Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 476A – Fry In Chili Oil

Chapter 476A – Fry In Chili Oil

The Chief Elder was positive that if something abnormal were to happen with Yao Bin again, the Sect Master would be sent into a rage and he would be punished and left in a miserable state. So, his monitoring of Qin Yu was so tight that it left one’s blood boiling.

The Punishment Division’s black-robed cultivators tried to conceal themselves at the start, but they soon realized this was a futile effort. It was unknown who they asked for advice, but their actions then became blatant and obvious.

So when Qin Yu was aimlessly wandering through the Black Demon Sect, there were always fluttering black robes hovering to his left and right, or even flowing across his path.

The Chief Elder frowned. “Yao Bin is walking through the sect?”

“Yes. Up until now, this subordinate still cannot see what goal Grandmaster Yao has in mind.”

The Chief Elder’s eyes were dark and uncertain. “Keep a close eye on him. If there is any change, immediately report to me!”

The Punishment Division cultivators bowed and excused themselves. The Chief Elder’s complexion turned ice cold. While they were in the sect, he didn’t fear any tricks that Yao Bin might play. Still, he felt restless inside.

He clenched his teeth and his voice was like a biting cold wind. “Yao Bin, I’ll see just what you are planning to do!”

A small bluestone trail was almost covered up by fallen branches and leaves from both sides. They gathered in a thick and undisturbed layer, indicating that it had been a long time since anyone had passed by here. Qin Yu glanced around several times and then walked into this small trail. When he emerged on the other side, his black robes were covered in withered leaves.

It wasn’t here.

He stood in place for a moment, thinking that his thoughts had taken a wrong turn somewhere. Xu Sheng had only said that the Sealed Pagoda was within the Black Demon Sect. Since no one knew what it actually was, then it might not necessarily be hidden.

Like a bolt of lightning crossing his mind, there was a sudden epiphany in his heart. He looked up.

This was a small square surrounded by lush trees and beautiful foliage. A number of Black Demon Sect cultivators were lazily lying down and enjoying the scenery or they were closing their eyes, either sleeping or in meditation. Some of them were even walking back and forth over the fallen leaves.

He was a bit surprised because cultivators rarely indulged in such behavior. Most of their thoughts revolved around cultivating to not waste their lifespan. In other words, this was a rare sight.

Qin Yu didn’t know, but this small square was extremely famous within the Black Demon Sect. This was because it possessed a strange and invisible strength that could help a cultivator break through their shackles.

Through innumerable years, many cultivators had made breakthroughs in this small square. Compared to the vast number of people that were making breakthroughs all throughout the Black Demon Sect, this number couldn’t be considered much. However, everyone also thought that perhaps they could be the next one to have a stroke of good fortune? Thus, when a person had troubles in their cultivation they would sometimes come here, creating this scene that Qin Yu saw around him.

Of course, Qin Yu didn’t have the thoughts to care about such things today. He swept his eyes around this small square, at the slightly cracked tiles that exuded the smell of the years, at the fallen leaves that piled up in the corners, at the lush plant life all around, as well as a little pagoda at the edge of the square that was around 30-40 feet high…everything seemed normal.

Qin Yu stopped at the edge of the square and carefully looked around. A shaken emotion appeared on his face – the Sealed Pagoda was unexpectedly an actual pagoda. Although this seemed like some nonsensical talk, when he saw this little pagoda that was wrapped in vines and branches, he felt an unspeakable vibration in his heart.

The white pagoda top was washed clean by rain. It shined brightly beneath the sun, causing a dim halo to fill the air around it. It was clear and pure white…

Perhaps because he knew that there were violent poisons sealed within that could cause a catastrophic disaster if released, he found it hard to believe that the Sealed Pagoda had such a harmless and innocent appearance.

Qin Yu stood beneath it, a look of praise in his eyes. This was indeed worthy of being the Myriad Poison Sect’s legendary inheritance treasure. Only when he arrived at the square did he feel a faint trace of some unusual aura. And, the reason he detected this was due to the Soul Summoning Bell in his soul space. If he were just relying on himself, even if he stood right in front of this pagoda he still wouldn’t discover anything.

At the edge of the small square where the trees were, several Punishment Division cultivators glanced left and right, but they didn’t discover anything wrong. However, the order was to immediately report on the actions of Yao Bin if he did something unusual, so news of this was quickly sent up to the Chief Elder.

Beneath a long corridor, the dignified Chief Elder received news of where Qin Yu currently was and his complexion instantly turned blue. The Sealed Pagoda was one of the Black Demon Sect’s secrets and those that had the qualifications to know everything about it could be counted on a single hand. As the sect’s Chief Elder, a high-level figure only inferior to the Sect Master, he naturally knew about it.

If it was said that Qin Yu just coincidentally wanted to take a walk around and happened to stand in front of the pagoda, that would simply be far too great a coincidence! In an instant, the Chief Elder immediately came up with a hypothesis for the current situation. Yao Bin wasn’t willing to be at the mercy of the Sect Master so he wanted to revolt by passing through the Sealed Pagoda.

What a madman!

The Black Demon Sect had possessed the Sealed Pagoda for tens of thousands of years already. They knew it was a top supreme treasure and it also represented the ultimate status of the Demonic Path’s 13th branch sect. If they knew about this, how could they not have made any attempts on it? However, there had never been a single time when a person managed to find even a sliver of success. All of those people who tried to subdue the Sealed Pagoda finally ended up being killed by its poisons.

This wasn’t good. If Yao Bin wanted to die, he couldn’t care less. But, he absolutely could not die right now, otherwise the Sect Master would kick him down to hell together so that he could be buried with Yao Bin!

“You bastard!” With a loud roar, the ground beneath the Chief Elder cracked and the long corridor he was walking through suddenly exploded into countless pieces. His figure shot up into the skies and he left behind a completely dumbfounded Punishment Division cultivator. The cultivator was dazed for a moment but quickly gathered himself. His lips started to shiver. If there was something that could cause the Chief Elder to lose his composure, it was definitely something important!

The Punishment Division spread out an alarm in all directions.

In the small square.

Grandmaster Yao could be said to be the person within the Black Demon Sect with the most limelight at the moment. He had defeated Feng Changjing and then returned to kill him later, and he had even stomped all over the established powerhouse Elder Tian Zhen. And, the most critical point was that he was currently safe and unharmed. This was a terrifying fact.

The first Black Demon Sect cultivator who discovered Qin Yu walking into the small square stared at him in awe, his jaw subconsciously dropping and his mind buzzing. Then, in the next moment, the faint bit of awe he felt suddenly vanished without a trace. The only thing he was thinking about now was: Do I have enough time to run away?

This surname Yao was a genuine dark star. The cultivator had already heard about how those people in the dungeon had suffered. He had even seen those usually cruel and ruthless dungeon stewards left in a sorrowful and pitiful state. It was easy to imagine just what sort of brutal punishment they endured.

Now, Yao Bin had appeared in this small square and it seemed that he was already prepared to stir up trouble. Knowing this, anyone that wanted to stay would be a stupid idiot. Still, he was thinking that if he was the first one to leave, would this surname Yao fellow bear a grudge against him? It was said that this person was petty and took revenge for even the smallest grievance. If this person developed a grudge against him, he could imagine how miserable his death would be.

It was because of this thought that even though more and more cultivators discovered Qin Yu standing in front of that small white pagoda, none of them dared to move. It seemed as if they were rooted in place, panic slowly filling up their eyes.

What nonsense, everyone else wasn’t moving, so if I were to move first, I would definitely be remembered!

Suddenly, the sound of breaking wind rushed in from afar. Before the person arrived, a strong wind already swept through the entire square, swirling up all the leaves.

“Yao Bin!”

A deep shout that was filled with fury. A superior aura pressed down on everyone’s chests, making it hard for them to breathe.

The Chief Elder landed at the edge of the small square. Countless Black Demon Sect cultivators who were thrown away by the wind almost cried out loud.

Motherf.u.c.ker! Even if the Chief Elder came this time! There was definitely something going on!

What the hell, don’t drag us into this!

Qin Yu turned around. “Chief Elder, what is the meaning of this?”

The Chief Elder almost cracked apart his remaining good teeth. “Yao Bin, you should understand that once some matters begin, they can no longer be stopped.” He took a deep breath and calmed down his tone. “You are young and have plenty of time remaining, so why haggle over something so little?”

Qin Yu smiled. “What is Chief Elder speaking of? I have no idea.”

The Chief Elder shouted out, “You stubborn fool! Hurry and come back, otherwise nothing awaits you but death!”

Qin Yu was suddenly enlightened. “So Chief Elder is referring to this little pagoda here? I was only curious what the Sealed Pagoda was and why it would seem so harmless, so I stopped by to take a look at it. Chief Elder need not worry so much.”

Within the small square, when numerous terrified Black Demon Sect cultivators heard these words, they almost stopped breathing!

Sealed Pagoda…my mother!

At this point, no one cared anymore. Staying here any longer was the definition of courting death!

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