Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: First Breastfeeding!


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Facing this strange bronze rust, Lin Bao could not remove it in the end. He used all his methods, but the bronze rust was too peculiar. In the end, many old antiques of the Lin family came and used all their methods attempting to remove it.

However, in the end, not only were they unable to remove the bronze rust, they even made the rust grow stronger. Later on, even the Lin family’s ancestor personally appeared and took action. However, it was only suppressed for a short period of time, and it rebounded even more later on.

At this point, the people from the Lin family were not fools. From the clues from a hundred years ago, it was not difficult to guess that this was done by the Wang family of Su County. The sinister method of the bronze rust was indeed in line with their style.

Moreover, the Lin family immediately learned that Wang Tengfei, the future emperor of the Wang family, was carried by a flood dragon when he was less than two years old and disappeared into the clouds. He vanished for two months, and when he reappeared, he had undergone a complete transformation.


When he was three years old, he had brought out many bronze artifacts from a death domain. His golden war chariot was also obtained during that time! After knowing this news, all the members of the Lin family were furious! There were even a few old antiques who were boiling with anger and directly charged out of the Qi Mountain County that night!

They crossed more than half a county and directly arrived at the edge of Su County, violently killing several factions that belonged to the Wang family!

Then, these old antiques scattered and began to seek help from the various large families to see if there was a way to resolve the bronze rust.

“No matter what, we have to save her!” The Lin family’s ancestor said with a calm expression.

After saying this, the Lin family’s ancestor walked out first.

He opened up a resplendent long bridge in the void and directly went towards the few large families outside the Qi Mountain County! He personally took action to search for a cure!

As for the various medicines and treasures of the Lin family, they were used up crazily without regard for the cost, all for the sake of continuing to keep Xuan Yu alive! After enduring a hundred years of rumors and agony, she finally gave birth to a Saint Child for the Lin family! How could they let her die?!

However, even though the many old antiques of the Lin family had found countless secret techniques, medicinal herbs, and cursed treasures,

they were still unable to help Xuan Yu resolve the bronze rust’s curse. At most, they could only relieve it slightly.

Fortunately, Lin Hao unintentionally placed Lin Xuan beside Xuan Yu.

He discovered that this small baby was actually emitting purple qi that suppressed the bronze rust!

“Are you using the purple qi to help your mother? That’s right! Since she was cursed a hundred years ago, you must have been the one helping Ah Yu to suppress the curse for the past hundred years!” Lin Hao was extremely excited as he paced around the room.

When Lin Xuan heard this, he wished he could slap his father’s face, ‘You only realized it now?! Where is your brain?’

However, Lin Xuan could only barely suppress it now. As time passed, he could not hold it back for much longer.

“Let’s see if there’s any achievement that can break this curse…”

Lin Xuan thought silently, but his entire body was still curled up and could not move. All he could do was open his mouth and breathe.

The [First Breath] was completed, and the [First Cry] was also completed…

Just as Lin Xuan was thinking, time passed second by second.

As many old antiques returned, unfortunately, no matter what methods or treasures they used, they were helpless against the bronze rust. They basically entered anxiously and rushed out to continue searching for natural treasures with gloomy expressions.

On the other hand, the Wang family of Su County also heard this news and was instantly extremely happy. Facing the wanton destruction of the Lin family, the Wang family completely ignored them. It was obvious that they could not be bothered about it. In any case, Xuan Yu was definitely going to die.

At this moment, the Wang family’s head had already quietly left the Wang family. He brought the strongest experts of the family and headed towards the location of the Great Yan City in Qi Mountain County. He had decided to take this opportunity to kill the Lin family’s prodigy.

The night was as dark as ink. The Wang family’s head led dozens of figures into the dense forest. As he looked into the distance, his eyes flickered with a bone-chilling coldness.

“My son, Wang Tengfei, has the bearing of an emperor. In the future, he will definitely be invincible on this continent.”

“A mere Lin family is worthy of opposing my Wang family? That’s a supreme curse brought back by Teng’er. How can you break it?”

“Now, we just have to wait for the bronze rust curse to act up. At that time, the Lin family will definitely fall into a panic. It will be our Wang family’s chance!”

“Previously, you held a banquet to show off? Today, I’ll kill your future hope!”

Time passed day by day, and the bronze rust became stronger and stronger. Although it was suppressed by Lin Xuan’s purple qi, it still could not withstand for long.

All the members of the Lin family were anxious until their eyes turned red. After all, most of them owed this pair of mother and son, Xuan Yu and Lin Xuan, a favor, be it enlightenment or breakthrough. In the end, they were unable to find any effective method.

These days, Lin Hao also felt as if he had fallen from heaven to hell. He was busy every day with the matter of Xuan Yu and had almost never slept. No matter who had news, he would go immediately, but it was mostly useless.

After failing to solve the problem the next day, the hair of this man who had been in charge of Great Yan City for decades turned white overnight.

Today, Lin Hao was still rushing around. After retrieving the medicinal herbs mentioned by Ancestor Lin Bao, he hurriedly walked to the room where Lin Xuan and Xuan Yu were at.

In the end, as soon as he entered the house, he was surprised to find that the originally unconscious Xuan Yu actually carried Lin Xuan and sat up!

“Ah Yu!” Lin Hao was surprised, but soon, his eyes dimmed again.

It was because he discovered that Xuan Yu’s body was even weaker now. The reason why she could wake up was only because of Lin Xuan’s help. It was like her final radiance before death.

When Xuan Yu heard the voice, she raised his head and looked at Lin Hao. Even though her body was weak, she still smiled gently, “Lin Hao, you’re here. Look at Xuan’er. His cultivation seems to have improved again.”

Lin Hao clenched his fists tightly and hid the pain in his heart. He squeezed out a smile and laughed loudly, “Haha, that’s right. Don’t you know whose son this is? Little Xuan will definitely grow to become the strongest person on this continent under our watch in the future!”

Xuan Yu smiled and carefully touched Lin Xuan’s face with his thin palm. She was as quiet as water and did not answer this question.

Lin Hao’s throat was dry. He handed the medicine over with a trembling hand, “Ah Yu, drink this. After you drink it, we’ll watch Xuan’er grow up together.”

“If I drink too much medicine, it will not be good for Little Xuan’er…” Xuan Yu suddenly raised her head. With a pale and thin face, she hugged Lin Xuan and suddenly blushed, “Lin Hao, let me feed Little Xuan’er.”

Lin Hao was stunned. He naturally understood what Xuan Yu meant. She wanted to breastfeed Lin Xuan. He forced a smile, “Ah Yu, stop fooling around. Your body…”

“It’s fine. I can still move now.” Xuan Yu gently swayed the baby’s swaddling clothes and said with a smile.

Lin Hao’s Adam’s apple bobbed. Looking at the mother and son in front of him, he felt something stuffed in his throat.

One of his fingernails had already dug into his palm, and blood dripped down without him knowing. After a long time, the man squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying.

“Alright.” Xuan Yu smiled gently and carried Lin Xuan. Although the latter could not move now, he could still breathe and be breastfed.

Lin Xuan’s spiritual senses watched everything quietly.

It was not until Xuan Yu fed him that Lin Xuan completely retracted his spiritual senses and quietly listened to the voice in his mind.

[Achievement completed: First Breastfeeding!]

[The source of life had endless vitality. With the fusion of ten thousand Dao, the sage split the sky apart!]

[Awakened: Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus!]

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