Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Saint Child Descends, Purple Qi Comes From the East!


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In Great Yan City, a storm was brewing. The latest and most explosive news spread throughout the entire Great Yan City.

“What? Where did you hear that the City Lord’s wife is about to give birth?”


“Of course it’s true. How can I lie?”


Some people who were lucky enough to receive the news spread this news proudly.

“Just now, when I went to the Lin family’s pharmacy to see a doctor, I suddenly discovered that City Lord Lin Hao was around.”

“You all know that old lady from the medicinal store, right? She’s the best doctor around Qi Mountain County!”

“I know, that’s the Lin family’s guardian. I heard that old lady’s temper is very bad. Even the City Lord has to treat her politely!”

“That’s right, it’s that old lady. Guess what I saw?”

“Let me tell you something. After City Lord Lin Hao entered, he directly walked into the inner hall. Without caring about anything else, he stepped through the door of the room where the old lady was cultivating in seclusion. He said that she would return with him to deliver the baby, and then he pulled away the stunned old lady. He transformed into a flying rainbow and rushed straight for the Lin family!”

“Do you think the City Lord’s wife is about to give birth? What’s going on?”


The son of the City Lord’s wife, the eldest grandson of the Lin family, was about to be born.

This news was like a storm as it quickly swept through the entire Great Yan City. After all, when Lin Hao brought the doctor away, he directly turned into a rainbow and did not hide at all. The people in the surroundings who saw this scene were not few in number. As this news spread, countless people were shocked.

“That child from the Lin family has been in the womb for a hundred years. Is he finally going to be born?”

“In the past hundred years, City Lord Lin Hao has never taken a concubine. He only has one wife. The other bloodlines have already flourished. Only the City Lord’s bloodline has been stagnant for a hundred years!”

“Is the City Lord’s wife finally giving birth?”

In Great Yan City, everyone who learned of this news were shocked. However, there were also many people who were worried, feeling that the situation was not optimistic.

“A hundred years of pregnancy? He’s been in the womb for a hundred years. Is he really alive?”

“That’s right, it’s too difficult. I think it’s very likely to be a stillborn!”

“I’ve never heard of any creature that needs a hundred years to be born!”


There were many discussions in Great Yan City, but the Lin family was filled with anxiety.

In front of a luxurious mansion in the Lin family, a handsome middle-aged man in a white robe paced anxiously in front of the door.

“Ah Yu, Xuan’er, you must be safe!”

This person was none other than Lin Xuan’s father, the City Lord of Great Yan City, Lin Hao.

Lin Hao was the most outstanding and talented genius of the previous generation of the Lin family. When he was young, he had made countless illustrious achievements.

Now, although he had returned to the Lin family, he handled both business and personal matters very well.

Lin Hao was a calm person. No matter what happened, he could always face the situation calmly. It was also because of this that he often relied on his nature to challenge those at a higher level and turn defeat into victory.

However, how could Lin Hao calm down now?

Looking at the maidservants entering and exiting the mansion, he was like an ant on a hot pan, extremely anxious. The vast power in his body kept moving as if it could erupt at any time.

“Don’t worry, Second Brother. Second Sister-in-law will definitely be safe and well. You should restrain your power first!”

There were four men beside Lin Hao.

These four men looked very similar to Lin Hao. They were his four brothers. When they heard that the child was about to be born, they rushed over anxiously.

“Has the Lin Residence’s defensive array formation been activated?” Lin Hao did not answer. He had an anxious expression and was at a loss.

“It’s activated!”

“Mm, that’s good. Before I left, I already let them open the array formation of Great Yan City. Why hasn’t it been activated yet!” Lin Hao’s mind was completely blank. His thoughts were also in different directions. He probably did not even know what he was saying or why he said this.

The four people beside him looked at Lin Hao and then looked at each other helplessly.

Was this still the shrewd and calm Second Brother who was always confident in everything?

“If we want to activate the array formation of Great Yan City, we’ll need at least two hours. After all, it’s an array formation that’s enough to resist a Soul Formation realm expert…”

“I know. Don’t you have any intention of going there personally? This is your nephew!” Lin Hao turned his head and shouted anxiously.

“Second Brother…” The four of them looked at Lin Hao helplessly.

“Go quickly!” Lin Hao was not in the mood to waste time. He clenched his fists tightly.

“Yes, yes…”

The four of them hurriedly shrunk their necks. Although they were helpless, they still left in a hurry. They knew that although Lin Hao was their Second Brother, his strength was obvious. Moreover, he often beat them up.

After the four of them left, Lin Hao became even more anxious.

He held a pearl in his hand and faced the east as he began to pray piously.

“The mother and son must both be safe, the mother and son must both be safe…”

Outside the luxurious mansion, countless array formations were activated. Lin Hao waited anxiously and prayed sincerely.

In the mansion, a group of maids were also busy working anxiously.

“Harder, harder!”

“Madam, you can do it! Keep pushing!”

“The leg is sticking out. Madam, continue to use force!”

“The body is out. Madam, continue to exert force!”

“Soon, soon. Madam, keep pushing!”


Everyone was waiting anxiously and kept busy.

In a flash, an hour passed.

She was clearly the most powerful doctor in the entire Qi Mountain County, but at this moment, the old lady was extremely nervous. Why was the fetus unwilling to come out? At this moment, the old doctor’s head was covered in perspiration that flowed down her face continuously. The atmosphere in the entire room was extremely heavy.

After such a long time, Madam’s stamina was clearly about to reach the limit. If this continued, perhaps…

In the delivery room, everyone, including the doctor, had ugly expressions and were very anxious.

Outside the door, two hours passed. Lin Hao was even more anxious.

He was about to go crazy. He wanted to rush into the delivery room several times. Fortunately, four brothers stopped him.

This atmosphere continued for an unknown period of time. Just as everyone was feeling anxious and uneasy, the old lady was stunned.

Her eyes lit up, and she gently pulled it out skillfully.

“He’s out, he’s out, the Little Master is out!”

The old lady was extremely surprised and shouted excitedly.

“He’s been born!”

“Little Master is out!”

In the delivery room, everyone shouted excitedly. After a hundred years of pregnancy, the young master was finally born. The maids surrounded him and carefully looked at the wrapped baby. However, their expressions immediately became ugly.

Little Master did not cry! Not only did he not cry, but he did not even breathe!

The young master curled up tightly in his swaddling clothes and did not move at all. Everyone’s expressions were very ugly, and their hearts gradually sank.

There were no cries or breathing. Could it be that he was pregnant with a stillborn after a hundred years?

“Let… let me see my Xuan’er!”

On the bed, the woman who had already collapsed used all her strength to speak with a trembling voice. Even though her strength was also very extraordinary, she had exhausted all of her strength. Her face was as pale as a sheet of paper, and she was extremely weak.

The old lady’s expression was complicated, but she could only follow the woman’s request.

She handed the infant to the woman.

However, the moment the woman’s hands touched the infant, Lin Xuan suddenly opened his mouth and gently breathed in. It was not ordinary air, but a mouthful of purple qi.

This purple qi was filled with profundities, complicated and mysterious.

[Ding! Achievement completed: First Breath]

[Awakened: Breathing Technique, Purple Qi Comes From the East!]

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