Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Forget It, I’m Not Acting Anymore! This Is My Home!

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“Saint Child?”

Upon hearing the Lin family’s ancestor’s words, everyone who came to congratulate the Lin family was stunned.

“That’s right, it’s our family’s Saint Child.” The Lin family’s Old Master nodded and said calmly. He was the Lin family’s ancestor and had experienced all kinds of storms. He immediately explained calmly.

“The fluctuation yesterday was caused by the appearance of our Lin family’s Saint Child.”


The Lin Family’s Old Ancestor did not say that it was an infant, nor did he say that it was Lin Xuan or anything else. He only vaguely explained.

Lin Xuan’s birth was already the most secret matter in the Lin family. Everyone was given a gag order to protect him.

Lin Xuan was really too young now. Most importantly, Lin Xuan was too monstrous!

It was not that other geniuses did not produce abnormalities, but the Lin family’s ancestor had never heard that these abnormal phenomena fluctuations could reach the extent of helping others advance and break through!

His breathing carried purple qi, and his cries carried the sound of the Dao! Lin Xuan was really too monstrous and too precious.

Regardless of whether it was from Lin Xuan’s bloodline or for the sake of the Lin family’s long-term development, it was best not to expose Lin Xuan now. It was best to hide as much as possible to protect Lin Xuan’s growth.

In the end, everything that the Lin family’s ancestor did, regardless of his goal, was ultimately out of goodwill. To be publicly known, he had to wait until the month-old banquet at the earliest!

The Lin family’s ancestor explained here. As for the many cultivators below, the corners of their mouths twitched.

No… the Lin family’s ancestor did not break through yesterday? That fluctuation was triggered by a genius from the Lin family? How was this possible!

“Ancestor of the Lin family, don’t joke around like this. How can such an extremely terrifying fluctuation phenomenon be caused by a young disciple?” The Wang family’s head swallowed a mouthful of saliva as the corners of his mouth turned dry.

A genius breaking through carried such a terrifying fluctuation? How was this possible! Purple qi came from 30,000 miles east. This kind of fluctuation could be brought by a young genius?! It was completely impossible!

The first reaction of all the members of the various factions was disbelief!

Everything else was because of the fluctuation. No matter if it was the purple qi or the sound of the Dao, they were not things that ordinary geniuses could possess! Even those geniuses that had legendary phenomena when breaking through were not so terrifying! Even some old experts who broke through the bottlenecks had fluctuations that were completely inferior to the scene before!

Instantly, these various factions naturally imagined the Lin family’s Saint Child to be a young genius. After all, the Lin family’s ancestor had only said that a genius would appear. No one would think of a baby. After all, if a baby was so terrifying, it would be too ridiculous.

This was what the Lin family’s ancestor wanted them to think. Go ahead and guess. The more they guessed, the better…

By the time Xuan’er’s month-old banquet ended, the ancestor’s cultivation realm would be more or less consolidated. There should be no problem protecting him anymore. At that time, it would not be too late to let Xuan’er appear!

Looking at the various factions, the Lin family’s ancestor narrowed his eyes. Seeing this, Lin Hao took a step forward and spoke in a deep voice.

“Yesterday, an abnormality appeared. Purple qi came from the east, and the sound of the Dao resonated. It was indeed caused by a young genius of my family. This matter is absolutely accurate! Yesterday, I happened to pass by the place where the Saint Child was in seclusion. Everything happened like this…”

Lin Hao explained here, saying “these are my experiences”. Of course, this was all fabricated.

Despite Lin Hao’s explanation, many factions still did not believe him. They felt that the Lin family’s ancestor had probably broken through. Otherwise, it was impossible to explain why he was so energetic.

Faced with this situation, the Lin family’s ancestor felt a little helpless. He wanted them to make wild guesses, but not to this extent. Just as he was about to explain…

“Swoosh…” Behind the Lin residence, a blood-colored pillar of light suddenly shot into the sky!

This pillar of light was very weak and small. It was only about 30 to 40 feet wide, but the terrifying blood qi fluctuation contained in it was extremely exquisite!

Crack! Flowing clouds gathered as wind and waves stirred on the ground!

Under the shocked and confused gazes of countless people, the heavens and the earth suddenly dimmed along with the appearance of the blood colored light pillar! In the next moment, the blood colored light suddenly exploded between the heavens and the earth! Endless phenomena appeared!

Ancient drawings appeared in the sky! One terrifying figure after another appeared in the world!

There was endless blood qi inside. There were three demonic wolves roaring, winged men with broken arms, three-legged Golden Crows that looked like black suns, and strange true dragons with six horns on their heads!

They all cried out silently, looking up into the heavens, as if they were going to resist the boundless heavens! It was the painting of all life resisting the heavens!

“This is… someone breaking through?” The demoness’ eyes erupted with light. Her beautiful eyes looked at the pillar of light, her expression shocked!

“This fluctuation… is not strong, but this phenomenon is a little shocking!” The Wang family clan also raised their heads and stood up in shock!

“It should only be a small breakthrough!” Saintess Yao Chi’s beautiful eyes flickered. Endless light flowed as she looked at the Lin family’s ancestor.

“Senior, may I ask if this is the breakthrough of your family’s genius?”

Upon seeing this phenomenon, the Lin family’s ancestor was stunned as he thought, “There really is a young genius? I was just making it up.”

It was not only the Lin family’s ancestor who was puzzled! The surrounding old antiques of the Lin family were also dumbfounded! Who had broken through? This fluctuation… was not strong, but this scene was indeed a little abnormal! Why did they not remember any genius juniors breaking through recently?

At this moment, only Lin Hao, who was standing at the side, saw this scene. After some thought, he felt so surprised that his mouth was wide open!

Was the place where the light pillar rose… a little familiar? It felt very familiar!!

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched. After some consideration, he carefully approached.


“That… is where the phenomenon occurred.”

“It seems to be my house…”

Your house? The Lin family’s ancestor was stunned as he subconsciously turned to look at Lin Hao.

“Xuan’er has been cultivating a breathing technique ever since he was born…” Lin Hao whispered.

Xuan’er? Lin Xuan? The Lin family’s ancestor was stunned.

Then, the few old antiques beside him looked at each other as the corners of their mouths twitched.

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