Red Storm

Chapter 233

Book 6-10.2

“I’m getting so tired of this.”

Haisha opened his mouth wide and shook his head.

“It definitely has to be an extremely talented being. How many monsters does it give birth to everyday for them to pour out like this?”

As Shubeon responded in jest, the warriors around them started to laugh. There was a large green monster stomping as it rushed toward them, but the warriors did not seem to mind much.

There were only? around 100 of them.

“What were those called again?”


“Right. Thick skin and extremely strong.”

Shubeon mumbled as if he remembered.

The soldiers from the continent may not have been the strongest, but they did bring information with them. That was why each brigade was able to learn all sorts of information about different monsters. The fact that they were cooperating with each other was a very important ordeal, so they were doing their best to remember all of the information.

“What about the foreigners brigade?”

Yulian asked at that moment without taking his eyes away from the front.

“They should be arriving by now.”

Yulian slowly started to move his pirma forward at Runa’s answer and responded.

“Then I guess it is time for us to go.”

Once Yulian started to move forward, the Red Storm and lead warrior level warriors followed behind him.

They did not include the regular warriors in this subjugation. This was Yulian’s way of showing his anger. Yulian declared that although they were at the vanguard, the main unit will be made up entirely of foreigner brigades. Many people had complaints about it, but did not dare to express it to Yulian. It was because they all knew that they were not the strongest soldiers their nations could offer to send. The quick-witted knight brigades had already sent a messenger back to their home nation to send extra reinforcements.

If Yulian decided on a nation and corralled all of the monsters toward that nation, a terrible destruction that would shake the foundation of a nation was certain to occur.

“Runa, the strategy meeting for the people who showed up on their own accord should have finished now right?”

“Yes. They should have started their training by now.”

Yulian also treated the adventurers and mercenaries who came on their own accord differently than the knight brigades of foreign nations. It was night and day; he was pretty much feeding the knight brigades cold rice while giving the adventurers and mercenaries Pareia’s VIP treatment. This was also a point of opposition, but Yulian ended the debate with a single phrase saying that it was only natural. It was his way of telling them to show a respectable amount of strength if they felt it was unfair.

Yulian said some things that could draw the ire of the other nations, but nobody tried to stop Yulian. Yulian’s mental state was very shaky right now. None of them would manage to get through to him anyways.

“Make sure that there are no issues with how we treat them. They have all chosen to come help us on their own accord. And do not think about inserting them into battle until their training is complete.”

Yulian once again seriously reminded Runa. Although there were some strong individuals or groups that came, they were now in a war as a large group.

They soon arrived at the vicinity of the ogres.


Yulian let out a short shout as he slashed the waist of the Ogre running toward him. Yulian had already moved on to the next ogre before the green blood could spurt out like a fountain from the first ogre.

Yulian instantly slashed the waists of three ogres before retreating back with Runa to watch the battle.

The warriors were split in a 3-3-5-5 group, with each group attacking a single ogre. They have already experienced this monster enough times that they were not afraid and did not find it to be difficult.

Yulian was planning on including the regular warriors once the lead warrior level warriors became very experienced with the monsters and could lead the warriors. By then, they should not have to worry about any injuries caused by the monsters.

Yulian flung his greatsword at the last remaining ogre.

The time to enter into the Monster’s Desert was less than they expected.

Yulian was very confused about this issue.

It might be natural because there were significantly less monsters compared to when he brought a large number of warriors over the first time, but the question was ‘Why did the number decrease?’ He was even worried that all of the monsters were gathered in the Western Desert and contacted Venersis, but Venersis was just as confused. It didn’t make sense for them to just suddenly decrease in number, so Yulian urgently sent some warriors to the Shire. The monsters were spawning at the Monster’s Desert and the Shire’s Hero’s Land. It probably would not happen, but he was worried that the Hero’s Land might be destroyed.

The nations of the continent that received the message from the original knight brigades sent their strongest brigades to the desert, and Pareia also inserted their regular warriors as they started to investigate the Monster’s Desert.

“It feels like the number of monsters are going down day by day.”

Haisha was wiping away the green blood on his greatsword as he spoke to Yulian.

“I feel the same way. It definitely has gone down. But we have already been investigating for a whole month. I am a worried that we still haven’t located the spawn point.”

Thrint thought for a while before finally speaking.

“Glow, although the number of monsters may be going down, their strength is getting stronger by the day. Now we do not even see the smaller monsters at all.”

That really was the case. Even medium-sized monsters were pretty rare now. They could only see large monsters now. These monsters were difficult for even veteran warriors to handle.

“Send the message for everyone to gather together. It will probably be beneficial to talk it over. And make sure to send the information to the continent as soon as we gather them.”

Runa, who was standing next to Yulian, nodded his head and responded.

“I understand, Glow. By the way, doesn’t it feel like it became dark all of a sudden?”

“Is it already that late? It’s not the rainy season so it can’t be rain.”


At that instant, they heard a faint sound of thunder in the sky. Everybody looked up out of reflex. There were dark clouds because it was starting to get late, but it was not the type of weather for it to start raining. The moment they felt like the sky flashed, a large empty area started to form in the middle of the warriors. The warriors had moved away in a circular formation for some reason.

Once Yulian and the Red Storm warriors arrived, there was a red image being drawn on the ground.

“All warriors move back!”

Yulian felt an odd murderous aura and urgently ordered the warriors to move back

Watching the blood colored image being drawn on the sandy ground, Yulian could tell that it was a magic circle. He had heard about it in the past from Mai. Magic circles can transport you somewhere, and an image on the ground alone can be enough to make people fall into hallucinations. The story that Yulian found most interesting was the fact that they could be used to summon monsters. And in a situation like right now where a lot of monsters were being summoned from the other world, this blood colored magic circle had to be a summoning circle. There was no way something good would pop out of it.

‘They said Shopping was afraid for his life and ran away. It would have been very dangerous at that time if master was not there. Based on the aura coming off of this magic circle, this monster is probably on the same level as that monster.’

Yulian grabbed his greatsword and ordered the Red Storm to prepare for battle. He was planning on attacking the monster as soon as it was summoned, not even giving it time to realize it was out. In a situation like this where they had no idea what the monster being summoned was, that seemed to be the best course of action.

The summoning finished in an instant. It did not fall down from the sky or shoot up from underground, it just suddenly appeared as if it had been there the whole time. On first glance, it was as tall as those giants that they heard about in fairy tales. It was wearing a large grey robe fitting its height, and was holding a large scythe. They could not verify its face. The only thing they could see were black lights pouring out of where they expected its eyes to be.

“The reaper of souls……”

Aizen must have felt the ominous aura and hurried over, as Aizen quickly approached and mumbled as he looked toward this oddly dressed giant with shock.

“Do you know anything about it?”

Aizen responded to Yulian’s question as if he was reading it out of a book.

“A devil that was born from the darkness of Chronos, son of Uranus (sky) and Gaia (earth). The envoy of death. They call it the Grim Reaper. It is said to harvest human souls by slashing them with its scythe.”

“Any weaknesses?”

Aizen looked toward Yulian and answered.

“It is a devil that comes out in mythology. We will need to fight it to see. However, please do not get any injuries from that scythe. Based on what I have heard, it will be impossible to recover if you are hit by that scythe because your soul will start to seep out through the injured area.”

As if it was trying to prove Aizen right, the reaper lifted its scythe and started to glide over.

“Aizen, the two of us will try it. Red Storm, retreat.”

It was not that Yulian thought the Red Storm warriors could not take it on, but Aizen just mentioned that it would be a serious issue if they were injured. That was why Yulian decided to tackle it with just Aizen. Aizen nodded at Yulian’s words and put his hand on his sword as he shouted.

“Holy Weapon.”

Aizen’s sword started to glow yellow with Aizen’s magic, and Aizen put the same magic on Yulian’s greatswords.

“You also use magic?”

“Some knights learn magic to fortify their weapons. This magic right now is used when we fight things that are not human. However, I do not know how effective it will be.”

Aizen glared at the reaper as he answered.

“Good. I should learn it too.”

Yulian started to mumble as if he was satisfied with the light coming off his sword.


The scythe that was coming as fast as the wind was aimed for Yulian’s neck.


Yulian ducked in shock after seeing the scythe suddenly fly toward him without any movement. He felt chills on his neck as the wind blew away his cut hair.

Aizen used that opening to charge toward the reaper.


With a loud shout, Aizen charged toward the reaper’s chest. The reaper leaked out thick black light as it took two steps back and swung its scythe again. The moment Aizen blocked the scythe, Yulian moved so fast that it did not seem humanly possible to charge toward the reaper, stab it in the side with his greatsword and twist it.


With an odd scream, the reaper fought against Aizen with the hand holding the scythe and reached toward Yulian’s neck with its other hand.

“Hyung-nim, please avoid making contact with it.”

Yulian, who was planning on leaving the sword in the reaper’s side to grab the reaper’s hand and twist it off, heard Aizen’s voice and put away his hands as he rolled on the ground.


At that instant, the sand suddenly spurted up and there was a small puddle on the ground.

“What? This thing uses wind magic too.”

Yulian looked toward the reaper with a shocked expression. If he tried to grab the reaper’s hand without listening to Aizen’s words, this invisible force would have hit his neck before he could even grab the reaper’s hand.

Yulian face started to fill with excitement.

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