Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 474

Chapter 474

Chapter 474 – The Truth Is Out

It was said that those who possessed the Demonic Blood – Shadow, had extremely keen senses . Thus, as Feng Changjing was in seclusion right now recuperating from his wounds, he suddenly felt jittery and perturbed . He had felt this feeling in the past, and it was often a premonition that something dreadful would happen to him soon .

Feng Changjing’s first thought was that Yao Bin wasn’t willing to let him off . Although he acted generously and magnanimously today, that was only because he didn’t want to do anything in public view and be charged with a crime that he couldn’t rid himself of .

This person was going to attack him in secret!

Feng Changjing’s heart skipped a beat and a look of panic appeared in his eyes . If it were anyone else, even if they were stronger than he was, they could forget quietly killing him off as he had his demonic bloodline .

But Yao Bin was different…he didn’t know what sort of demonic bloodline he had, but without a doubt the power of this bloodline was able to thoroughly suppress him .

Once his shadow bloodline was suppressed, he would become a deaf and blind person . And in addition to his severe wounds, killing him wouldn’t be difficult at all .


Feng Changjing summoned all of his servants . These were experts that his family had dispatched for his own safety in order to prevent any possible mishaps from occurring . After completing arrangements, Feng Changjing calmed down a little . But after hesitation a bit more, he took out a jade slip and marked it with his divine sense .

Kacha –

The jade slip was crushed to pieces . This was a delayed-time message . If he were to die, it would immediately be sent out .

“I hope I’m just overthinking things…” He mumbled to himself . Then, Feng Changjing’s complexion changed . “Who is it!?”

He rapidly spun around, his aura erupting from his body . But, it was already too late . A palm reached out and pressed against the back of his head . Feng Changjing froze in place and the light began to slowly fade from his eyes . He tried to turn his head to see if his final judgment had been correct, but before he could do so he died .

A delayed message was just recently stored . Because of its master’s death, it was directly transmitted out .

“This is perfect…” There was a quiet whisper that faded away . Then, besides Feng Changjing’s corpse, there was no other trace left in the room .

. .

Qin Yu entered the dungeon and saw Tuba and Tutou who had been imprisoned . They had just finished washing up and were being respectfully invited to a table to eat . Looking at them eat and drink in great gulps, it was clear they hadn’t been injured . He smiled and nodded, saying, “It must have been hard on you . ”

Tuba and Tutou fell to their knees, their faces full of joy as they almost kissed the earth . They sobbed with happy looks on their faces . As the cultivators in the dungeon saw this, they were left shaken . They thought that these barbarians were truly loyal! But, how could they know that Qin Yu’s safety concerned the entire existence of the titan tribe? In the hearts of Tuba and Tutou, Qin Yu’s life was even more important than their own .

Qin Yu’s heart warmed . Although there were other reasons for how they felt, it was still nice to be worried about by others . The Land of Divinity and Demons was vast, but how many people truly cared about him? Subconsciously, he thought back to Ning Liang . That silly little girl should also be one of them . When he fled Four Seasons City in a rush, she was also fooled by him . She was probably extremely sad right now, right? But, it was also good like this . If she thought that he had died, while she might be sad for a period of time, she would eventually emerge from her sorrow . That wasn’t the worst thing that could happen .

Tutou grinned . “Master need not worry . Our skin is thick and coarse so a little bit of suffering doesn’t matter to us at all . Don’t you think that Tuba and I have become much paler? When we return to the tribe, the two of us will definitely be chased after by those women who love pale and pretty young men . ”

As he spoke he patted Tuba’s shoulder . Tuba looked back at him as if he were looking at a crazy idiot .

Qin Yu smiled, not thinking too much about it . In reality, he was well aware that it was impossible for Tuba and Tutou’s stay in the dungeon to have been as relaxing as they described, but there were some things that didn’t need to be said .

“Xu Sheng’s situation was the first strike . These two barbarians of mine was the second strike . And there are also some people who were implicated because of me; that is the third strike . Now that I have come back, it’s clear that this dungeon should be the place I hate the most . So, it's best if you all find a solution that can satisfy those you have harmed . If they are satisfied, I will let things go like this . But if they aren’t satisfied, I will make sure all of you suffer . ”

The chief steward dripped with sweat . He opened his mouth and closed it again, revealing a row of chipped yellow teeth, but he still couldn’t find the words to say . Behind him the other stewards also trembled . As they thought of the losses they were about to suffer, their hearts almost wilted .

“Yes, yes…please don’t worry, I will make sure that grandmaster is fully satisfied with our actions…” Spend money to eliminate disaster, spend money to eliminate disaster…yes, as long as they survived this, everything could be recovered .

The chief steward rejoiced inwardly . This was because he had experienced far too many scenes of slaughter in his life . For those that walked upon the demonic path, the victors were often not benevolent . Thus, this was the reason he had cultivated an extremely cautious character . But who could have imagined that he would have been so mistaken this time?

Seeing the hateful gazes stabbing into his back, the chief steward sighed inwardly . He knew that the era of him ruling over the dungeon was now over . However, the most critical issue at hand was that he needed to obtain Xu Sheng’s forgiveness .

With how virulent and craft Xu Sheng was, once he learned of the current situation, even an idiot would know that describing him as a ‘lion opening up their mouth’ would still be too light an expression! That little beast, it was a mistake that he didn’t drown him in a basin when he was a child . Thinking of this, the chief steward sighed with a touch of sadness .

Qin Yu didn’t take Tuba and Tutou away . Since it was the sect who had ordered the two of them to be jailed then waiting for the sect to release them was the best choice . Moreover, looking at how the two of them glared at the group of stewards, if he asked them to leave now, they might not be happy to .

When he left the dungeon, he was thinking about the Black Demon Sect . When would they contact him and with what attitude would they do so? But he never imagined that one he returned to his dwelling, what he waited for would be news of Feng Changjing’s death .

He stood in place for a long time, seriously contemplating whether or not he should bring Tuba and Tutou with him and kill his way out of the Black Demon Sect . Or, perhaps he could hide in the space within his status token and wait for the situation to calm down before quietly sneaking away . But in the end, he decided to wait and see just what plans the Black Demon Sect had for him .

This was because Qin Yu really couldn’t think of a reason why the Black Demon Sect would put so much effort into dealing with him .

A single stone stirred up a thousand waves . The countless people that had been crying and wallowing in despair began to laugh and smile in joy! In particular, after they confirmed that Feng Changjing was on the name list for the Demon Ascension Gate, their smiles became almost blinding .

In the dungeon, the chief steward restrained himself as he looked at the two barbarians eating and drinking their fill and then walking around, whistling . He sneered and walked away . Behind him, the stewards who were previously staring at him with hateful looks had smiles like blooming chrysanthemums . They stuck around his side and flattered him endlessly .

The chief steward didn’t spare them a glance . Hum hum! I knew that my fiery golden eyes were sharp, so how could I possibly misread the situation? In the sect, there were definitely some people who found Yao Bin unpleasant to the eyes . With Feng Changjing having died, the Feng Family would never let this go . For killing a participant of the Demon Ascension Gate, wouldn’t the Demonic Path throw down retribution?

In other words, that surnamed Yao was done for!

The Chief Elder had a frosty expression, his eyes cold like the deep northern winter . Just looking at him made one feel as if they had fallen into an icy lake . “Yao Bin, you are suspected of killing Feng Changjing! Surrender yourself immediately and accept the investigation!”

Qin Yu sat down in the area which had been hosting a lively banquet not too long ago . He looked up at the bright full moon in the dark night and took a sip from the cup of wine in his hand . “Chief Elder, are you sure you want the atmosphere to be so stiff? I am a very sensitive person, and perhaps at some point I might run away . At that time there won’t be any way to recover the situation . ”

The Chief Elder was expressionless . “Are you threatening me?”

Qin Yu smiled . “I don’t dare . I am just stating the facts . ”

The Chief Elder was silent for several breaths of time . He coldly said, “You can all leave . Without my permission, no one can approach . ”

Behind him, a crowd of black-robed cultivators from the Punishment Division bowed and withdrew like a falling tide . They sank into the shadows, vanishing from sight .

Qin Yu gestured . “Chief Elder, please sit down…” He paused and looked around, “Or, perhaps you can also invite the Lord Sect Master to come out . Otherwise, I fear people will say I am too insolent for not entertaining a guest . ”

The Chief Elder’s pupils shrank and his expression became much colder . But before he could say anything, a laugh echoed out, “Yao Bin, I indeed didn’t underestimate you . ”

Tie Qianqiu walked out from behind a mulberry tree . Qin Yu lowered his head and drank his wine, his eyes shaking . If it weren’t for the Soul Summoning Bell trembling a little, then he wouldn’t have discovered the aura of this Black Demon Sect Leader . This person’s strength was far higher than he had imagined . He likely had a peak Blue Sea realm cultivation .

But when he looked back up, his expression was light and breezy . He gestured towards an empty seat, “Sect Master, please sit down . ”

Tie Qianqiu strode over like a tiger and sat down on a chair, his legs splayed out in a confident posture . He filled a cup of wine for himself and took a deep drink, a smile on his face . “What great wine . No wonder Grandmaster Yao is waiting for guests so late at night . ”

This waiting was clearly waiting for him .

Qin Yu took out a third wine cup . “I didn’t think that Chief Elder would also come today . I was too neglectful . ”

The Chief Elder had no expression . “I don’t like to drink wine . ”

He stood behind Tie Qianqiu and closed his eyes, looking like a statue .

Qin Yu smiled, not bothering with him anymore . “Lord Sect Master has to take care of numerous sect affairs and your time must be incomparably precious . So, I won’t speak in circles . Just what do you want from me?”

Tie Qianqiu pointed at the air . “I like your direct personality . I think you should understand that it was I who brought Yao Bin back to the Black Demon Sect, so my understanding of him is far deeper than that of other people . ” His eyes brightened . “So, I really don’t know, just who are you?”

The Chief Elder’s eyes violently popped up, shock shining in them .

Qin Yu stopped pouring his wine . He clapped his hands . “Lord Sect Master is wise, but I really am Yao Bin, an alchemist of the Black Demon Sect . What do you think?”

Tie Qianqiu suddenly laughed out loud . “Not wrong, you are Yao Bin!” His gaze was deep and piercing . “Then, looking at how you owe me a life-saving graciousness from the beginning, I hope Grandmaster Yao can help me with something . ”

Qin Yu said, “Sect Master, please speak . ”

Tie Qianqiu said, “The truth is actually quite simple . A long time ago, I fell victim to someone’s plot . Although I killed my enemy and managed to survive, a hidden danger was left in my body . Some time ago, I found a method that could resolve this hidden danger . But to do so, I need to borrow the assistance of several poisons . Grandmaster Yao’s poison dispelling technique is second to none in this world . If you were to help me, I would be free from worries . ”

Qin Yu bitterly smiled inside . He finally understood where the problem originated from . No matter how he went about it, it all originated from the fact that he had too much limelight and he had fallen into the eyes of Tie Qianqiu . As he thought, even acting cool had its risks . Even when he put on a play, he still needed to be careful!

But it was too late to regret . So, after thinking for a moment, he suppressed all of those thoughts .

“So that’s how it is . I thank Sect Master for dispelling my doubts . However, for this matter, Sect Master needed only to ask and I would have agreed . Why cause such a stir?”

Tie Qianqiu didn’t deny it . “This is where I must apologize to Grandmaster Yao . The method to dispel the hidden dangers in my body is extremely dangerous so the progress will also be very slow . Moreover, once it has begun, there is no way to stop it . In the most optimistic estimate, the hidden danger in my body will be resolved in three years . So…”

Qin Yu had no expression . “So, I cannot join the Demon Ascension Gate, right?”

With this, the truth was out in the open .

The Chief Elder coldly sneered . “A life-saving graciousness is greater than the heavens . Since you are Yao Bin, you must return the favor that the Sect Master did for you all those years ago . You still dare to have any enmity?”

Tie Qianqiu waved his hand . “It was indeed I who was wrong in this matter . Once the hidden danger in my body is relieved, I guarantee that I can give Grandmaster Yao a good fortune that is no less than the Demon Ascension Gate . Moreover, when the Demon Ascension Gate opens a hundred years later, I can also guarantee you that you will enter the Demonic Path . ”

Qin Yu took a deep breath . “The hidden dangers in Sect Master’s body…is there no way to wait until after the Demon Ascension Gate to deal with them?”

Tie Qianqiu lightly said, “I have a naturally cautious disposition and I like for everything to be within my grasp . What I fear the most is unnecessary troubles . If Grandmaster Yao enters the Demonic Path, far too many accidents and changes can occur . So, I must apologize . ” Although he said he was apologizing, his expression was faint and there was a slight chill in their air . It was clear that there was no discussing this matter .

Qin Yu was silent for a long time . “Good! Then I agree!”

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