Red Storm

Chapter 235


Book 6-10.4

A red devil with two large wings at least ten meters in length, a burning sword in its left hand, and a whip as thick as an adult’s body that looked like it could wipe away thirty people at once in its right hand, was flying toward them in the air.

It was a Balrog, one of the devils that was so strong that it was considered on the same level as the demon race.

“Shit, it's another Balrog.”

Shubeon had an expression that showed his disgust of the devil and picked up his greatsword.

Shubeon was currently standing in the most central location of the Monster’s Desert.

The regular warriors or soldiers ended up with severe injuries or death when dealing with the highest caliber monsters being summoned in the central area, so Yulian took the danger upon themselves and ordered the Red Storm to personally guard that area.

The Red Storm gladly accepted the order. It tired them out and they had to be away from their homes for at least half of the year, but nobody had any complaints.

It was because they were the Red Storm.

“Hurry up and break up into your squads. We had some bloodshed last time because we were trying to figure out its pattern.”

Seeing Haisha run over and shout, the other warriors quickly headed toward the area they were responsible for protecting.

The Balrog swung its large whip toward the Red Storm warriors who were approaching in a semi-circle formation to try to sweep them all away at once, but the Red Storm seemed to be used to it. They almost too easily avoided that whip.

The Balrog seemed to be upset as it started to glare at the warriors and started to speak.

- You dare ……

Even that short phrase had a loud screech with it, making the warriors start to frown.

It’s voice was extremely annoying to the ear.

“It always says the same thing. Do you think monsters have no creativity?”

Thrint answered Shubeon’s question.

“What do you expect from monsters? We need to figure out how to kill them before they can even say that.”

“Stop chatting and let’s kill this thing already. Apparently the money sent to our families from killing that thing is pretty good.”

“You whipped bastard. You’re going to end up being treated as a cash cow like that.”

“Is there anybody here who hates earning money by killing that thing? It’s different than the past now.”

Haisha casually responded back to Shubeon’s words as he smiled. Everybody else smiled as well.


Once Haisha shouted, the warriors started to run forward as if they had been waiting for his order tos tart.

- Rooooooar.

The Balrog let out another roar as it flicked its whip once more. But it suddenly had an odd expression as soon as it flicked its whip. The speed of these humans was too fast.

The moment the Balrog tried to flap its wings and fly up to attack in shock, it felt a piercing pain in its wing.

“Always the same pattern.”

There were two Red Storm warriors behind the Balrog holding long spears. They shook their heads in dismay as they started to speak.


The Balrog shouted in anger and tried to rage around and sweep away the humans. It suddenly saw its Monster’s Core in front of its eyes.

‘What is this?’

That was the Balrog’s last thought.

“And the end.”

Shubeon smiled as he ran toward the Balrog’s corpse and pocketed the Monster’s Core.

“Won’t they please come in a pair?”

“Do you think this is just playing around? Don’t let down your guard. The damage will be severe if this thing manages to escape from here.”

Shubeon nodded his head at Haisha’s scolding.

He remembered how one of the continent’s nations lost a city because of this thing. It had completely destroyed the entire city.

Although it didn’t happen to Pareia, the fact that monsters were killing humans affected them all.

“It’s just really boring.”

Seeing Shubeon trying to act cool as he responded, Haisha started to scratch his head. Shubeon was not wrong.

“I guess it makes sense. It has already been three years.”

They could see a group of pirmas in the distance as they chatted.

“Huh? Is it already the day to switch?”

As Shubeon asked while looking at the dust cloud off in the distance, everyone turned their head toward the dust cloud.


Haisha was the first to recognize Yulian and shout to greet him. Yulian was at the front of the group heading their way.

“You’ve all worked hard.”

Yulian quickly approached them and thanked them for their work. Following behind him were the young warriors of the second generation Red Storm warriors.

“But why did you bring those punks with you?”

Yulian smiled and responded as Shubeon looked toward the young warriors with nervous expressions standing behind him and asked.

“It is time for them to slowly get some battle experience.”

“Isn’t it too early?”

“They’ve been training a lot with the medium sized monsters so it should be fine if half of you stay here to guide them.”

“That is a good idea, but ……”

Sensing the doubt in Haisha’s voice, one of the young warriors stepped forward and answered.

“We are not the same as we were in the past.”

“Ho~ is that so?”

Seeing the sparkle in Shubeon’s eyes as he asked, all of the young warriors flinched.

All of the warriors standing in front of them were monsters.

Their natural instincts told them to be more afraid of their sunbae Red Storm warriors than even their Glow.

“Do not shake their confidence too much. They will really get cold feet.”


Seeing the young warriors get angry at Yulian’s words, Yulian started to smile as he responded back.

“If you have a complaint, all of you can come at me together. I will accept you if you defeat me.”

The Red Storm II warriors looked around at each other after hearing Yulian’s proclamation.

They did not think that they would lose. Their Glow was a single person while there were a significant number of them.


The young warrior who was taking Haisha’s role with the Red Storm II warriors confidently answered.

“You’re so mean, Glow.”

At that moment, Thrint stoically said a single phrase.

He had recalled how they had all lost to the Glow in the past.

In addition, based on Yulian’s current abilities, there was probably no chance of victory even if the original Red Storm warriors all joined together with the Red Storm II warriors. But for them to try it on their own……


Yulian laughed out loud as he answered.

“They’re the ones who want to give it a go.”

The young warriors could not understand why the Red Storm warriors were clicking their tongues and shaking their heads.

As Yulian’s story comes to an end

It really is bittersweet as this series come to an end, even if the latter half made me struggle a lot.

I could have … written it a bit better … I could have written it to be more entertaining ……

There were some parts where I did get greedy, but what hurts me the most is that I was unable to properly portray that greed to all of you.

Many characters were complaining to me. ‘Why didn’t you let me appear?’ I consoled them and apologized as I sent them back.

I didn’t have the abilities to put them in the story. I apologized them for my lack of abilities.

The other thing that I was disappointed about is the story.

<<Red Storm>>’s synopsis was really just volume 1, 2, and this final volume. To be honest with you, this final volume’s arc about the Rojini Kingdom was an arc I made while relaxing, and the arc after that moved following my original synopsis for the series.

I did contemplate the ending of this final chapter a lot; the thing that I really wanted to add was more about Yulian and Venersis’s final battle.

I truly wanted to draw out a conclusion between the two of them, but Pareia and Shuarei’s situation, as well as the desert warriors and their Glows’ natural intuition made it very difficult to figure out.

I was personally fifty percent satisfied and fifty percent disappointed with this final volume.

I apologize to the readers who are reading this note right now and also thank you from the bottom of my heart. You persisted through the grumblings of a couple characters and accepted some of my greed as it played out through the series.

If there is something that keeps me confident even through all of the regret as I read it from start to finish, it is the readers who stayed with the series until the end.

I’m sure I do not need to say much. The author writes a story and cautiously pushes it out to the readers, and the readers read the story and give their praise and complaints about it.

Yulian, Red Storm.

I’m planning on forgetting about them from my mind now. Only because I have the belief that <<Red Storm>> has helped my writing improve at least a little bit.

[Author thanks a bunch of people in this next paragraph that really doesn’t need translating.]

The author named Cyungchan Noh will return to you with the story about a knight named Aizen.

Thank you once again with all of my heart to the readers who read this series until the end.


Author, Cyungchan Noh

P.S. - All of my fantasy novels work to create a single large story. I hope that some of the parts you are disappointed about are resolved in the future.

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