Red Storm

Book 1-2.2

Book 1-2.2 The Fatty’s Demands

Janet Le Borrea, the highest ranking diplomat in the Silence Empire, has enough fat to be considered chubby. On his face, the blackheads were plenty, as if it was a path of stars in the night sky.

His hair did not match his large face; his hair was parted down the middle and both ends of his hair were beautifully wavy (TL: This is not at all what the manhwa Janet looks like).

On first glance, he looked like an arrogant fatty who did not fit the position of a diplomat. However, his abilities in diplomatic negotiations were skilled and sophisticated. He would never raise his voice, and he would also never throw a fit relying on his position. He was deserving to be called a diplomat of an Empire.

The fact that he showed up in person was a gesture to show that Pareia was important to the empire. Because of this gesture, Pareia could not help but make a lot of concessions.

Yulian did not like Janet, but could not help but be impressed at his plotting abilities. If Janet did not continue to make such extreme demands, he may have even had a little bit of respect for Janet.

This fatso diplomat has been enjoying the negotiations since he arrived a week ago, receiving the full hospitality that Pareia had to offer.

In any case, the empire was holding the hilt of the sword, and even in the worst case scenario, he would just go back empty-handed. Although they were uncivilized barbarians, they had a tradition of honoring their guests; they would always return the envoys and guests safely.

Of course, even with that being the case, a veteran diplomat like himself had no plans whatsoever of creating that type of worst case scenario.

‘As long as we can take away as much as we can. Your lives would have been better if you became a principality of our empire.’

Janet smirked, thinking about the Pareia tribe elders, whose pride was very high. Many strong kingdoms were coveting the desert, but none of the twelve desert tribes had bowed their head to one of the continent’s kingdoms. Their unique level of pride was beyond anybody’s imagination. Even though the circumstances of the desert pretty much forced them to send tributes to the kingdoms, it did not change.

“That’s not possible. We need too many warriors to dig up and transport the burning water.”

When Glow Baguna answered with a resolute voice, Janet gently laughed and responded.

“We’re not just asking you to increase the amount. Didn’t I say that we will also increase iron, the amount of iron?”

“We are already sending you burning water three times a month without stopping. We have over a thousand of our tribe’s warriors working to make that happen. We cannot increase that number anymore.”

Seeing that Glow Baguna’s response was firm even with his persuasion, Janet let out a small sigh and answered.

“Huuu, I want to slightly teach Pareia’s Glow about the current situation of the Western Continent. Would that be okay?”

“Speak. I am very curious about the situation of the Western Continent.”

With Glow Baguna’s approval, Janet started to open his mouth as if his lips were coated with oil (TL: Pretty much talk nonstop).

“The Western Continent is currently very unstable. This is because the Rojini Kingdom, which has been trying to defeat our Silence Empire, has started their revolt. They’ve grown a little bit lately and think it is enough to taunt us. What I am trying to say is that with this as the starting point, we may have another continental war in the near future.”

Listening to Janet’s story, Glow Baguna removed his waist from the backrest and leaned in close to ask.

“Is that the truth?”

“Of course. How would I lie to the Glow of Pareia?”

Glow Baguna took a peek at Yulian hearing Janet’s earnest answer. As Yulian’s coming-of-age ceremony was near, he brought his son to the meeting to gain experience. He also wanted his son to become stimulated by foreign diplomacy. This was because young children tended to grow more if they were stimulated over and over.

When Yulian saw his father looking at him, he lightly shook his head.

Of course, Baguna did not believe the words of the envoy either. What kind of foreign diplomat would share that type of first-level information? But maybe it was because of Janet’s diplomatic skills, but the way he spoke was excellent.

Janet quietly said again.

“I know you probably don’t believe me, but you must think about Pareia and believe my words. Currently, any kingdom which has the chance of showing their strength in the southern continent is preparing for war. You know what goes into war preparation, right? What I am trying to tell you is that they are all collecting iron.”

“But didn’t you say that the Silence Empire will send us more iron in return?”

Janet hit his left palm with his right fist, as if saying, that’s it!

“The fact that we are willing to send more iron shows you just how much the emperor of the Silence empire considers Pareia. Truthfully, the crown prince was planning on attending this meeting as well, but he has been focused on training with the Guardian Knights in preparation for war. As such, I had to come alone.”

“Even if that is the case, more is not possible.”

“Please don’t decide that way, Glow. If, hypothetically, a war broke out on the Western Continent and we were unable to provide iron to the Western tribes, it will probably weaken your stance with the tribes who have a connection with the Eastern continent. What would happen with the Shuarei tribe if that happened?


Glow Baguna let out a short groan at Janet’s words. Janet’s words were not wrong. That was Pareia’s, no that was weakness for all tribes, regardless of east or west.

In Pareia’s case, if they could not get enough iron, they would be pushed back by the Shuarei tribe in the East.

Janet had reminded him of this weakness.

“I will think about it.”

“We are not trying to force a decision. It is just that we need a lot of burning water to prepare for war. That is why we are urgently asking for this. It’s a war that our Silence Empire will end up winning anyways. Later, once everything has been settled, how could our Silence Empire forget about Pareia’s contributions?”

Janet was proficiently saying things to save Pareia’s face using diplomatic plots to make Glow Baguna’s decision easier.

“Hmm…, I said I’ll think about it, did I not?”

Janet smiled in his mind listening to the lackluster response from Glow Baguna, knowing that he had succeeded.”

“I look forward to the will of the wisest Glow.”

“Then rest peacefully.”

Glow Baguna walked out of the Paoe without looking back, as if his mood was ruined.

Yulian followed his father and asked.

“What do you plan to do?”

“Our only option is to send a little more warriors.”

“How many more warriors are you planning on sending?”

“To meet the conditions of their demand, we will need to send at least five hundred more.”

Yulian fervently shook his head at Glow Baguna’s answer and yelled.

“To get another five hundred, the only place we can pull warriors from are in the suburbs. If we really removed five hundred, it will be difficult to protect the hunting ground and the Monster Field.”

“It will be even harder to defend without iron.”

Glow Baguna pushed his temples with both of his hands and responded in a weak voice. His head was hurting.

Looking at his father’s words and actions, Yulian thought this was what you would call you throw an arrow at the prey that’s attached to a Pirma’s tail first (take care of the fire that’s on your heels first). (TL: take care of urgent business first)

‘If the desert tribes did not fight with each other like this, how could we stand for such plotting and persecution?’

Yulian believed that the tribes were being robbed by the strong nations of the continent because the desert tribes were fighting with each other.

‘If all of the desert was united under one tribe, we would not be weaker than any of the strong kingdoms. In fact, they would probably have to be giving US tributes. Because the desert warriors are the best.’

Yulian had a new determination in his mind.

‘I must unite the desert. By uniting all of the desert tribes, rather than continuing to live like this, we can make a showing to the continent and work to live a much more abundant life.’

Yulian’s path was determined. It had grown bigger from just following the law of the desert and conquering the Shuarei tribe.

Desert Conquest.

‘I will definitely unite this Crimson Desert, and change the name from the Crimson Desert to the Glowing Desert.’

The Young Glow Yulian firmly closed his fist with determination. And he putting all of his effort to his training to make his determination a reality. Quickly, it changed from training to not get hit from Chun Myung Hoon to training passionately to make his dreams a reality.

Yulian started to consider getting hit by Chun Myung Hoon to be getting one step closer to his dream and Yulian was taking large strides towards his dream. (TL: I hope the author is not trying to say that he was getting beat up quite a bit!)

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