Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: This Is the Biological Grandson of My Xuan Family!

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Stars gathered as intense light surged! Under the endless sky, there was a figure with his back facing all living beings! No one could see his face. They could only catch a glimpse of his image that looked exactly the same as Lin Xuan!

At this moment, although many of the Lin and Xuan family members present could not see his face clearly, they were completely certain that this figure was Lin Xuan’s future appearance! Not only was it his gaze, but there was also too much resemblance! This was the future appearance of the Lin family’s Saint Child!

“Is he protecting our Lin family? Or is he protecting something else?”

When this sentence was said, everyone who saw Lin Xuan’s future had the same respect towards him! It was as if he had been fighting his entire life and was facing the strongest and most invincible enemy. Behind him was the sanctuary that he guarded!


In front of this figure, the broken path was covered in blood, the heavens burning with boundless killing intent endless. Behind this figure, all life could exist in peace and harmony!

This figure was too terrifying. In front of him, there was no chaos, no supremacy. All those who dared stop him would be suppressed and killed!

In front of him, there was no suspense. Just standing here made the heavens tremble. All the sources of calamity and chaos had to lie low. In his era, it was impossible for a great calamity to appear! Even if he was alone, with his back to all living beings!

“On the path to immortality, there are no ancients in front of him, nor anyone in the future. In the boundless world, he stands at the peak of the independent clouds…” In the void, the old antique of the Lin family, Lin Bao, slowly appeared. He looked at Lin Xuan with a burning gaze.

“Unparalleled disposition, unrivaled in the world…” A woman looked up at the majestic back and muttered.

“This is my family’s Saint Child. His aura engulfs all directions, and he looks down on all ages as a supreme existence…” An old man knelt on the ground with tears flowing down his face.

This figure was too terrifying! He was peerless and supreme! In their lives, no matter how strong they were, they had all experienced ominous events, bloody battles, and life-threatening situations.

However, this figure in front of him would not be like this! It was as if there was an invincible belief in him that he could sweep through everything in a domineering manner. No matter who he met, this figure would definitely sweep through and suppress him to the end!

“With this child in the Lin family, no one will dare challenge us when he is alive. No matter how talented you are, after seeing my family’s Saint Child, you are destined to remain silent and guard a small corner of the world.” Someone from the Lin family spoke excitedly.

Xuan Tong looked at everything in front of him and was a little stunned. This was his grandson? Was this Lin Xuan’s future?

Beside the old man, among the people from the Xuan family he brought, there were many young girls. When they saw the figure sitting with his back facing everyone, all of them were already stunned.

“After being nurtured for a hundred years, he’s peerless in his generation and possesses unrivaled divine might…”

“For this child, not to mention a hundred years, even if we had to wait another thousand years, we would have no regrets…” The eyes of the girls lit up as they spoke.

This was especially true for the young genius of the Xuan family, Xuan Yanran, who was beside Xuan Tong. She stared blankly at the figure in the void, her expression absent-minded, as if she wanted to carve that figure into her heart forever.

“Is this Aunt Xuan’s son?”

“Lin Xuan…”

In his swaddling clothes, Lin Xuan also saw that scene of the future him. He was a little stunned.

This figure was too similar to someone he was familiar with. However, this was indeed him! This was because this figure was even younger than the legendary person.

Not only that, Lin Xuan seemed to see his future self sitting cross-legged in the void. His eyes seemed to pierce through the void and see himself.

Immediately after, the corners of his lips moved as if he was going to cross the river of time to say something to him.

What did he want to say?

Lin Xuan’s mind shook violently. However, the voice could not be transmitted in the end.

In the end, the figure sitting in the starry sky stretched out a hand that covered the heavens and the earth, crushing the heavens and extinguishing all scenes. Everyone’s consciousness returned to their bodies.

The phenomenon dissipated, and the Dao patterns that were originally extremely dazzling in the air gradually vanished.

Even after the phenomenon in the sky dissipated, everyone still did not recover from the shock.

Everyone sat cross-legged on the ground and seriously comprehended the scene they saw earlier.

That was the future Lin Xuan, the invincible person in the future. Every action of his was enough to give a huge revelation to all the Lin family cultivators.

Xuan Tong was the same. In his eyes, there was a river of laws flowing. He did not leave and instead sat down cross-legged to comprehend it.

Xuan Yu slowly landed back on the bed and fell asleep.

The bronze rust on her body had already completely dissipated. No matter how powerful the bronze rust was, it was still not a match for the Connate Saint Body Dao Fetus.

Seeing the bronze rust on Xuan Yu dissipate, Lin Xuan finally heaved a sigh of relief. Only a small wisp of pale green smoke was thrown into a ball of purple qi by Lin Xuan using spirit stones.

To be safe, Lin Xuan continued to observe Xuan Yu’s body for a while. He suddenly discovered that her body was actually stronger than before.

It was as the cleansing of the ten thousand Dao made her body become the Connate Dao Body? While this made Lin Xuan a little surprised, he was also a little happy. This was a blessing in disguise, right?

This comprehension continued for a long time. For two full days and two nights, even if Lin Xuan no longer absorbed the laws, there were still many people sitting on the ground, not moving at all, comprehending and digesting their previous gains.

This was because the effects of ten thousand Dao coming together this time were too great! Not only was everyone from the Lin family comprehending, even a small portion of Great Yan City was affected.

Many people sat there for two days and two nights. While they enjoyed themselves, they gained a deeper understanding of the abnormality of the Lin family’s Saint Child.

Two days and two nights later, the entire Lin family was still immersed in their cultivation state. However, many people recovered from their realization.

Xuan Tong also learned about Lin Xuan’s talent.. He racked his brains and saliva splattered everywhere, wanting to bring Lin Xuan back to the Xuan family to raise. However, how could the old antique, Lin Bao, who was the defender of the Lin family, let Xuan Tong take him away?

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