Red Storm

Book 1-2.3

Book 1-2.3 Heading Off

A ferocious force started to attack the sandy desert floor.

It was caused by two strands of large, sharp and powerful sword winds.

The person responsible for this wind has now grown too much to be called a child, but still seemed like it was too soon to call him a young adult.

Although that is the case, the thought process to accept him as a young adult is based on his firm body trained with strong muscles. It was also because of the powerful aura around him that even ordinary people could feel.

In addition, his training, where he was swinging around two greatswords that are as tall as him and wider than his palm as if he was going to wipe out all the earth, strengthens the desire to call him a young adult. (TL: Wait, a greatsword is only as wide as his palm? Doesn’t seem to be that great…)

Yulian, now eighteen years old, was focusing on filling his body with aura, as he prepared to leave for his coming-of-age ceremony.

For the Pareia tribe, the coming-of-age ceremony proved that a person had the ability to help their tribe. Therefore, at their coming-of-age ceremony, they can also receive the proud title of being a Pareia warrior.

Most of the boys facing their coming-of-age ceremony used their shamshir techniques and Pirma riding techniques that they have been training for many years to catch a wild beast or a monster by themselves to show that they could provide strength to the tribe. To do that was a difficult and dangerous road.

Leaving alone, with just a Pirma, weapons and equipment, and emergency rations, to wander the desert and the wilderness on their own to hunt a beast or monster was something that took numerous days for even veteran warriors. Although they had gone through extensive training, it was not any average feat to complete this task that required such bravery and skill, by themselves.

The majority took more than one month, and there were only a few boys who completed it without getting hurt. Although they didn’t know of it at the time, veteran warriors would secretly follow the boys completing the coming-of-age ceremony. Because of this, it sharply reduced the number of boys who ended up dying, but there still were times when they would return home dead, in the arms of the warriors.

Regardless of the danger, there were no boys in Pareia who chose to forego their coming-of-age ceremony. This was because all of them had been growing up and preparing, with the coming-of-age ceremony as their goal. Yulian also wanted to demonstrate his abilities through the coming-of-age ceremony, and this was why he was slightly concerned. Of course he had the confidence. Because it was Yulian, who had absorbed his master’s rigorous training, he had even thought in his mind ‘a stupid monster like you dares to challenge me?’

The problem was that he was the Young Glow. It wasn’t an easy task for a boy facing his coming-of-age ceremony to defeat a beast or a monster on their own, but Yulian wanted to clearly show the people of the tribe his worth.

He wanted to be the type of person who could comfort the people of the tribe just by the fact that they knew he was going to be the next Glow.

In this type of situation, he really wanted to get some advice and encouragement from his father, Glow Baguna, but his father could not see his son’s coming-of-age ceremony because he was busy.

A sense of nervousness could be felt in the sword Yulian was swinging.

It was very sad that he would have to proceed with his once in a lifetime coming-of-age ceremony without his father’s blessing, but Yulian consoled himself thinking about his father’s honor and responsibilities.

‘Father is the father of everyone in Pareia.’

As his finished his train of thought, his breathing also disconnected, and the two greatswords were fixed into the belt around Yulian’s waist.

“Are you done?”

Chun Myung Hoon asked from his side. In his eyes, he did not have any uncertainties or worries about his disciple.

“Yes, Master.”

“Do not throw such a fuss for bringing back a few animals. Although I am not satisfied with your skills, with your abilities, you won’t end up getting beat up anywhere so finish quickly.”

Knowing that his master really meant what he was saying, Yulian smiled as he responded.

“What can I do to make it certain I finish faster? Also, what can I do to show great results to my master? Those are the questions I am trying to answer in my mind. Hahaha.”

“Either catch a whole bunch, or go and catch the sandworm that causes such headaches to Pareia.”

The look on the faces of the people around them changed with Chun Myung Hoon’s words. The sandworm Chun Myung Hoon is talking about was a S-ranked monster that was large enough to be called the Sand Dragon. In the desert’s Monster Field, it was one of the few monsters on the top of the food chain.

It crawls around in the desert and every so often, it comes out of the Monster Desert to attack Pirmas, causing a headache to not only Pareia, but all of the desert. In order to reduce their numbers, all of the desert tribes would individually send over three hundred of their seasoned warriors, two to three times a year, in a Subjugation Squad. Even then, they would only be able to catch one or two of these monsters. Yet he was telling him to go and catch such a monster on his own. Nonetheless to the Young Glow.

Shaman Tuma Takata, who was going to bless Yulian on Glow Baguna’s behalf, hurriedly stepped forward to speak.

“The one on the path to become a warrior. Yulian, all you have to do is show us your skills. Please do not touch the Sand Dragon under any circumstances.”

As Chun Myung Hoon had an expression of disbelief on his face listening to Tuma Takata, Tuma Takata blamed Chun Myung Hoon.

“Honored guest, how could you say such a thing to our Young Glow? Our coming-of-age ceremony is meant to show proof of becoming an adult, not a ceremony to show a proof of recklessness.”

Many of the people around them nodded their heads in agreement, and made them stare at Chun Myung Hoon with frowns on their faces.

Chun Myung Hoon did not pay much attention to it and instead looked at Yulian to ask.

“Do you not have the confidence?”

Feeling his master’s stern gaze, Yulian quickly shook his head and answered.

“Not at all. I was planning on catching that one anyways.”


“Young Glow!”

Tuma Takata yelled in opposition, and behind him, many of the others called the Young Glow as well.

“There there, do not cause such a ruckus. I, Yulian, am the Young Glow. I will have my skills be recognized to prove that I deserve to be the Glow by catching a Sand Dragon.”

Listening to Yulian’s determined voice, Tuma Takata felt a dire need to urgently send a person to Glow Baguna.

“Sir Tuma Takata, do not worry too much. You know how I am, don’t you?”

Yulian disregarded the anxiety that Tuma Takata and the people were feeling and started to gather his equipment. He started to load his armor on the Pirma that he had spent over ten years together with, and his bedding and portable Paoe on a different Pirma.

Looking at Yulian’s eyes which showed no fear, the people shook their head and just prayed that the Young Glow will successfully complete his coming-of-age ceremony. All they could do was bless him as he walked by.

Once everything was packed, he went to say goodbye to his family before he left. Glow Baguna had three wives, and three children. Of them, the first wife and Yulian’s mother Mairez, had already left this earth, so his family was a total of six. The new Mother of Pareia, Sena Snia, blessed Yulian, who was kneeling in front of her, by kissing him on his forehead.

“The coming-of-age ceremony for the oldest son of the Provoke family. This mother truly hopes that you will safely return after completing it.”

Following that, the blessing of the third mother started, and all of his younger siblings in the Provoke family came up one by one to give their Hyung or Oppa the blessing to successfully complete his coming-of-age ceremony (TL: Hyung - term used by younger boys to older boys, Oppa - term used by younger girls to older boys).

“I cannot see Pere. Did you not contact him?”

Sena frowned as she did not see her son, the second son of the Provoke family, Pere Provoke. As she asked the people around her, the third son Orca responded.

“I let him know that big hyung-nim had his coming-of-age ceremony today, but Pere hyung-nim said he needed to prepare for his own coming-of-age ceremony tomorrow…”

“What kind of nonsense is that!”

Sena shouted in anger.

She knew very well that her son was aiming to be the next Glow. Pere was born one day later than Yulian, and he could not accept the fact that Yulian was the Young Glow because of that one day difference. In addition, Pere was also someone who had power strong enough to be called divine ability, and at the same time he also showed the qualities to become a great warrior. Because of all this, it was not easy for him to give up the position of Glow.

Of course, the position of Glow went to the best of the Glow’s children, but because of the glory of Mairez, the deceased Mother of Pareia, and the fact that Yulian had shown the decorum befitting a Glow since he was young, the majority of the tribe accepted Yulian as the next Glow. It was this reason that it was difficult to shake the position of Young Glow away from Yulian.

“Mother, Pere is not wrong. As a man who is also preparing to become a warrior, of course there cannot be any setback in his preparation.”

Yulian tried to defend Pere, but Sena shook her head and continued to yell in anger.

“In what household do the family not bless the person leaving for their coming-of-age ceremony! Furthermore, we are the family of the Glow who should be setting the example for all of the other families. In addition, you will not be there tomorrow when Pere leaves on his coming-of-age ceremony. Wouldn’t it be nice for both of you two bless each other?! I know you and Pere do not have a good relationship, but you must keep what you must keep.” (TL: Says the Glow’s wife when the Glow himself is not present...bad example dad, bad, bad, example.)

Sena ordered Orca.

“Orca, go and find Pere and tell him to come here right now.”

“Yes, mother.”

Once Orca left, Yulian cautiously spoke to Sena.

“Mother, if you scold Pere, his courage and pride may shake right before his coming-of-age ceremony.”

Sena let out a long sigh and lifted her hand to pat Yulian on his shoulder.

“Sigh~. You must forgive him. Even though he acts this way, inside, nobody cares for their family as much as he does. I know that the best.”

“Of course. Mother, Pere will become an important warrior for the Provoke family and the Pareia tribe.”

Sena smiled at Yulian’s words.

“I hope our Orca grows up as understanding as Yulian. Enough to even cover up his younger brother’s mistakes.”

As Orca’s mother and the Glow’s third wife, Librie, interjected, Sena was not happy inside.

Just as she was about the finish the discussion with Yulian peacefully, Librie interjected and said that Pere’s actions were wrong. She did not like Librie’s actions at all.

When Mairez was still alive, this type of successor battle or issues in the house could not even be dreamt about, but since Mairez passed away, a seed of anxiety started to sprout little by little in the Provoke family.

If Sena did not conduct herself honorably as the mother of Pareia and tried to make her son Pere the glow, the Provoke family and Yulian would have had no option than to live a difficult life. But Sena and Mairez treated each other as real siblings, and Sena was deeply thankful to Mairez. Once Mairez died, Sena treated Yulian and Pere the same without the smallest of differences.

The only issue Sena had was with Librie, who would make her angry by irritating her every so often.

Yulian, who had no desire to become involved in the two mother’s battle, pretended not to hear and instead started to respond to his younger siblings’ blessings.

A bit later, Orca and Pere came inside.

“Mother, did you call?”

Yulian was already taller than his peers, but Pere was at least a head taller and larger than Yulian. He also had a deep voice that was pleasing to the ear, as well as a full moustache, which made it difficult to think he was only eighteen years old. (TL: Another character that looks nothing like the manhwa!)

Pere bowed his head to greet his mother.

“Omo, it looks like Pere can’t even see me.”

As Librie was starting to start another fight, Sena spoke in a slightly irritated voice.

“You are also Pere’s mother. What do you mean who is visible and who isn’t? Think before you speak.”

As Librie could no longer respond, Sena once again turned to Pere with a stern look and asked.

“Are the preparations for your coming-of-age ceremony going well?”

“Yes, mother.”

“Even if you are preparing for your coming-of-age ceremony, were you not planning to bless your Hyung who is leaving on his coming-of-age ceremony? You too, how nice would it be to get your Hyung’s blessing before you head out tomorrow?”

“Mother is correct.”

As if he did not want to argue with his mother, Pere responded without complaint. Taking turns looking at Sena and Yulian, Pere spoke stoically to Yulian.

“I will hope that you successfully complete the ceremony and return.”

“Thank you. I hope that you have the protection of the God of Warriors, Mairus, and that the tribe’s guardian, the God of storm, Neo Latin will be with you.”

Pere lightly bowed his head to Yulian and headed back out, and for a moment, the inside of the Paoe felt chilly, but Yulian quickly started to laugh brightly and said his farewells to his family.

“I will not take long. Mothers Sena and Librie. Please be at peace while I am away. As for the rest of you, while Pere and I are gone, you must take good care of our mothers.”

“Return safely.”

Sena and Librie were the last to give a kiss to Yulian’s forehead to say goodbye. All of his younger siblings were individually praying that their Hyung or Oppa would safely complete his coming-of-age ceremony.

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