Red Storm

Book 1-3.4

Book 1-3.4 Red Storm Starts to Train

The fifty seven warriors who took part in Red Storm’s training.

These individuals who were dreaming of becoming the greatest warrior were all venomous men. If they weren’t, they would not have been able to leave their master who had spent all that time training them to pick up a new weapon, the greatsword.

“This is the first time that I have sore muscles throughout my body.”

Red Storm’s clown with a bright personality, Triquel, opened his mouth.

“Me too, I’m about to die. I question whether you can even slash your enemies with such a heavy sword.”

As Shubeon responded to Triquel, ‘The Mouth That Won’t Open,’ Thrint, opened his mouth.

“If you have complaints, leave. Don’t kill other people’s morale with you.”


As Shubeon got angry, Thrint glared at Shubeon and said:

“Did you not see how our leader swings that large greatsword around? If he can do it, so can I. But with you yapping on next to me, I’m more annoyed by you than the training.”

“Are you trying to start a fight with me?”

“I’m just telling you to shut your constant yapping.”

Shubeon jumped up from lying down at Thrint’s words and Triquel held him back as he replied.

“Sit. If you have the energy to fight, sit and relax your muscles. This is only the end of the morning training. Everybody is tired so their minds are at the edge. Why are you being like this?”

“That punk is taunting me.”

Thrint sat up at Shubeon’s words.

“Did I say something wrong? If you question his process, then you can leave by yourself. I’ve already decided to believe and follow his teachings. Since I have made my determination, hearing you say what you said makes up angry.”

“Everybody sit. What will you do if Sir Yulian sees this? Is it time for him to say that it’s only been half a month and we are already on the edge?”

The eldest of the Red Storm at thirty years old, Haisha, tried to stop them. Haisha was very thoughtful; because of this, he was accepted as the leader of the new recruits.

“Sir Yulian does not lie. You haven’t forgotten what Sir Yulian said on the first day of training have you?”

Hearing Haisha’s words, Shubeon and Thrint stared at each other before falling back down to the ground.

The First day of training.

“I learned this training when I was thirteen years old, and since then, I have not missed a single day. If you as Pareia’s warrior cannot do what I did as a thirteen year old and fall down from exhaustion, I will have nothing to say.”

This was the cold statement Yulian told the tired warriors who were ready to vomit from the exhaustion they faced.

All of them stared at Yulian like they could not believe what he was saying. They looked at him with expressions full of complaint or disbelief. Yulian brought forth the two greatswords in his hand.

“Half year. That’s how long it took for me to lift the greatswords like this. Another half year to properly swing and stab with it. To freely swing it around took a total of two years.”

They were all flabbergasted.

“I thought that Pareia’s warriors would take two months to accomplish what took a young thirteen year old boy two years. I guess I was wrong. If you can’t handle it, let me know. I will reduce the amount of training.”

A look of scorn showed on Yulian’s face and the Red Storm warriors’ faces were filled with anger.

“Are you telling the truth?”

Haisha asked and Yulian responded.

“I have never opened my mouth to tell a lie.”

Haisha ignored the screaming pain throughout his body and stood up to hold the sword. Dominos fall down one after another, but the members of Red Storm started to stand up one by one.

That was the sight of the first day of training.

“What did we decide that day? We said if Sir Yulian was thinking two or three months, we will show him that we can do it in just one month. Isn’t that what we all decided?”

Shubeon opened his mouth at Haisha’s words.

“I was in the wrong, Thrint.”

“I’m sorry I showed a negative response to the words you were just throwing around, Shubeon.”

As Thrint also apologized, smiles appeared on the faces of the warriors.

However that was only temporary. Once morning break time ended, Yulian showed up at the training ground. The smiles on the faces of the warriors all disappeared.

Yulian’s training was harsh.

If Chun Myung Hoon beat him up to teach him, Yulian used insults to teach them.

- Your movement is that slow after just that much training? Slower than a snail.

- If I knew it would be like this, it would have been a smarter idea to teach the young warriors who have not completed their coming-of-age ceremony.

- Just give up and leave right now.

If you showed even a hint of being tired, Yulian threw out his insults.

There were no warriors whose pride would let them just sit still while being insulted like that.

They clenched their teeth and channeled all their energy including the energy they spent to breastfeed to finish Yulian’s trainings (TL: It’s a Korean saying that talks about utilizing all the energy you have)

Yulian did not have an easy time either. He felt it every time their venous gazes were directed to him. However, if he did not push them at least this much, they would not be able to catch up to Vernersis and the Desert Sword in a short amount of time.

He also believed that there was no limit humans could not overcome, so he continued to throw insults to rally the warriors.

Red Storm did not disappoint Yulian’s expectations. There was not even one deflector; they all focused on the training.

Just like that exactly one month and a half passed by.


As Shubeon suddenly laughed, Thrint turned to look at Shubeon. After fighting last time, the two of them had gotten closer.

As Thrint looked at him with an expression of why are you laughing, Shubeon answered.

“Isn’t it funny?”


“If you think about it, I wonder if all of us were brainwashed. Just over a month ago, we had so much trouble just lifting these swords.”

As Shubeon opened his mouth while swinging the two greatswords to make “Boong Boong” noises, Thrint answered, giving him a look of shame.

“You can barely make those noises and you are laughing?”

“It’s not funny?”

“Not at all.”

“What a boring friend.”

As Shubeon muttered that while turning his head, Triquel, who was next to him took Thrint’s side.

“If you laugh at the obvious, then you must always live in laughter.”

“Are you saying freely moving this much weight is obvious? I thought I would lose my bones. I’m almost sorry whenever I see the Oasis Shamans. We bothered them so much.”

Triquel responded to Shubeon.

“Who hasn’t done that? Did you know Sir Tuma Takaka scolded Sir Yulian? Sir Yulian was asked to reduce the training, saying we are using up all of the Oasis’ medical herbs.

All of the warriors’ ears turned to this new story. All of them had been bothering the shamans with screaming muscles and bones.

“So then what happened?”

Haisha asked as the representative and Triquel answered.

“It’s natural for warriors to get injured while training. No matter what happens, make sure that there are enough medicinal herbs. He said that while saying that we will be using couple times the amount we have been using until now.”

A short duration of shock.

“ probably for us right?”

As Shubeon cautiously asked, the other warriors started to feel like they were walking on eggshells.

They were already using a significant amount of herbs for their muscle aches and to strengthen their bones. But to use more than two times the current amount...they could not determine what kind of training he was planning to make them do.

“I’m sure he’ll start to teach us how to use the greatswords. Since all of us have gotten used to the weapon by now.”

As Haisha opened his mouth after being in shock for a bit, Shubeon looked at his greatsword before speaking.

“How to use it huh? Then sooner or later, we will start sparring with them too right?”

“I suppose so.”

As Triquel responded, Shubeon started to mumble.

“I’m sure it’ll hurt…”

“It’ll probably hurt a lot…”

The warriors started to once again feel like they were walking on eggshells.

Their arduous path was just beginning.

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