Red Storm

Book 1-3.3

Book 1-3.3 Recruitment

Yulian started to look for the young warriors in the tribe. He could gather all of them to start, but thinking about the limited spots, he decided to personally visit all of them and only invite the young warriors with fierce determinations.

The reason he was only looking for young warriors was because it would be easier to recruit later. Within ten years, he wanted to increase the group with the first tier and second tier. Furthermore, as his master indicated, his master’s martial arts shows the greatest results the younger you start learning it.

When he met with them individually, he did not reveal the reason for his visit. If they were to find out later that he was recruiting for his newly created warrior group, he was afraid that it would create a large scar for the warriors who did not make it.

So he spent the long time of a month to recruit one hundred young warriors, and he gathered them in one location to share his dream with them.

“Our bitter enemy, the Shuarei’s Desert Sword has already become the Desert’s best Warrior division. And they are using that confidence of knowing they are the best to continue to get better. Our Pareia warriors are strong, but I think that is the reason we are getting pushed back by the Shuarei tribe. Aside from the pride of being a warrior, knowing that you and the group you are associated with is the best, that type of mentality is what I am talking about. So I came up with an idea.”

Yulian pounded his chest.

“Why can’t we do the same thing? Why must we fall behind to the Shuarei? Why must Pareia’s warriors get pushed back by the Shuarei warriors? So I made a decision. I will break down the Desert Sword that they gloat about being the strongest. To do that, I am determined to develop the desert’s greatest warrior division right here in Pareia.”

Yulian once again lifted his hand to the sky.

“Using the name of the desert and Pareia’s guardian Neo Latin’s name, I want to create the warrior division “Red Storm.” (TL: Crimson [red] desert and the God of storm) To make this dream a reality, we need the winds and rain to create a storm and the warriors to become the Crimson Desert’s sands. I need warriors that are both vicious and strong. That is why I invited the strong young warriors of Pareia and am speaking to you now.”

Yulian looked at each of the warriors and said:

“Not my dream, but Pareia’s dream, to make everyone’s dream come true. Aren’t you all dreaming the same dream? The dream of becoming the strongest warrior in the desert.”

The young warriors started to howl at Yulian’s words. All of them were male, and Yulian Provoke was Pareia’s Young Glow, and someone who showed the abilities of a great warrior.

The fact that this type of man was giving such a passionate speech to convince him made him feel like he was special.

“How do you plan to create the division?”

As one warrior asked, Yulian quickly answered, as if he was anticipating the question.

“I’m sure you are all aware about how I became strong. I am a warrior who can hunt a Sand Dragon by myself. I only have that strength because of my master’s teachings. I have made the determination to teach you what I have learned. If you train like hell with me, one day, I believe you too will be able to do that on your own.”

Yulian’s explanation made many conflicted. The majority of the young warriors had veteran warriors they were serving as their master.

If they listened to Yulian, all of them would have to follow Yulian’s teaching.

More importantly, learning from Yulian meant that they would have to give up the shamshir they were so used to and pick up the large greatsword. This fact made more of them hesitate.

“I will not force you. I know most of you have taken a veteran warrior as your master. I do not believe that our veteran warriors are lacking in abilities. Rather, it is a difference of time.”

As the young warriors started whispering and showed conflicted faces, Yulian added a final comment.

“I will give you time to think it over. Three days. After three days, those of you who will team up with me, come find me.”

He gave the conflicted group three days, and although he was nervous, Yulian decided to wait for them.

He knew it was a lot to tell them to give up the shamshir, but there was nothing he could do, as the greatsword was what he had learned.

But if they had the skills to proficiently wield a shamshir, he thought they would be able to pick up the greatsword pretty quickly. He could only put his expectations there.

‘I wonder how many of them will come…’

Yulian wondered watching the warriors disperse.

And just like that, three days passed by.

Early in the morning, Yulian headed out to the center of the large area used as the Warriors’ Training Ground and stood there with his eyes closed.

The ends of the two greatswords hanging on his waist stretched far behind him, and the desert wind made his hair flutter.

He heard footsteps approaching but did not open his eyes. He decided to stay like that with his eyes closed until the sun set.

One person, sometimes he heard two people’s footsteps, but overall, the area was quiet.

When the heat of the sun finished hitting his head and the cold breeze of the evening hit his body, he opened his eyes.

In front of him, there were tens of warriors who were similarly standing their with their eyes closed.


Yulian looked at each of them and subconsciously started to count. An unknown sensation almost made Yulian cry.

Fifty seven people.

He brought together one hundred people to explain, and out of them, he was desperately hoping to recruit at least fifty.

This was because he knew how difficult it would be for them to leave their masters.

But so many of them gathered. They gathered to make Yulians dream a reality. They gathered to make their own dreams a reality.

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