Red Storm

Book 1-1.7

Book 1-1.7 Why are you smiling?

Yulian was terrified.

He remembered the first time his master mentioned sparring.

- I will only use my left foot. Let’s try to spar once.

At that time, Yulian was wondering what kind of sparring can be done like that. Of course, it did not take long for him to realize the truth. Could he have even imagined that?

Chun Myung Hoon used a movement method called “Major Pain” (TL: Okay, so it could have been translated to Officer Whining or something of the sort but Major Pain sounded better to me) and used only his left foot to fly around and turn Yulian into a flat pancake.

It took him two years to make his master use both of his feet and another two years before he could make his master use one finger (TL: 4 years?! When the heck did 4 years go by?)

Every time they sparred, Yulian trembled in fear. In contrast to the normal beatings, Chun Myung Hoon never went easy during sparring. Yulian would feel lucky even if he fainted, as long as he didn’t have any long-term repercussions.

It felt like his master had attached some type of metal club to his foot and finger. Even if he thought it was a light hit or it barely scratched him, it would end up making him injured to the point he would have to stay in bed for a couple days.

In reality, it was probably only that much because his master hated to see him injured and lying in bed. (TL: Oh he’s such a caring master! Oh wait, he probably just wants to keep beating him up).

“Why...all of a sudden? This disciple does not have the skills, nor is he prepared…”

“Does a warrior only fight when they want to? If they aren’t prepared, do they not fight?”

“Of course that’s not the case, but…”

“Enough talking. Just bring it. Your master will teach you with deep sincerity.”

‘I would be fine if you just half-assed it…’

Yulian was screaming inside while tightly holding onto his greatsword. He could not think about getting hit by his Master. If he did, then he would definitely end up as rice (TL: End up as his meal, cannon-fodder, etc). He knew he had to at least swing his sword while getting hit for his master to hit him at least one hit less. His survival instinct, forged from years of experience, prepared him for what was to come.


You couldn’t tell whether Yulian was hyping himself up or screaming in terror as Yulian rushed towards Chun Myung Hoon.

‘He wants to treat me as a bad guy? Let him experience death.’

Even in his dreams, Yulian would have never guessed that Chun Myung Hoon had read his diary.

Under the hot desert sun, a continuous scream filled the desert.

Pareia’s Glow. Baguna Provoke, known as “Baguna the Wise” had been pretty happy lately.

He would be even happier if they did not have such violent battles with their bitter enemies, the Shuarei tribe, but that’s been going on forever so he could push it to the back of his mind.

The reason Baguna was so happy was because of his oldest son. He had been extremely worried about his oldest son. After his first wife, Mairez, the Mother of Pareia and the birth mother of his oldest son died, Yulian had changed significantly. (TL: The raws have her name as Mairez, the wiki has it as Meina. Just so I don’t get confused when I see Mairez in the future, I will keep it how the raw has it).

He did not show any of the youthfulness that normal ten year olds would show, and he was very cautious of everyone, almost to the point where he could be considered creepy.

Rather than hanging out with his peers, he was seen reading and talking to retired warriors about lessons for war and life.

Of course, that type of thing was also necessary knowledge to be the Glow, and could end up being beneficial in the future. But he did not want to see a ten year old doing that.

By the time the people of the tribe started to gossip about how something didn’t seem right with the next generation’s Glow, it was hard to call Yulian a child.

He could steer a Pirma as if he was moving his own finger, and on his waist, rather than a practice Shamshir, he had a durable and sharp Shamshir that warriors used.

Baguna was worried. His oldest son, who was supposed to grow up magnificently and become the next Glow could not grow up in such an abnormal way. Even the Glow needed someone to share his pain (talking about a friend), and a lover who they could be honest with.

As time passed, Pareia may be able to have a powerful Glow, but, at the same time, they had to accept that they would have a lonewolf Glow with no people skills.

It was so bad that Baguna had even thought about forcing Yulian to go study abroad.

‘It’s all thanks to this old man. It’s because of him that Yulian has returned to normal.’

Baguna could not hold back his smile as he watched Chun Myung Hoon with Yulian. In his mind, he was thinking:

‘This outsider, this guest, has started to change Yulian. Nobody knew his methods or his reason for accepting to do so. However, Yulian revered him as his master and Baguna had treated him well only because he was a guest.’

As time passed, a smile returned on Yulian’s face. Even his personality changed to that of an optimist.

One day, Baguna asked Yulian the reason.

“Did something good happen?”

“No, father.”

“Then why is there a smile on your face?”


Yulian could not answer truthfully. How could he say that he was smiling because his Master hit him more when he was frowning? How could he say that to his father?

A brilliant idea came to him while he was debating how to answer his father.

‘Now that I think about it, there is no reason for me to not be smiling. Once I complete my coming-of-age ceremony and become a warrior, wouldn’t I be stronger than all the other warriors? Yulian, Yulian, your mind has been clouded, hasn’t it. You have such a great master but all you’ve done is complain and whine, and try to be lazy.’

Yulian quickly responded to Baguna.

“I know that one day, I will only have happy days where I will always be smiling. So I am starting early, practicing my smiles for that time.”

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