Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Hundred Years of Pregnancy, The Descent of a Divine Miracle!

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In the Profound Sky Continent, Qi Mountain County’s Great Yan City, many people were discussing the latest news.

“Hey brother, did you know? Another genius youth has appeared in our Great Yan City. At such a young age, he has already obtained the best admission score of the Divine Wind Academy. Moreover, I heard that he’s only 16 years old and is already at the ninth level of Qi Refinement!”

“Of course I know. Who in the entire Great Yan City doesn’t know such a genius?”

“However, to be honest, in the past hundred years, there have been too many geniuses appearing in our Great Yan City. They’re like bamboo shoots growing after the rain, appearing continuously.”


“Unfortunately, it seems that the Lin family’s situation is a little awkward. Ever since the Lin family’s Lin Hao became our City Lord, there has been no decent geniuses in the Lin family for more than a hundred years!”

“Looks like the Lin family is about to decline…”

“What a pity for City Lord Lin Hao. He’s a great City Lord. What a pity, what a pity!”

“Hey, I heard that City Lord Lin Hao’s wife has been pregnant for a hundred years?”

“Including this year, it has indeed been a hundred years!”

“Sigh, what a pity. Back then, City Lord Lin Hao and his wife were a match made in heaven. The marriage between the two elites made the entire Great Yan City envious for several years.”

“That’s right. I heard that when the City Lord’s wife was pregnant back then, all the large families of the entire Profound Sky Continent came to the Lin family to congratulate her.”

“Now, that baby has actually been in her womb for a hundred years and has yet to be born. It’s really worrying!”

“That’s right. I’ve never heard of a fetus being in the womb for so long. I think it should be a stillborn!”

“Sigh, let’s not talk about this. After all, City Lord Lin Hao is really good!”


In a place filled with endless darkness, the power of chaos wrapped around a youth. The youth curled up his body and continued to feel warmth from his surroundings.

“Where am I?”

Lin Xuan was a little confused.

He wanted to open his eyes to look at his surroundings, but he realized that no matter how hard he tried, he could not open his eyes.

It was not only his eyes, his limbs were also curled up tightly. His entire body and every move contained a huge resistance that made him unable to move.

What was this place?

Lin Xuan was a little anxious and very puzzled.

Shouldn’t he be sleeping at home? Why did he suddenly appear here?

Was he kidnapped? Was he dreaming?

Just as Lin Xuan was puzzled, a gentle voice sounded in his mind. It sounded like a woman’s voice.

“Xuan’er, why are you being naughty again?”

“It’s already been a hundred years. I no longer want anything else. I only hope that you can come to this world safely and healthily…”

“As long as you can be delivered safely, I am willing to pay any price.”

“I have heard many people say some bad things, but I feel that Xuan’er must be fine. You will definitely come to this world safely…”

Lin Xuan was slightly stunned.

These words were like a spring breeze, warming his heart. At the same time, memories surged in his mind.

Looking at these memories, Lin Xuan was caught between laughter and tears.

He actually transmigrated!

When he woke up, he had become a fetus!

No wonder he could not open his eyes previously.

Moreover, he had been in the womb for a hundred years. This was definitely not Earth.

After all, even Nezha of the legends had only stayed in his mother’s womb for three years.

Compared to him, a hundred years was simply on a different level.

[…A host who meets the requirements has been detected. System binding…]

[…Prodigy System binding complete…]

A robotic voice sounded in Lin Xuan’s mind. Lin Xuan was slightly stunned. It was actually a system commonly seen in web novels! Moreover, it was called the Prodigy System?

Lin Xuan was puzzled. What was the use of this system? Prodigy? Could it be that it wanted him to be invincible?

[Host, the system will not automatically reward you. Only when you make an achievement can you obtain a reward. You will not be invincible immediately.]

‘Achievement? What achievement? How?’ Lin Xuan thought curiously.

[This system has countless achievement missions. No matter what the host does for the first time, you will be able to complete the corresponding achievement mission.]

[After the host completes an achievement mission, you will receive all kinds of rewards.]

[Opportunities, good fortune, influence to the surroundings, and various ways to improve oneself.]

[The lucky people around you will obtain some opportunities because of this. The size of the fortuitous encounters is related to their opinion of the host, but it is far inferior to the fortuitous encounters the host receives.]

When Lin Xuan heard this, he was delighted as he thought, ‘I’m clearly a Saint Child. No matter what I do, I can affect my surroundings. Moreover, the better the person is to me, the greater the influence they will receive. This is even more useful than being invincible.’

[Host, although what you think is a little exaggerated, that is indeed the case. No matter what the host does for the first time, it will be accompanied by a powerful fortuitous encounter, or the miracle of this world, or even the miracles of other worlds, phenomena, secret techniques, and so on. It’s all possible.]

Lin Xuan nodded slightly.

In short, this Prodigy System was not an active system. It was more inclined to assist him.

“Right, how should I activate the system?” Lin Xuan asked in his mind.

[Host, you just need to be born!]

Lin Xuan nodded slightly and did not ask anymore. He clenched his small fists and used his greatest strength to start moving.

In a luxurious room, the air emitted a faint fragrance.

In front of the window, there was a woman in a white robe. In her hand was a cup of high-grade spiritual tea that could help to nourish the fetus. In her other hand, she held a book called “The Strongest Prenatal Education in the Profound Sky Continent”.

The woman drank the best spiritual tea while reading the best prenatal education book.

Sunlight shone into the room and shone on the woman.

The woman gently put down the book in her hand and hummed a children’s song while touching her lower abdomen.

Her appearance could not be considered beautiful, but at a glance, she was still astonishing. Moreover, she was the type that became more and more pleasing to the eye as time passed. She was like a holy lotus flower, simple and peaceful.

Looking at her bulging belly, a motherly smile appeared on the woman’s face. Her eyes were filled with gentleness. However, at this moment, the woman suddenly felt an intense pain in her stomach.


The woman could not help but frown and shout.

The woman’s cry was not loud, but the personal maidservant who had been taking care of the woman carefully immediately rushed in and asked anxiously.

“Madam, what’s wrong?”

“What happened?”

The woman lay on the chair. At this moment, although she was in intense pain, she was also filled with joy.

She said in surprise, “It moved. My Xuan’er moved!”

It moved?

The maidservant’s eyes suddenly widened. She hurriedly rushed up and pressed herself against the woman’s abdomen. Immediately after, the maidservant was extremely excited.

“Young Master is moving! Young Master is moving!”

“Anyone outside? Come quickly. Bring the best doctor here! Hurry!”

“Inform Master and ask him to come back. Madam is about to give birth!”

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