Red Storm

Chapter 234

Book 6-10.3

It was hard for him to find such excitement other than when fighting against his master or Venersis.


Aizen continued to shout as he charged at the reaper. Since the reaper was only using one hand to wield his scythe, he was continuously pushed back by Aizen.

Yulian used that opening to jump back up and once again grabbed onto the two greatswords dangling on the side of the reaper’s waist.

“It’ll be complicated if even this cannot kill you.”

Yulian shouted like that as he unleashed his ki and pushed it into the sword. The moment it looked like there was so much ki in the swords that even normal people would be able to see it, Yulian twisted his swords and pushed them further into the reaper’s waist.

The reaper’s black light disappeared after Yulian’s attack and chunks of darkness started to spurt out of the reaper’s entire body.

Once Yulian and Aizen quickly retreated, the reaper started to blow up like a person who was spurting blood.

Did about three seconds pass? After about that much time, there was nothing in front of them anymore.

“It doesn’t even leave behind a corpse.”

Yulian frowned as he mumbled in disbelief.

While everyone was watching with shocked expressions, Yulian was about to pick up his swords from the ground before frowning once again. His greatswords were glowing black and red. Yulian did not dare to touch it because he did not know what might be on it, and looked toward Aizen and the Red Storm as he started to speak.

“This is not good. If it costs two greatswords per reaper, we’ll end up using too much steel……”

Seeing Yulian so casually shrug his shoulder when he could have easily lost his life, everybody started to laugh.

It felt as if there was a set duration of time for monsters to spawn as the people who did not manage to find a single spawn point for an entire month managed to find eight monster spawn points after the battle with the reaper.

However, there were no monsters at the level of the grim reaper that were being summoned anymore, and since the location the reaper was summoned was also the location where Asmodeus was summoned, that first location seemed to be the location where the strongest monsters were summoned.

By the time another month went by, they had managed to find a total of twelve monster spawn points, and based on the fact that they did not find monsters in any other locations, these twelve seemed to be all of the spawn points in the desert. The warriors and foreigners brigade immediately took care of any summoned monsters, and continued to gain experience dealing with monsters in the process. People started to relax after thinking the Monster’s Desert was completely subjugated, and some of the adventurers and mercenaries started to withdraw, thinking that there was no longer any reason to stay. This was when the situation happened.

A large number of monsters being summoned at once. Although they had blockades set up at every magic circle, other than the locations that Yulian and Aizen were defending, the teams were unable to handle the large number of monsters. This led to the blockades being run over by the monsters.

Some areas with the Silence Empire’s knights or strong adventurer groups managed to hold on, but they needed to watch their backs because other areas were no longer safe. Thanks to that, they were unable to put their full strength to subjugate the monsters in front of them and ended up being broken through as well.

That day, the Red Storm and Red Knights had to continuously move around. They did manage to take care of all of the monsters after gathering the warriors and the foreigners brigade in the rear, but hundreds of people were laid to rest in the desert that day.

The number of soldiers increased once more because of that incident, and the warriors and foreigners brigade could not help but be stuck in this Monster’s Desert even if no monsters were spawning.

With the warriors and foreigners brigade complaining because there was nothing to do in the area and no monsters were spawning, each nation’s representatives started to worry. This was also the case for Yulian, who had the highest number of warriors designated to the area.

They would not be thinking about it if they were continuously fighting, but it really was too boring right now. But it wasn’t like they could bring their families to a dangerous location like this.

One day, Runa urgently came to look for Yulian and started to speak.

“Glow, I have a method.”

Yulian’s ears perked up. Even he was feeling like it was a waste of time to the point that he was hoping for a monster to show up.

“What is it?”

“Didn’t you mention that the ancestors and blocking the monsters underground in the Hero’s Land?”


Runa continued to speak once Yulian nodded his head.

“You also mentioned that there is a magic circle drawn on the Hero’s Land to seal the monsters from coming out, right?”

“It is only possible because the ancestors’ souls and many hero’s souls are there. A magic circle alone is not enough to seal them.”

Runa started to laugh at Yulian’s answer and responded.

“Then what reason is there for the magic circle? Isn’t it so that it can prevent the monsters from escaping before the ancestors have time to take care of the monsters?”


“Then wouldn’t it be fine if we did the same thing?”

Yulian shook his head and responded with negativity.

“That was created with the ancestors’ souls and the strength of the desert that has existed from ancient times. The spiritual strength of our ancestors were extremely strong. That was the reason it was able to last this long, but we cannot guarantee safety even if we drew some magic circles. It might get washed away with a single rain.”

Runa also shook his head and answered back.

“I am not suggesting that we draw magic circles.”

Yulian’s eyes started to sparkle as he looked toward Runa. This intelligent warrior had figured out a method. Runa continued to speak.

“We need to build a castle using steel and stone. We then need to invite a lot of magicians from the continent to work with our shamans to draw monster repelling magic circles in every empty area and castle wall. They will also need to make it possible to use spells in the castle.”

“You want to build a castle?”

“Yes. Isn’t the important thing to prevent the monsters from getting out without our knowledge?”

Yulian finally seemed to understand Runa’s plan as he clapped his hands.

“If we do that, 700,000 people will not have to be stuck here. It is a good method. In short, you want to create a cage for the monsters.”

“Yes. That is it. We will build a castle here with a single entrance. We will use the fact that the monsters rely on their natural instincts to have the shamans install different things that monsters will not like. That way, it will lead them to the single entrance point.”

“Then there will be no issues as long as we can properly seal off that single entrance.”

Seeing Yulian say the rest of the plan with a smile, Runa also replied back with a smile.

“Then there will be no reason for so many people to be stuck guarding this location.”

“That is a good idea. But we will need a lot of money and time to build another castle. Do we have enough for that?”

Runa shook his finger and made a 0 with his fingers.

“Then how can you suggest building a castle?”

“Why do we have to build it?”

Runa shrugged his shoulders and started to whisper to Yulian. It seemed to be something that would make them lose face if others heard what they had to say.

Merchants are scary. People who do everything they can to earn money are also scary. It was funny to see that a marketplace was starting to take shape near the Monster’s Desert. There were large numbers of warriors and soldiers, knights who were willing to spend a lot of money, as well as a large number of citizens.

The construction of the castle in the Monster’s Desert had started. Of course there was not a single cent that Pareia paid for the construction of this castle. In fact, they even received a stipend for 50,000 warriors.

Runa was very confident about that issue. He was just as confident when he brought up the discussion of building a castle.

- To be honest with you, it possesses no threat for our Pareia to not seal off that area. The only reason we are doing this is for our alliance nations, as well as all of your citizens who will shed their innocent blood if we do not do something about it.

Runa clenched his fists and continued to speak.

- That is why we have decided to build a large cage in order to prevent any potential ambush by the monsters. It is not for our Pareia but for all of your nations.

People started to whisper amongst each other and Runa quickly passed the pile of paper in front of him around to everyone as he continued to speak.

- This is the blueprint for the castle that we plan to build in the Monster’s Desert. We will need a lot of workers, steel, stone, and magicians. We are not forcing any of you to contribute. However, I’m sure all of you are aware that the weaker the castle is, the easier it will be for the monsters to run wild.

It really may have been more of a threat than Runa being confident. However, there was nobody who was upset about it in the room. They knew what Runa was saying was true, as well as the fact that Pareia had sent the largest number of warriors to the Monster’s Desert. Furthermore, the most dangerous role was still on Pareia, so even though the materials for construction might be too much for any single nation to handle on their own, they could have thought that it would not be much of a burden with the entire continent coming together to contribute to this castle. That was how everyone in the room agreed to building a castle at the Monster’s Desert and sent messages to their home nations for materials and workers.

That happened three months ago. Now, the construction was slowly starting and the marketplace was drawing people over.

Runa started to smile with satisfaction while looking at the construction of the castle, as well as the quickly developing village around it.

The important thing was that there was nobody in that meeting that was knowledgeable about economy. They all believed that a large number of people, stones, and steel was necessary to build a castle. They just accepted it as everyone sharing the financial burden of building a castle, and sat in on the meeting as the representative of their nations.

That line of thinking was a big mistake.

This construction was at least twenty times the size of the construction of the Castle of Storm. It naturally required that much more workers, and many specialists were required to create the necessary components for the castle. It was too far of a distance to transport all of the materials over.

And would they transport food every day to feed those people? There would naturally be people who would bring a large amount of food over and open restaurants, and since people need more than just food to live, different types of entertainment such as bars would also be created.

Runa accepted all of these people. He just made sure to send out a lot of warriors to ensure their safety and collect taxes.

And if a day comes in the far future where all of the monsters are defeated and no more monsters continue to spawn, this enormous Castle of Heroes that is currently being built will naturally belong to Pareia. People weren’t going to break down this castle and take parts back to their nations.

In Runa’s eyes, this literally was eating the pheasant and also the egg. This made Runa smile even more.

“It will be an amazing place.”

“Indeed. You will not find a castle of this size anywhere on the continent.”

Seeing Aizen respond to him, Yulian shook his head and answered back.

“That is not what I meant. I am talking about the goal of this castle. I hope that many heroes will take the time to visit this castle. That is why I plan on naming it the Castle of Heroes once it is completed.”

“The Castle of Heroes?”

“Yes. Once things settle down a bit, I have something to show you. It is the location where many of our ancestors are continuing the fight even after their death. That place is called the Hero’s Land. Although we are nothing compared to them, I am calling it the Castle of Heroes to show that we are doing what we can to help them.”

“I am looking forward to seeing it.”

“If it is you, they may be willing to meet with you.”

Yulian stood shoulder to shoulder with Aizen as they started to walk.

The Red Storm and Red Knights who have become as close to each other as Yulian and Aizen continued to chat with each other as they followed behind them.


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