Miruk and the church since he was ten years old. Many people had sacrificed to help him persevere. As the final devil was about to open its eyes and he was thankful that his life was about to end, he had ended up in this world by the command of the goddess.

‘Why did I end up in this world?’

It had already been two years since he arrived here, but he still had not determined what his mission was.

He stared back at Yulian’s Paoe and mumbled to himself

“She couldn’t have sent me here to teach that slow punk.”

Just as he said that, Chun Myung Hoon felt chills on his body.


He asked, looking at the sky.

He was no longer sleepy after feeling the chills and it dampened his mood. He had not felt like this in the last few years.

Were we just imagining the deathly aura coming from his feet as he headed to the training grounds?


A rather melodious hitting sound was coming from the training grounds.

“Ow! Master, this time, why are you hitting me?”

“Do you really not know why?”

“If I knew, would I be asking?”

Chun Myung Hoon’s so called “Fist of Love” landed in Yulian’s stomach in broad daylight before even rats or birds noticed. (TL: There is a Korean saying that states what happens in the daytime is seen by the birds, and what happens at night is seen by the rats. So this basically means it was so fast nothing could see it).


A hitting noise, much longer than the one heard previously was resonating from the training ground.

“This one was for not knowing why.”

“Master, this is unfai…..”


“No, nevermind. I understand. This disciple was in the wrong.”

There is no business in punishment. As Yulian quickly adjusted his words, this time, Chun Myung Hoon asked the question.

“About what?”


“You said you knew what you did wrong and why you were getting hit. So I’m asking you, what did you do wrong?”

“Well, you see…”


He threw his fist so fast that what’s supposed to be a POW combined itself to come out as POPOOOW.

Yulian curled his whole body forward as he urgently yelled out.

“No matter what it is, this disciple was in the wrong! How could I argue with my Master! No matter what it is, this disciple was in the wrong!”

“I guess you finally learned a little bit.”

“Of course. How dare a disciple try to talk back to his Master. I think this disciple’s head was a bit loose.”

“That is why I hit you. Next time, just get hit and think about it later.”


Yulian was grumbling inside but he was unable to express his disdain. Like a main character in a cartoon who could not call his dad, dad or his older brother, older brother, although he was feeling wronged on the inside, he could only smile on the outside.

Chun Myung Hoon smiled, as if he knew exactly on Yulian’s mind and opened his right index finger before speaking.

“Since it looks like you’ve been studying pretty well, today, let’s do some sparring using my index finger.”


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