Red Storm

Book 1-3.2

Book 1-3.2 Causing a ruckus

“What did you say?”

Yulian was extremely shocked as he stared at his father.

Baguna looked at his son in such a flustered state and responded.

“Why are you so surprised? You are already an adult. It is obvious that you must get married.”


Yulian was fidgeting. He wanted to marry a woman who he liked.

In the desert, the wife did not just sit pretty in the house. The women’s job was taking care of the Pirmas and breeding the tribe’s Pina (Sheeplike animal. Provides milk and fur).

There were women who also did small amounts of hunting.

So there were many cases of naturally meeting someone and dating. The majority of the people in the desert dated first before they got married

Baguna spoke.

“If you had brought a girl home right after your coming-of-age ceremony, this would not be the case. The fact that you have not introduced us to any girl should mean that there currently is not a woman on your mind.”

“That is indeed the case, but I want to marry someone that I like. I don’t want to marry someone who I have not even met…”

Baguna scolded Yulian for his answer.

“You are the Young Glow of the Pareia tribe. It is better if you got married quickly. In addition, your wife to be is the beautiful Grace Nellisi, the daughter of the Rivolde Glow, who has received the same name that your birth mother, who was known across the desert, received. No matter where you look, there is nothing she is lacking. What are you hesitant about?”


As Yulian sat there like a mute who had eaten honey (TL: similar saying to cat got his tongue), Baguna followed up, as if he was hammering in a nail.

“As this is the case, just know that you will be getting married to her.”


“Uhuh!” (Korean saying similar to Ahem!)

As Baguna opened his eyes and gared at Yulian, Yulian dropped his head and walked out of Baguna’s Paoe.


He did not want to pay attention to that yet. He felt like his father was rushing it, even though he wasn’t even twenty years old.

‘At least the Rivolde tribe is a major tribe in the Eastern Desert. They mesh well with our Pareia tribe.’

Yulian had known deep down that such a day would one day arrive. It was rare for the Glow’s children to marry someone within their own tribe.

‘But I still think it is too early…’

As Yulian’s head was filled with issues regarding marriage, he got on a Pirma and left the village with the hopes of getting rid of the thoughts.

It made him want to see his master.

After the day when they met the dragon, Yulian had not seen Chun Myung Hoon.

After catching up to him as he was returning to the village, his master commanded him to train frequently and said he will be gone for a while. It has been a year since his master left, but he had yet to return.

It wasn’t difficult to train on his own since there were many things he did not completely comprehend of the things his master taught him. However, Yulian felt like something was missing, not being without the master who had been watching over him for the past few years.

He was confident in his skills and felt confident that he could make his master satisfied to a degree, but his master never returned.

“I must work hard. Otherwise, he might hit me as soon as he returns.”

Yulian woke himself up from daydreaming and started to think about what he had to do from here.

First of all, the issue of his marriage. As his father indicated, since he did not have a girl he liked, it may not be a bad idea to go through with the arranged marriage. If you see someone enough, you can’t help but develop some feelings.

In terms of his martial arts, there was a mountain load of homework that his master had left him, so if he continued to train dilligently, he should not have a problem.

‘Then what else?’

He was now an adult. Since he was worrying about future events anyways, even if there wasn’t anything he needed to think carefully about, he wanted to at least think about them.

After thinking for a while, there was a thought that hit him hard.

The bitter enemy Shuarei tribe’s pride, the warrior group, Desert Sword.

The Desert Sword is made up of fifty individuals, and the leader of it is the Western War God, Venersis, the Bloodied Hands. (TL: The author just seems to forget which part of the desert is what. Last chapter, Venersis was the Eastern Warn God, how he is the Western War God. I even checked the raws again to verify).

Because of the fifty members of the Desert Sword, there was a gap in Pareia’s line of defense, and a situation that he did not want to think about happened (TL: Guessing that’s how his mom died).

‘Alright. I will create a warrior group in Pareia that is able to rival them. If I properly train the warriors who just completed their coming-of-age ceremony, I’m sure we can rival them within the next five years.’

Yulian discovered what he had to do. If they suffer with him, the young warriors will have abilities stronger than anybody else.

He himself had learned from his master… who did not seem human. As a result, was he not able to develop his martial arts within five years to a point where he was not afraid of a Sand Dragon?

Learning from him versus learning from his master would be as different as heaven and earth, but Yulian was confident.

‘Since master isn’t here, might as well cause a ruckus in secret.’

Yulian even managed to convince himself that his master had left for him to go through with this plan and decided to listen to his master’s ‘command.’

His master, Chun Myung Hoon had avoided teaching anyone other than Yulian.

Even when his father had asked, he would just shake his head no. Yulian was curious as to why he would not train anybody else, but whenever he would ask his master, the answer was always the same.

- My power is not something that you can recklessly use. Even just the fact that I am teaching you makes me worry about whether I am doing the right thing. The only reason I am teaching you is because of fate. When I first saw you, you had saved my life. You must not teach my martial arts to anybody else. That includes those of your bloodline.

Because his master’s expression and tone was very stern, Yulian did not teach his siblings or the tribe’s warriors a single thing.

‘If master finds out… I’m sure I’ll just have to get beaten up for three days and three nights straight. Pretty sure he wouldn’t go as far as to kill me…”

Yulian was very, actually extremely fearful of his master’s punishment, but for his tribe, he decided to proceed.

‘Just fifty people… I will only teach fifty people. If I teach them just basic martial arts… even master cannot be that angry?’

As if he was seriously afraid of Chun Myung Hoon’s anger, Yulian sounded like he was cross-examining himself.

Yulian decided to share this idea with his second brother, Pere, who had returned from his coming-of-age ceremony.

A few days ago, Pere returned with three Monster’s Soul of Giant Scorpions, receiving praises that he was a natural warrior born with great abilities.

It was nothing compared to Yulian, but putting Yulian aside, it was rare to see a young warrior get confirmed as an adult with a Giant Scorpion. It was definitely enough to receive praises.

The members of the Pareia tribe did not hide their expectations about the future, stating that the Glow’s family has already received the blessings to have the two brothers grow Pareia to new levels.

Yulian turned his Pirma around and headed back to the village. When he entered Pere’s Paoe, Pere stopped reading the book about Law and stood up from his seat to greet him.

“You’ve come? What is the issue?”

Knowing that Pere did not like to call him Hyung, Yulian did put much thought into it and smiled as he returned the greeting.

“You’re reading about law?”

“Yes, but what is the issue?”

As Pere continued to respond in a stoic manner, Yulian approached Pere with a friendly expression and took a peak at the Law Book.

“You and I are siblings, but your tone is too stiff. If you want, when it is just the two of us, you can call me by my name.”

Pere stared at Yulian for a while before responding.

“You don’t need to do something you don’t like just to appease me. I’d rather you command me as the oldest son of the family. Make sure you talk in a respectful manner and call me Hyung. I get angry every time you pull one of these spontaneous stunts.”

Yulian closed his mouth tightly and looked at Pere before asking.

“Okay, let’s have a chat today. Why do you hate me so much?”

“Are you really asking me because you don’t know?

“I am asking because I don’t. My deceased mother never looked down on any of the other family members, and I am giving my full respect and love to the current Mother of Pareia, Mother Sena.

As the first-born son of the Provoke family, I know I was not able to give much attention to my younger siblings. However, I never showed disinterest to any of you. What is it that I have done that makes you hate me?”

“Hmph, must I answer?”

As Pere snorted while responding, Yulian felt a bit of anger building up inside as he responded.

“Let’s truly get to the bottom of this today. You must answer. Even if you don’t want to, you must answer.”

Pere clenched his fist while staring at Yulian before lifting up one finger.

“One day. It is merely one day. Because of that one day, you ended up the first-born son of the Provoke Family, and since I was young, I had to listen to every word you said, even though you were not better than me. Is that all?”

Pere spoke while spitting, as if he was finally letting out everything that he had been brewing inside.

“After First Mother Mairez, who was respected and loved by all, passed away, all of the Pareia tribe members have been showing you sympathy and love in her stead.”


“Furthermore, the title of Young Glow naturally went to you, and they firmly believe that you will be the next generation’s Glow. Since when did the heavy and difficult position of Glow just get passed on to the first-born son? The position of Glow has always gone to the child who had the abilities to be the Glow, and if none of the children were capable, it was moved on to a different family. How come this does not apply to you?”

As Pere’s rant ended, Yulian did not remove his eyes from him before responding.

“So you feel wronged that although I lack the abilities, I will become the Glow without any competition.”

“I did not say that you did not possess the abilities. You proved that you were an adult this time. However, your proof was so abnormal that it is true there are many who are doubting your proof.”

Yulian yelled at Pere’s words.

“Are you doubting your own brother?!”

“I am not saying I am the one to doubt you. And putting that all aside, shouldn’t I have the opportunity to obtain the Glow position?”

Yulian and Pere stared at each other intensely. Beyond being brothers who share the same blood, this was between two men.

“Fine, as that is your wish, I will no longer care or interfere in any of your actions.”


“I will show you. From here on, pay attention to my abilities and my strength. And on the day the new Glow is decided, if you are still not satisfied with me, I will accept your challenge.”

“Since you are saying so, I will make sure to pay attention. I will also show you that I have the abilities to show such ambitions.”

“Great, I am sorry for disturbing you.”

Yulian quickly turned his steps around and left Pere’s Paoe.

“Punk, since he spoke like that, I couldn’t even talk about it. Although he was always fussy with me, I thought he would understand my dream and help make it a reality…”

Yulian was disappointed, but moreso, he was upset at his brother’s actions and words. His brother did not understand him at all.

“Great. Even if I am beaten to death by Master, I will make it happen. I will create the desert’s best group of warriors.”

Yulian firmly made up his mind and headed to his Paoe to start planning.

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