Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: You’ve All Misunderstood!


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Lin Xuan’s spiritual sense continuously fluctuated on Xuan Yu, and he quickly sensed that something was wrong.

His mother, Xuan Yu, was a cultivator with extraordinary strength. She was once comparable to his father, Lin Hao, and was called a peerless genius. She was famous in the Northern Azure Province. Although she had only given birth to him after a hundred years, with his mother’s physique, she should not be so weak.

Lin Xuan’s spiritual sense circled around Xuan Yu a few times.

‘There seems to be something amiss?’ Lin Xuan could not help but mutter to himself, but he was a little uncertain.


Because he had stayed with Xuan Yu the longest and there was an inexplicable connection between the mother and son, Lin Xuan discovered that his mother’s body seemed to be getting weaker.

Lin Xuan still had a good impression of the Lin family. Especially in his parents’ eyes, their gentle gaze made him feel especially warm.

“A day and a night had already passed since she gave birth, but she’s actually even weaker than before?”

“But what’s the problem? That shouldn’t be the case. Could it be that I’m thinking too much?”

Lin Xuan thought for a moment and did not say anything rashly. Instead, he continued to cultivate.

“I have to cultivate quickly. If I’m not wrong, I only need to digest a portion of the purple qi to reach the first level of Body Refinement.”

“At that time, the spiritual sense I release will be even stronger, and I will definitely be able to see the problem.”

Maintaining his breathing and concentrating, Lin Xuan entered his cultivation state again.

The Lin family’s banquet was extremely grand and magnificent. Countless delicious dishes were placed on the banquet.

The entire banquet was enveloped in hazy, rosy clouds. White cranes danced in the sky, and there were musicians playing the zither in the pavilions and halls. Beautiful female dancers twisted their figures on the wide stage, and they were beautiful and moving.

Everyone sat down and chatted with the surrounding people while admiring the dance.

Not long after, a stream of light flashed. The Lin family’s ancestor and a group of old antiques suddenly appeared at the banquet without any warning.

When they saw the Lin family’s ancestor and many old freaks, the eyes of the people from the different factions at the banquet lit up. Although these old freaks of the Lin family were all skinny and looked like ghosts, everyone could sense the terrifying fluctuation hidden beneath their skinny bodies!

This was especially true for the Lin family’s ancestor. He should have the appearance of an old man, but now that he appeared, the white hair at his temples had turned black! His body emitted an extremely surging vitality!

How long had he lived for? A thousand years? Ten thousand years? Or even longer? It was impossible for him to maintain such a young appearance after so long! He had definitely broken through!

“Sky Sun City’s Wang family congratulates the Lin family’s ancestor! Congratulations to the Lin family’s ancestor for reaching a higher level!”

“This is a joyous occasion for the entire Qi Mountain County. It is also the fortune of the entire Northern Azure Province!” The Wang family’s head was the first to stand up and cupped his hands as he spoke in a clear voice.

“I represent the Wang family of Sky Sun City to give a small gift to the Lin family’s ancestor. Three 30,000-year-old Sky Vault Fruits.”

Three 30,000-year-old Sky Vault Fruits? Hearing this, Lin Hao was secretly speechless. The Wang family had really invested a lot this time.

The Sky Vault Fruit could increase a cultivator’s cultivation without any side effects. It was an extremely rare spiritual treasure of heaven and earth. One had to know that the Sky Vault Fruit had extremely harsh requirements for the environment it grew in. Although it was called the Sky Vault, it had to grow in the mouth of a volcano hundreds of thousands of feet under the ocean.

That kind of place was extremely dangerous, and there were countless ferocious beasts surrounding it. Ordinary thousand-year-old Sky Vault Fruits were speculated to have a sky-high price. This time, the Wang family actually took out 30,000-year-old Sky Vault Fruits, and it was three at a time! It was indeed a huge investment. Looks like the Wang family had invested heavily this time!

However, at the same time, Lin Hao was also a little puzzled. Why did they congratulate the Lin family’s ancestor? This phenomenon was not caused by the ancestor’s breakthrough. Why did they not congratulate Lin Xuan?

“The Light Shaking Holy Land also has a small gift…”

“Congratulations, Ancestor Lin. The Demon Sect has also brought a small gift…”

“Flowing Cloud Chamber of Commerce…”

“The Northern Cang Clan…”

Figures that were all-powerful in Qi Mountain County and even the Northern Azure Province stood up one after another. They took out precious items and congratulated the ancestor respectfully.

Each of these items was valued at an astronomical price. They would feel the pinch when giving such items as gifts! However, if they could gain the goodwill of a peerless expert, the Lin family’s ancestor, because of this, it would definitely not be a loss! However, as they listened, the expressions of everyone from the Lin family became a little strange! Because…

“Congratulations to the Lin family’s ancestor for breaking through and going up another level!”

“Now that the Lin Family’s Old Ancestor has broken through, he must have already broken through to the legendary realm. The Lin Family will definitely enjoy endless glory and prosperity in the future!”

“Congratulations to the Lin family’s ancestor for breaking through. I have to say that when the Lin family’s ancestor advanced that day, I was also in Great Yan City and happened to obtain some purple qi from the east. My Dao resonated and I obtained a great opportunity!”

Looking at the enthusiastic members of the large family clans, the Lin family members were caught between laughter and tears! Did these people have a misunderstanding? The one who caused the commotion was not their ancestor, but a small baby!

The few old antiques looked at each other and held back their laughter.

The Lin family’s ancestor was helpless as well. He looked at the group of people congratulating him and felt embarrassed to stop them from speaking. He waited until the last faction finished speaking before he slowly stood up. Under the breeze, his sleeves fluttered like heavenly wings.

“I appreciate your kindness, but I can’t accept these congratulatory gifts.”

“We welcome everyone here. As for the treasures… please take them back.”

Take them back? When the various factions heard this, they were stunned. What was going on? He did not want the congratulatory gifts?

“This matter has blown up. Those juniors can’t tell, but can’t the few of you understand…” Seeing the dumbfounded people congratulating him, the Lin family’s ancestor gently rubbed his brows and said helplessly to the top elders of the few factions.

“I’m not the one who triggered the purple qi and the Dao sounds.”

“Purple qi came from the east for 30,000 miles.”

“Dao Sound Resonance occurred.”

“It’s all because our family’s Saint Child was born!”

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