Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: I Must Not Let My Grandson Be Bullied in the Lin Family!

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Resplendent chains appeared from the void and spread in all directions. They were ancient, dignified, and holy.

“These… are chains condensed from laws?”

At the entrance of the city, everyone from the Xuan family looked at the sky in shock. At this moment, the sky was already covered by these chains. The entire sky was covered, and golden and purple lights illuminated the world. There were so many of them that it was impossible to count!

“Who made these chains and this fluctuation?” The head of the Xuan family, an old man with white hair and beard, was shocked.


This was because Xuan Tong discovered that these chains seemed to contain extremely powerful laws. With just a glance, he actually felt as if he was about to fall deep into them, and his mind was clear as he entered a state of comprehension!

“This… this is definitely the Saint Child of the Lin family!”

“Quick! Hurry up and comprehend it!”

“The Lin family’s Saint Child has appeared again. In just a week, it’s already the third time!”

In Great Yan City, countless cultivators rushed to the sky and hurriedly sat cross-legged in the air, comprehending the chains constructed by the Dao laws.

Upon hearing this, Xuan Tong finally returned to his senses. He hurriedly turned his head and discovered that the chains were indeed charging towards the Lin family!

The closer he was to the Lin family, the more resplendent these chains were! The Lin family’s Saint Child? Xuan Tong smiled bitterly. His daughter was currently in a fatal crisis. She was corroded by the bronze rust and was in danger of dying.

But now, compared to the Lin family’s Saint Child, who still cared about his daughter’s life? Who cared about his grandson’s life?

The old man led the Xuan family to the Lin family. As expected, as they approached the Lin family, they could see that many people in the Lin family were cultivating. They were all comprehending! No one was rushing around for his daughter and grandson!

When Old Man Xuan Tong recalled that his daughter had been pregnant for a hundred years and was now in danger, his heart ached, and his gaze was fierce!

“What a great Lin family…”

“My Xuan family indeed can’t interfere in the matters of your Lin family, but if you don’t care about my daughter and grandson, I’ll do it myself!!”

“This time, I must bring my daughter and grandson back to the Xuan family!”

The old man took a deep breath as his eyes lit up. His hair and beard fluttered, and he was filled with anger and heartache. He absolutely could not let his daughter and grandson stay in the Lin family and continue to be bullied like this!

In the house, Lin Xuan did not know that his grandfather was rushing over and wanted to bring him back to the Xuan family. At this moment, Lin Xuan was doing his best to absorb the myriad of Dao in the surroundings! Countless lights surged over from all directions and rushed into his body!

Before these lights rushed into Lin Xuan’s body, they also passed through Xuan Yu who was hugging him! Endless Dao essence soared towards them!

The bronze rust was indeed very powerful. It was brought out from the ancient mystic realm by the genius Wang Tengfei. It was practically invincible. Even the attacks of the ancestors were useless!

However, the bronze rust was facing the myriad of Dao of heaven and earth! Extremely bright light erupted, as if there were ten thousand Dao that could split heaven and earth apart. It was incomparably blazing! Under the impact of the ten thousand Dao laws, the bronze rust was slowly fading!


The spots of bronze rust were really too strange, carrying a dense ominous aura! They twisted in the resplendent laws, turning into ghost faces one after another. They struggled, roared, and resisted the ten thousand Dao like evil creatures!

However, in the end, the bronze rust slowly dissipated after being cleansed by ten thousand streaks of Dao!

“Xuan’er, Xuan’er, did you help Ah Yu?”

Seeing the bronze rust disappear, Lin Hao was extremely excited! His child had helped his wife escape from misfortune. What was more exciting than this?

One had to know that the bronze rust rendered even the ancestors helpless! But now, against his child, it was completely unable to withstand a single blow, as if ice had encountered fire!

Lin Hao’s excitement was no longer something that could be described with words. However, he was not shocked for long. As he looked at Lin Xuan who was wrapped in layers of Dao laws, it was as if a river formed by Dao laws was surging in his eyes! His comprehension was like tidewater!

In the next moment, Lin Hao could not help but sit cross-legged and enter a cultivation state!

One had to know that the light around Lin Xuan was all the laws of this world!

In other words, standing beside Lin Xuan was to comprehend the laws of this world at a close distance!

Not to mention Lin Hao’s current realm, even if Lin Hao was a few realms stronger, he might not necessarily be able to touch the threshold of laws!

Not only Lin Hao, but everyone in the Lin family also threw down their work after seeing the chains!

They trembled as they came to the chains and sat down cross-legged. They excitedly entered a state of enlightenment as they comprehended the laws of this world!

Of course, it was not only these people. More and more Lin family cultivators rushed to the vicinity of Lin Xuan’s courtyard and sat outside the room!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! One Lin family disciple after another appeared instantly!

The entire courtyard and its surroundings were filled with people. Some of them were holding kebabs, some were holding clothes, and some even ran over in their underpants! All of them sensed the commotion and rushed over immediately!

“Don’t push! Don’t block the way!”

“Make way, move away. Nephew, this is Uncle’s place.”

“That guy in front, you shut the surrounding array formation. That’s too much!”

“First come, first served, understand? Hey! Don’t squeeze!”


Just as all the Lin family disciples sat down cross-legged to comprehend, the current head of the Xuan family, Xuan Tong, finally arrived at the Lin family!

When he saw all the members of the Lin family meditating, he was so angry that he felt as if he might explode at the next moment!

Indeed, not a single person in the Lin family cared about his daughter and grandson! This time, no matter what, this old man wanted to bring them away!

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