Red Storm

Book 1-3.1

Red Storm

The warriors’ mouths were filled with swear words. You couldn’t dream about having complaints while getting stronger, but you couldn’t prevent yourself from swearing.

Book 1-3.1 The Messenger

Pareia’s Glow, Baguna Provoke, was extremely happy. He had heard the news of his son, the Young Glow’s coming-of-age ceremony.

After going off on his own, he returned with the Monster’s Soul of a Sand Dragon.

The news about the other dangerous monsters’ souls were trivial in comparison.

What kind of monster was the Sand Dragon?

Even in the Monster’s Desert there were only a few, and it was the monster among monsters that sat on top of the food pyramid.

It was a monster that required tens of Pareia’s best warriors to defeat. The fact that his son was able to take down such a monster on his own was something even he couldn’t believe as his father.

However, nobody could question it as he returned with the Monster’s Soul. Even the tribal elders who did not like the Provoke family and tried to cause issues every chance they got, were keeping their mouth shut about this.

A monster that dies on its own does not leave a Monster’s Soul behind, and there was nobody who would give such a precious Monster’s Soul to Yulian. Most importantly, the Sand Dragon is a monster that requires tens of warriors working together to kill. If something like that truly happened, the Far-seeing warriors (meaning scouts) would have caught them in their sights.

In addition, during the duration of Yulian’s coming-of-age ceremony, there were no tribes who were dispatched to the Monster’s Desert.

All of the members of the Pareia tribe could not help but praise the Young Glow’s courage, and they were extremely excited that Yulian would be the next generation’s Glow.

Although none of the warriors were talking about it, the Pareia tribe was starting to get pushed back by their mortal enemies, the Shuarei tribe.

Glow Baguna was a great leader, but he lacked courage; in addition, none of the Great Warriors of Pareia could handle Venersis, The Bloodied Hands of Shuarei, on their own.

There was nobody in all of the tribes who could handle Venersis’ shamshir; he was the greatest warrior of the East, as well as the greatest warrior of the desert.

Lately, in addition to the title of Bloodied Hand, he also earned the title of War God.

But it looked like a new War God was to be born in Pareia. They were sure that even Venersis could not be one hundred percent sure that he could take down a Sand Dragon by himself.

The details of Yulian’s coming-of-age ceremony spread past Pareia to the other Western tribes, and all of the desert started to speak of Yulian’s name.

The young warriors who successfully complete their coming-of-age ceremony are all given new names.

Baguna’s title of the ‘Benevolent Eye,’ and Venersis’ ‘Bloodied Hand’ are the type of names we are talking about.

There was no reason for someone to specially create a name for Yulian. His other name came naturally.

Desert Conqueror. Yulian Provoke.

It was a honorous title given to him for going into the Monster’s Desert alone and catching the Sand Dragon.

Baguna was looking forward to his son being given his other name.

It was yet to happen, but when the Young Glow becomes the Glow and stands as the commander in a war in the far future, it was the name he wanted Yulian to have.

Of course he’s talking about the title of War God, similar to the Bloodied Hand Venersis.

‘The Eastern War God Venersis, then our Yulian will definitely be the Western War God.’

Glow Baguna started to grind his teeth. He firmly believed that Yulian will definitely slash Venersis and take his life.

Although he was feeling good, thinking about Shuarei and Venersis ruined his mood; Baguna stepped outside of his Paoe.

A large man who was speaking with his guards saw him step out and ran over to him.

“Warrior Stellis Yabok, sent under the command of the Rivolde Glow, ‘The One with Foresight’ Dejaine Nellisi, greets the Glow of Pareia, the ‘Benevolent Eye’ Baguna Provoke.”

The person kneeling in front of him with the long greeting was Stellis Samwoora, the best warrior for Glow Dejaine Nellisi of the Rivolde tribe (TL: I thought he just said his name was Stellis Yabok?).

Baguna displayed his greetings and asked as he lifted the man up.

“Has the Rivolde’s Glow been well? I had been planning on visiting him but he sent a person to me first like this. Please inform him that Baguna is very sorry.”

“I’m sure that our Glow will not accept such words from Glow Baguna.”

After saying this, Stellis took out a scroll made of lambskin out of his chest and respectfully handed it to Baguna.

“This is a message directly from our Glow. While sending this, he also specifically asked for a positive response.”

Baguna accepted the scroll from his hands and immediately opened it and read it.

As Baguna’s gaze made it further and further down the scroll, a bright smile filled his face.

“Looks like Glow Dejaine is giving a lot of face to me, Baguna, to ask for something like this.”

Stellis also smiled brightly, as if he knew what was written on the scroll and asked Baguna.

“May I inform him that you have a positive response?”

“Is there a reason to say no? No, Glow Dejaine has started the formalities, I cannot send you back just like this. Please wait. I will quickly write my response.”

Baguna ran back into the Paoe he just came out of and returned shortly with a rolled up lambskin scroll to hand to Stellis.

“In addition to this response, please inform him that I was greatly pleased with his request.”

“I will make sure to do so. Then, I shall now make my return.”

Baguna responded to Stellis.

“Have you ever seen our Pareia tribe just send back a guest? Please rest a few days before returning.”

“I believe Glow Dejaine will be waiting for me. I ask Glow Baguna for forgiveness.”

“Kekeke. Do you even have to ask for my forgiveness? Internally, I too hope you will quickly deliver my response.”

“Hahaha. Then I shall make my leave.”

“You must at least take our gift. Veruna.”

Baguna called one of his guards.

“Yes, Glow Baguna.”

A somewhat sophisticated looking man answered and stood in front of Baguna. Baguna issued a command.

“Prepare the gifts to send to the Rivolde tribe. In addition, gift a healthy and quick Pirma for Warrior Stellis who brought forth happy news.”

“Thank you very much, Glow Baguna.”

Once Veruna and Stellis disappeared, Baguna quickly made his way to his family Paoe.

He wanted to quickly share this news with his family.

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