Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Terrifying Bronze Rust!!

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Then, the Wang family’s head retreated respectfully. Next, he had to make the best use of his time to heal his injuries and choose someone with a high cultivation level to go to the Lin family with. Since the Wang family’s ancestor had said so, he would definitely complete the mission.

The Lin family was indeed in an extremely serious situation.

Lin family, Lin Hao’s mansion.


“Can she be saved? How’s Ah Yu now?”

The moment the doctor walked out of the house, Lin Hao rushed up immediately and grabbed her as he asked sternly.

Lin Xuan also used his spiritual senses to check on this doctor.

This was the most talented doctor in the entire Lin family and had once saved the lives of countless people. However, at this moment, facing Lin Hao’s anxious question, the old lady frowned. She opened her mouth and swallowed, but in the end, she did not say anything.

Lin Xuan’s heart sank. It seemed that she had encountered a problem. Seeing this, Lin Hao’s eyes instantly turned red.

“Lin Hao, I’m ashamed…” The old lady lowered her head and said.

In the next moment, Lin Hao carried Lin Xuan and rushed into the house crazily. Looking at Xuan Yu who was lying on the bed, Lin Hao’s expression immediately changed drastically.

When Lin Xuan’s spiritual senses saw this scene, his heart also tightened. She was even weaker than before! In Lin Xuan’s spiritual senses, he could sense that Xuan Yu was especially weak. Her breathing was very weak, and her vitality was like a candle in the wind. Moreover, in Lin Xuan’s ‘vision’, he could see traces of curses on his mother.

These curses were ancient and deep in color, emitting an ominous aura like pieces of bronze rust. They formed ancient ghost faces that crazily absorbed the vitality of Xuan Yu. In just a night, they had turned her beautiful hair white.

Lin Xuan was very anxious. Unfortunately, he could not do anything now.

“Lin Hao, move aside. Let me see!” A deep voice sounded with towering anger. It was one of the old antiques of the Lin family, Lin Bao.

Lin Bao was skinny like a ghost. He was one of the old antiques who had given Lin Hao a gift.

“Ancestor Lin Bao!”

Lin Hao hurriedly got up and hugged Lin Xuan, making way for Lin Bao.

Lin Bao came to the window and reached out his right hand to place it between Xuan Yu’s eyebrows.


A dense light flowed on Lin Bao’s palm. Then, his expression darkened. The event yesterday had just been held to celebrate the birth of a monstrous genius in their Lin family. However, before he could return to continue his secluded cultivation, he heard this matter.

Xuan Yu was Lin Xuan’s mother. Moreover, Lin Bao was very pleased with Xuan Yu, a woman who had been pregnant for a hundred years and had given birth to the super genius of the Lin family, Lin Xuan. She had also endured a hundred years of pressure.

Therefore, after hearing this news, Lin Bao rushed over almost immediately.

“Ancestor Lin Bao, I’ve never heard of such a curse.”

“Moreover, this curse is too complicated and extremely old. It seems to be something left behind from ancient times.” The doctor walked in from outside and said with a bitter smile.

“I… have no idea where to start. I can’t touch any of these spots of bronze rust.”

“Moreover… Lady Xuan Yu should have been exposed to this curse for a hundred years.”

“In these hundred years, the curse has already penetrated every part of her body.”

Hearing the doctor’s words, Lin Xuan’s heart sank again. A hundred years? In that case, wasn’t that when his mother had just conceived him…

As expected, the doctor hesitated for a moment before continuing, “The reason why Lin Xuan was born after such a long time is probably because of the curse.”

“To be honest, I find it hard to imagine how she survived a hundred years in this condition…”

Hearing this, Lin Hao’s eyes became even redder, and his heart seemed to be bleeding. Lin Xuan’s gaze became colder and colder. Someone dared to play tricks on him, he was courting death!

The old doctor continued, “If this bronze rust is removed by force, it will be impossible to resolve!”

“As for Lady Xuan Yu, she can last at most a week!”

“A week?” When Ancestor Lin Bao heard this, he sneered. “Can’t resolve? There’s no curse in this world that I can’t resolve!”


A soft explosion sounded in the room as flowing lights and endless patterns appeared! It was as if the sun had bloomed in spring! Countless auras of life emitted from the old man, Lin Bao! Like rolling waves, the entire house was instantly enveloped by vast vitality!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the house, flower petals fell and green plants grew! These were not illusions, but the revival of wooden houses, tables, and chairs. They had been stimulated and had returned to life, regaining endless vitality! In fact, this was only the aftermath!

The most important vitality was condensed by the old man and surged into Xuan Yu’s body to expel the curse!

However, the bronze rust was unmoved by the dense vitality! It was like a rock in a huge wave, not moving at all! Not to mention being expelled, it did not even have the intention to move!

The old man narrowed his eyes slightly and took a deep breath. His originally hunched and weak body gradually straightened up, and his originally shriveled body gradually recovered to become taut muscles. The old man’s originally white hair was gradually dyed black!

In just a breath, the old man recovered to his peak state. He went from a hunched old man to a burly middle-aged man!


An even richer vitality emitted from the old man’s body! This time, the bronze rust moved!

Under the cleansing of the vast vitality, the bronze rust moved but did not dissipate. Instead, it went against the flow like a madman. It faced the vitality and directly clung to the elder’s arm! Moreover, it grew rapidly!

The moment he touched the bronze rust, the old man’s expression changed. He directly took a few steps back, and his palm was straightened as he ruthlessly cut off that piece of flesh! The flesh was still in the air when it was corroded into a ball of pale green smoke!


The smoke twisted violently and struggled ferociously, like a dying creature emitting a dense ominous aura!

After struggling for a few breaths, the green smoke struggled to dissipate. However, it did not disappear. Instead, it turned into a stream of light and adhered to Xuan Yu’s arm, vaguely transforming into a ghost face!

Seeing this scene, everyone from the Lin family gasped as their expressions changed! What was this bronze rust?!

In fact, this outcome was normal!

This bronze rust was something Wang Tengfei had obtained from a fortuitous encounter. The sword was too ancient, having existed countless years ago. On the hilt, a piece of bronze rust had formed after such a long time!

After the bronze rust was removed, the bronze sword’s magnificence disappeared! This kind of curse could not be resolved. It was planted on a person’s body and could not be sensed at all! Instead of calling it a curse, it was more like a special situation of symbiosis! The bronze rust could not be removed.

In fact, when this bronze rust was planted on Xuan Yu back then, if not for Lin Xuan’s suppression in the womb, it would have probably acted up a hundred years ago!

With the birth of Lin Xuan, the bronze rust was no longer suppressed. It acted up completely!

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