Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus, Stunning Everyone from the Xuan Family!

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In the room, Lin Hao clenched his fists and lowered his head. Be it as a father or as a husband, Lin Hao felt extremely helpless.

His wife was lying on the bed. Xuan’er was still young and had only been born for a week. If Xuan’er asked in the future, how would he answer?

Lin Hao felt his breathing become heavier. His shoulders felt as if they were being pressed by a mountain. Even his blood seemed to have stopped flowing.

Lin Hao did not dare to look up at his wife and son in the distance. However, the pressure around him was a little too heavy…


‘Was it my imagination? Why did I see the ground beneath my feet crack? Even my breathing almost stopped…’

Just as Lin Hao’s face turned red and he stared at the ground in a daze, Xuan Yu’s voice finally sounded!

“Lin Hao, come here… Come and take a look.”

“There seems to be something wrong with Xuan’er.” Lin Hao was stunned and subconsciously looked up.

In the end, he saw a scene in the distance. Whoosh! Endless streams of light circled around!

At some point, lines appeared in the room!

These line patterns were golden and purple in color. With Lin Xuan as the center, they formed a huge cocoon of light that enveloped both mother and son!

Xuan Yu was wrapped in the purple and gold colored lights in a panic. Together with Lin Xuan, they slowly floated in the air!

Lin Hao: “????”

What was going on? What was going on? What were the purple and gold colored lights?

Lin Hao subconsciously wanted to attack and pull the mother and son out of the cocoon of light.

However, just as he was about to move, a purple and gold light belt flew over and slapped his hand.

‘Can you not be so incompetent!’ Lin Xuan’s spiritual consciousness cursed in the distance.

Towards this foolish father, Lin Xuan was really speechless!

This purple-gold cocoon of light was the reward he obtained after his first breastfeeding!

Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus!! It was a supreme physique. In a certain legend, it was the most terrifying physique in the world!

The only thing that could compare to it was the Chaotic Body that had never appeared since ancient times!

Now that the Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus had appeared, just as Lin Xuan had expected, it immediately attracted the terrifying spiritual qi of heaven and earth!

However, if one looked carefully, they would discover that those resplendent purple and gold dual-colored lights were not only spiritual qi of heaven and earth, but also a large number of subtle and difficult to understand ancient patterns!

This was because not only did Lin Xuan attract the spiritual qi of heaven and earth, he also attracted the laws of this world! When the Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus was born, it contained the thousand laws of the Great Dao in the flesh, blood, and bones! This was also the terrifying aspect of this physique!

At this moment, although Lin Hao, who had been slapped, did not feel any pain, he finally reacted when he saw the mother and son wrapped in this holy and mysterious aura!

Especially when he saw that the bronze rust actually showed signs of dissipating under the cleansing of these lights, Lin Hao trembled even more violently, his eyes filled with disbelief!

“Could it be that… Xuan’er did this?”

‘He’s not that stupid after all!’ Lin Xuan thought to himself.

In the next moment, the Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus completely erupted!

Wild winds howled!!

As the Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus awakened, the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual qi and endless Dao laws swept towards Lin Xuan as if they were free!

At this moment, not only did Lin Hao feel a terrifying pressure, but the entire Lin family sensed this fluctuation and looked up in shock!

Then, their pupils were constricted to the size of needles! Swoosh! It was as if they were the most dazzling chains in the world!

The purple and gold chains carried extremely mysterious patterns and carried countless laws as they were born in the void. From all directions, they pierced through the walls, the array formation, and the void! From all directions, they surged straight in the direction of Lin Xuan! It was as if a deity had descended!

“What… happened?”

“Who activated the array formation?”

“These chains, these fluctuations, they contain…”

Many of the Lin Family disciples were shocked! However, when they saw the direction where the chains surged in, their eyes immediately lit up! The two of them looked at each other. Then, they all threw down the things in their hands and ran crazily towards Lin Xuan!


“This is definitely another opportunity!”

“This is the Saint Child, it’s definitely the phenomenon of the Saint Child!”

At the entrance of the Great Yan City’s Lin family, a group of white-robed cultivators were also looking at everything in the sky in shock!

There were about ten of them. Their clothes were clearly different from the surrounding Great Yan City’s Lin family. Clearly, they were foreign cultivators who had just come to visit.

Among them, there was an old man with a slender figure and eyebrows similar to Xuan Yu. His eyes were also filled with shock.

“What… what is this?”

“These chains, such heaven and earth spiritual qi…”

The old man’s aura was heavy and his breathing was slow. Clearly, he was also a cultivator, and his identity was even more extraordinary.

The old man was none other than the current head of the Xuan family. He was Xuan Yu’s father, Lin Xuan’s grandfather! Xuan Tong!

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