Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 475

Chapter 475

Chapter 475 - The Demonic Path’s 13th Branch

Tie Qianqiu stood up and cupped his hands together . “Thank you, Grandmaster Yao . I guarantee that you will not regret the decision you made today . ”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Whether or not I will regret, only time will tell . As for the incident of Feng Changjing’s death…

Tie Qianqiu smiled . “Grandmaster Yao, rest assured that I will handle things properly and make sure you aren’t harassed . ”

Qin Yu nodded . “That would be good . ” He didn’t express gratitude because there was no need to do so . If it weren’t for Tie Qianqiu plotting against him, how could he have ended up in this situation?

The Chief Elder’s complexion sank . But before he could say something he was stopped by Tie Qianqiu . “I will be making preparations for the next few days . If Grandmaster Yao has need of anything, feel free to tell me . It isn’t early anymore, so I won’t disturb your rest . ”

Tie Qianqiu sank into the shadows . Then, his smile vanished . “Keep a close eye on Yao Bin . I don’t hope for a similar accident to occur again . ”

The Chief Elder’s heart chilled . He respectfully bowed .

Qin Yu watched as Tie Qianqiu and the Chief Elder left . He turned and walked back into the hall, closing the palace doors behind him . Once the doors closed shut, his face paled .

In that situation, there was no other choice he could make . He could only agree to help Tie Qianqiu . But, for him to give up on the Demon Ascension Gate, that was an even greater impossibility .

A hundred years . To the current Qin Yu who had only cultivated for several dozen years so far, that was far too long a time . Ning Ling was in the Immortal Sect, and while there was no danger to her life, he had no idea what her exact situation was . Qin Yu just couldn’t wait that long .

He couldn’t even endure one extra year!

Tie Qianqiu was unfathomably deep . At the very least he had a peak Blue Sea cultivation and as the master of one of the Demonic Path’s 12 branches, he inevitably had numerous cards in his hand . To directly confront him would be an unwise move .

Drawing back 10,000 steps, even if Qin Yu used every means possible to retreat from the Black Demon Sect, the reality was that the Demon Ascension Gate was about to open and he needed an identity . What status would he have to participate in it? There was no more time to come up with other plans .

Qin Yu took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down . Right now there was only one path left to take, and that was to have Tie Qianqiu change his mind on his own initiative . However, that person had used every possible means at his disposal, even killing Feng Changjing without hesitation to frame him with a false charge . From this, one could see how firm his willpower was . And there was also the factor of the hidden dangers in his body…to change Tie Qianqiu’s mind would be impossibly difficult!

After eating and drinking their fill, Tuba and Tutou took a nap . When they woke up, they found that they were imprisoned once more . The young dungeon cultivators who had been terrified like panicked chickens not too long ago were suddenly high-spirited and arrogant once more .

The two glanced at each other, a bit of restlessness growing in their hearts . Tuba cast a meaningful glance at Tutou, and Tutou nodded in return . Then, they immediately shouted at the young cultivators outside the door, cursing them for being useless idiots that were seeking death and so forth .

Then, some people jumped up, clearly explaining to them just what had happened .

They learned that His Highness had killed a person . After hearing this, the two titans immediately relaxed . They laid down on the hay and kept their eyes glued onto the dungeon cultivators outside, a cold light periodically flashing within them .

These idiots, His Highness always moved with a strategy in hand . If he dared to kill this person, then he had absolute assurance that he wouldn’t provoke any troubles . Moreover, even if there were troubles, did the useless and pathetic Feng Family that jumped out of nowhere have the right to bare their fangs at His Highness? They simply didn’t know their own place!

And as they expected, a dungeon cultivator ran over with a sobbing expression . He spoke some words to the dungeon cultivators guarding the cell, and then they all began to tremble and cry together .

How come they were being played so much!

The plot kept changing left and right! Where was the screenwriter? Come out so I can kill you! If you keep doing things like this, how can background characters like us live?

Tuba and Tutou humorously sneered . No matter how much those people outside bowed and knocked their heads against the ground, they sat where they were with absolutely no intention of getting up to leave .

When Qin Yu arrived at the dungeon, he swept his eyes around and approximately guessed what had happened . Today was different from yesterday . Yesterday he was uncertain about what was happening so he acted quickly and with reserve . But now he knew the truth and he was also sure that before Tie Qianqiu’s hidden wounds were relieved, there would be no one trying to harm him…Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly turned icy cold . Another important reason was that he really wasn’t in a good mood right now .

“It looks like all of you didn’t take my words to heart yesterday . Then, let’s settle things here and now and find out just what price you have to pay . ” His light voice echoed through the dark and damp dungeon . The dungeon cultivators felt their knees tremble as they also fell to the ground .

“My lord! My lord! How about handing this matter over to me? I will definitely satisfy you!” Xu Sheng suddenly rushed in, his face ruddy and bright . Compared to yesterday he seemed like a completely different person . While he was extremely happy after a single day passed, one couldn’t help but wonder if that dark-skinned cultivator from the feeding pen was still doing fine .

The dungeon cultivators were already shaking where they stood . After they saw Xu Sheng appear, they could no longer withstand the psychological pressure . They all toppled to the floor, their eyes rolling back into their heads as they foamed at the mouth .

Xu Sheng curled his lips, spitting to the side . There was no sympathy on his face . “Stop acting . We are all old acquaintances, so even if you aren’t tired of this, I am . ” He swept his eyes around . “Where is that old fool at? Have him roll out so he can humbly greet Grandmaster Yao!”

After Xu Sheng spoke, he turned around and gave a flattering smile . This person had a smug and rampant expression on his face and although he was a little cruel, Qin Yu’s mood unexpectedly improved .

The chief steward was dragged out by others, his body shaking the entire time . It was said that when he was caught, he was lying atop the body of his new concubine, engaged in certain ‘activities’ . When they grabbed him, he was so scared he froze in place . He would likely never emerge from the shadow of this shame . Of course, without accident, the chief steward would likely never have another chance in the future to display his vigorous skills .

Qin Yu slightly nodded and Xu Sheng’s arrogance suddenly rose by several degrees . His teeth were bared and his tongue wagged around, making him look like a vicious dog . “You old fool, I bet you never imagined that today would come . Hurry up and tell the grandmaster how you will pay for your sins! I warn you, don’t try to play tricks! When it comes to being well-informed within the Black Demon Sect, if this young master says he is second, no one would say they are first!”

Young master…he hadn’t heard this title in a long time . Qin Yu’s thoughts were instantly pulled far away . He thought back to that incomparably simple and honest brother of his that he had when he was young and naïve, and then afterwards became deep of thought and mind . Just how was he doing now?

But an instant later, Qin Yu completely restrained his thoughts and his attention returned to the most important point . Well-informed…Qin Yu looked at Xu Sheng’s back, a thoughtful look in his eyes .

The chief steward knew that there were no more chances left for him . If he tried to play tricks with him, even if Yao Bin killed him, he would only die in vain .

But why?

He hadn’t seen Feng Changjing die and this surnamed Yao was still jumping up around here alive and well . Although he didn’t know the entire situation, that didn’t stop this old dog from smelling something suspicious about it all .

Coming clean, the chief steward handed over all of his possessions . Then, he plopped his withered rear on the ground and sobbed, begging Grandmaster Yao to not punish him too severely and to give him a chance to live .

When the other stewards saw this, they understood that the situation would now never return to be in their favor . So, how could they dare to resist? They all knelt on the ground and offered up their life’s possessions . Although this transaction was painful, it was still cost-effective!

Xu Sheng opened his lips as if he wanted to say something, but eventually he just let out a litany of curses . These bastards, didn’t any of them have the tiniest spine or even a little shred of pride? If they all knelt on the ground in complete subservience, how could he display his loyalty in front of Grandmaster Yao? These bastards, these useless bastards!

“Tuba, Tutou, I’ll leave the rest to you . ” Qin Yu turned and walked away . “Xu Sheng, follow me . ”

Xu Sheng was overjoyed . He hopped over, following close behind .

Qin Yu pushed open the door to an interrogation room and walked in . He looked around and a bit of surprise lit up his eyes . He was familiar with this place, because it was where Xu Sheng almost dismembered him a long time ago .

Following close behind, Xu Sheng subconsciously shrank his neck, almost crying out loud . He thought that Qin Yu really chose well to enter this room . He also hoped that Qin Yu didn’t have a sudden impulsive moment of hate and do something to him .

“Master, this lowly one had eyes but couldn’t see and accidentally offended you in the past . Every night since then I have been wracked with guilt and regret . I know that I made a mistake, so I ask you to be benevolent and not lower yourself to my level . I really…”

Qin Yu wryly smiled inside . Where had this come from? “Shut up, I have something to ask you . ”

Xu Sheng instantly fell silent, a pitiful expression on his face .

Qin Yu ignored him . “Do you know if there is a way in the Black Demon Sect for a person to obtain a high, a very high status?”

Xu Sheng blinked his eyes . “This…how high are you speaking of?”

Qin Yu said, “Very high . ”

Xu Sheng: …

There wasn’t a good way to respond .

Luckily, Qin Yu continued to say, “…So high that even the Black Demon Sect’s Sect Master has to respect them . ”

Xu Sheng sucked in a cold breath . His intuition told him that there was another matter behind this, something incredibly important .

If he could help Grandmaster Yao resolve this problem, he could definitely earn some points in his heart . Once he grabbed onto this thick thigh, riding this wave to the peak of his life wouldn’t be difficult .

But in the sect, the Sect Master was a supreme existence . No one could defy his will .

To obtain the Sect Master’s respect, another explanation of that would be to become an existence with a similar level of status .

Because in this world, only by standing on the same level would one earn respect .

But this wasn’t possible!

“Master, it is true that I know a great deal of information, but if you want to stand as an equal with the Sect Master, this…this is simply impossible!” Xu Sheng had a troubled expression . “The demonic path reveres stratification of status the most . Those of a higher level have a will that cannot be touched . This is especially true for the Black Demon Sect . As one of the Demonic Path’s 12 branches, the division of hierarchy is even more severe .

“If you wish to have a status similar to the Sect Master, there are only three paths to choose from . The first is that you must surpass the Sect Master in strength and become a powerhouse of the demonic path . Once you are stronger, you will naturally obtain respect . The second is that you become an Elder of the Demonic Path . According to the established conventions of the Demonic Path, an Elder of the Demonic Path has a status equal to that of a branch Sect Master…”

Seeing Qin Yu’s complexion becoming increasingly dark, Xu Sheng gulped . “The…the third is that you must become the master of one of the Demonic Path branches…” As Xu Sheng said this he froze for a moment . An uncertain light filled his eyes .

Qin Yu quietly said, “Just what did you think of?”

“Master, I just remembered a rumor from within the sect . But whether it is true or not, I cannot judge . ”

“Speak . ”

Xu Sheng clenched his teeth . “Long ago, grandmaster had a gambling bet with Jiang Taishou over dispelling poison . Do you remember that Sealed Pagoda with countless poisons sealed within?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Of course I remember . ” His eyes flashed, “Could it be that the Sealed Pagoda…?”

Xu Sheng nodded . “That’s right . A long, long time ago, it is said that the Demonic Path originally had 13 branches . Now, only 12 are left . The one that disappeared was said to be the strange and terrifying Myriad Poison Sect! In the rumors, this Sealed Pagoda is the supreme inheritance treasure of the Myriad Poison Sect . As long as a person can rush to the end of the Sealed Pagoda and obtain its acknowledgement, that person can reopen the Myriad Poison Sect . ”

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up . “So in other words, as long as I can become the master of the Sealed Pagoda, that will be the same as becoming master of the Myriad Poison Sect and allow me to stand as an equal with Tie Qianqiu!”

“Theoretically speaking, that is true . But, the Myriad Poison Sect disappeared a long time ago and the Demonic Path’s 12 remaining branches have stabilized their power . I fear they would not hope for the reemergence of the Myriad Poison Sect . Moreover, the poisons within the Sealed Pagoda are incomparably terrifying . Master should understand that having the Sealed Pagoda recognize you as its master is just far too perilous a task . ” Xu Sheng cautiously spoke up . He had just risen back from the dirt and started singing, so naturally he didn’t wish for his backer to die an inexplicable death . As Xu Sheng thought of this, he immediately regretted mentioning this matter . If he knew earlier, he wouldn’t have said anything about the Sealed Pagoda . What should he do now?

Qin Yu faintly smiled . He glanced at Xu Sheng and said, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your master here . Sealed Pagoda…I’ve chosen you!” Poisons? To him, they were just meaningless!

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