Red Storm

Chapter 232

The Castle of Heroes

It was a location where neither nationality or identity mattered.

It was a location where people gathered for the sole purpose of defeating the monsters.

Book 6-10.1

Yulian, who had not been meeting with the foreign diplomats for a long time, called for all leaders of the knights brigades and infantry brigades to gather together.

The meeting room was packed because of the number of nations present, and the sound of whispers filled echoed through the room.

But that only lasted a bit. All of the whispers stopped once Yulian and Runa entered the meeting room. It was because Yulian displayed his ki in order to pressure them when he entered.

The gazes of everyone turned toward Yulian, but Yulian did not care as he started to speak.

“I apologize for ignoring our esteemed guests who have come to assist our Pareia. I am Yulian.”

The room became completely silent as they all started to stare at Yulian. It was not often that they had the opportunity to meet one of the generation’s strongest warriors.

“I will cut right to the chase. Right now is not the time to deal with the fluff.”

Yulian said that as he took a look around at everyone who had gathered together. Other than a couple of people, the rest of them really didn’t even seem to be as strong as Pareia’s veteran warriors.

‘I do not expect Greatest Warrior level. However, for the leaders of the brigades sent from the nations ...shouldn’t they at least be at the lead warrior level…...the foreigners outside number less than half of those gathered here, but they are at least multiple times stronger than all of them here.’

Yulian had decided not to pay attention to that problem, however, he could only sigh internally at the fact that other than the Rojini Kingdom’s Aizen, no other nation had sent their elite, or even someone at the level of a lead warrior.

“I plan to gather all of you together as a group to utilize you. Please hand over full command of your forces to our side.”

Many of the leaders started to look at each other after hearing Yulian’s words. GIving away full command meant that they would just be chess pieces.

“That does not make any sense. Our knights and I have come under his highness’s order to provide assistance. The knights have enough strength to complete missions on their own, and all of them have received advanced leadership education. But if we hand over the command, all of that knowledge will become useless. Why don’t you send some warriors to me and give a command. I will make sure to fulfill it with all of my strength.”

The person speaking so much to share his opinion was the leader of the Silence Empire’s Vintage Knight Brigade. The SIlence Empire must have considered its face, as other than the Rojini Kingdom, this Vintage Knight Brigade was the most useful of all brigades.

Yulian nodded his head once before starting to speak.

“I understand what you are trying to say. However, the command needs to be given to our Pareia, and everyone must move exactly as commanded.”

“That does not make any sense at all.”

Multiple voices started to whisper around the room.



With a loud noise, the desk in front of Yulian was destroyed.

Everyone shut up as if they had the hiccups and looked toward Yulian.

“All of you seem to have forgotten who I am. I am the Pareia’s Glow. The Ruler of this desert. Based on the tones you are speaking to me with, I can tell just how much all of you look down on me and our Pareia.”

Silence flowed through the room and everyone started to become anxious. There were only a few nations that dared to fight one on one with Pareia right now, but there was a part of them that was indeed looking down on Pareia as a nation of barbarians.

Runa started to speak as if he was trying to calm Yulian down.

“Glow, please calm down. These guests have all come to assist us. They are not very aware of our Pareia’s etiquettes, so please show them your grace and forgive them.”


Yulian let out a short grunt and looked around. Nobody was able to make eye contact with Yulian.

“If my words were too forceful, I ask for your understand. I’m sure everybody would be frantic if monsters were being spawned in your nations.”

Seeing Yulian’s voice calm down a level, everybody in the room could finally internally sigh in relief.

Things were easy from then on. Things became organized and a hierarchy of command was created.

“To make it easy, the team will be called either continent team or foreign team.”

‘Not like it matters, since the majority of the attack strength will come from our warriors.’

Yulian thought about saying that before thinking about their pride and holding back. One of the knight brigade leaders started to speak.

“Aren’t you treating us differently than Pareia’s warriors?”

Yulian quickly turned his head and glared at the knight leader that asked the question.


The man who received the full impact of Yulian’s murderous intent started to vomit blood as he fell on the spot.



The moment Runa and Aizen shouted in shock, Yulian’s cold voice rang through the meeting room.

“If I do it my way, you will all die. You will not be able to keep up with my methods. If you have that much complaints, return to your nations. I don’t think you will be much help anyways.”

Yulian did not even look back as he turned around and walked out of the meeting room. Everyone in the room could only blankly stare at each other. As Runa called the shamans over to take care of the injured individual and worked hard to keep the rest of the individuals calm, Aizen chased behind Yulian.

“Hyung-nim, please restrain yourself.”

“They are making me angry. Is that all they are capable of thinking about?”

“They are people who do not know anything. Please restrain yourself. Right now is a time to gather strength.”

Yulian snorted as he responded.

“Hmph, tell them all to go back. I will think of it as learning about the blood and sweat that my ancestors shed and give it my best.”

Aizen could tell that Yulian was extremely angry. He understood. He knew how difficult the decision was for Yulian.

‘I need to contact the kingdom and have them increase the number of reinforcements. I also need to contact the other nations. If hyung-nim goes even slightly astray and gathers all of the monsters in a single direction, that … will not be good.’

Aizen made up his mind to contact them as soon as he calmed Yulian down. Everyone really had the wrong idea. They did not know about the dangerous results their mistaken actions would bring.

The Island where darkness never arrives.

“Has he made his decision in the end?”

The man who was sitting deep in the glaring light mumbled to Origin.

“Not yet. The humans and their penchant for self-interest is making it difficult for him to decide. Actually, to be specific, if it was not for those in Valhalla, he would have selected us.”

“Where did it go wrong? Things are getting complicated now.”

Origin smiled brightly at the man’s words and answered.

“I’m sure that is the same for the Magic Tower right now.”

“There are too many decisions we are uncertain about. It might not be the right time yet.”

“It has been said that only those who prepares for the right time can get there. Please do not let your mind lead astray.”


The man let out a short laugh.

“Every so often, I cannot be sure which side is right. We may all be deciphering it to however it suits us best.”

“Please do not let your belief waver. It is not an easy test for a human to endure. Please firm your resolve and have faith.”

The man had a bitter smile as he nodded his head. He needed to continue fighting, at least for now.

“It is disappointing. If he selects us, the chances of that old man helping us would go up.”

“Are you talking about the senior that came from another world?”

“Yes. If the prophecy is not wrong, he should be the strongest on the continent.”

Origin cautiously asked.

“How would that be possible when you are around, my liege?”

“No, we have already exchanged blows. He uses an interesting force that is neither magic or mana. If that old man did not hold back, it would have been a crushing defeat.”

“Is he that amazing?”

The man looked toward Origin with a disappointed expression.

“That is why I am even more disappointed. No matter what, if his disciple selected us, he would at least not get in our way.”

“I see. Should I go make another visit?”

The man shook his head at Origin’s question.

“No, it would only be detrimental. I know about the desert tribes. They are the type to push forward if they come to a decision. Unless something special happens, he will continue to defend against the monsters.”

The man caressed his chin as he continued to speak.

“Give up on activating the gate in the Monster’s Desert.”

Origin was shocked. Even if they were fighting against the monsters, it would be difficult for humans to fend off the stronger monsters that would pour out of the gates once the seals were activated.

“But the Monster’s Desert is where the strongest monsters reside. I don’t know about the other monsters, but the highest ranked monsters must be summoned there. So to give up on that location ……”

“How many people do you think are on the continent? Our goal is to bring chaos. Hundreds of regular monsters will be more effective for achieving our goal than a single strong monster.”

“But ……”

As Origin could not throw away her ambitions, the man started to smile.

“Throw away your ambitions of the strongest monsters and activate the other gates. If the desert tribes have made up their minds to defend against the monsters, the weaker ones will never make it to the continent. The desert tries have always been strong. That was why the former liege divided them up in fear of their strength. It seems they have recovered their strength now.”

“Wouldn’t it be possible for us to personally make a move?”

The man’s smile became even bigger at Origin’s question.

“I do not want to touch an awake lion. Regardless, they may be smaller in size, but activate the gates around the continent. Isn’t it great that the desert warriors will not dare to come out of the desert because of the existence of the Monster’s Desert?”

Origin bowed her head.

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