Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Stunned Lin Family Ancestor

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“Lin Xuan is my grandson. I want to bring him back to the Xuan family for a few days, why can’t I?” Xuan Tong carefully hugged Lin Xuan. The once serious old man was now fuming as he retorted.

“No way! I’m letting you hug him now because of the good relationship between the Lin family and the Xuan family.” Lin Bao sat at the entrance of Lin Hao’s mansion calmly. He tilted his head and pricked his ears.

“He will only stay for a few days and not for long. Lin Xuan is the grandson of the Lin family, but isn’t he also the grandson of the Xuan family?” Xuan Tong swallowed his anger and persuaded calmly.

However, Lin Bao was unmoved, “It’s fine if you want to bring our Saint Child away. Beat me down first.”


“…” Xuan Tong’s beard trembled.

He was the current head of the Xuan family. Although his status and cultivation were extraordinary, he was really nothing in front of the old antiques of the Lin family.

Xuan Tong licked the corners of his mouth, rolled up his sleeves, and handed the cloth to Xuan Yanran. Then, he walked to Lin Bao and prepared to continue his persuasion.

Regarding the conversation of these two elders, Lin Hao and Xuan Yu were very helpless and could not interrupt at all.

As for Lin Xuan, he could not be bothered to care about it. He quietly cultivated, making him look like an exquisite porcelain doll.

Xuan Yanran carefully hugged Lin Xuan. More than ten figures immediately surrounded the young girl. They were all from the Xuan family. There were juniors and elders.

They all looked at Lin Xuan. This exquisite baby that was like a porcelain doll in front of them was one of the strongest experts in the future who would dominate the continent.

“Sister Yu, can I touch him?” Looking at Lin Xuan’s sleeping face, the girl could not help but ask.

At this moment, Xuan Yu had already completely escaped the corrosion of the bronze rust. Not only that, but with Lin Xuan’s help, she had also obtained the Connate Dao Body by chance. Her complexion had long recovered.

Looking at the beautiful little girl, Xuan Yu knew that this child was the most outstanding genius in the Xuan family. Although she was only fifteen or sixteen years old, she was already a genius and her future achievements would definitely not be low. Therefore, Xuan Yu was quite fond of her.

Xuan Yu smiled gently, “Just don’t make Xuan’er cry.”

The girl nodded hard. Then, she carefully stretched out a finger and poked Lin Xuan’s arm. It was chubby. Feeling the touch of the finger, Xuan Yanran’s heart immediately overflowed, and her beautiful eyes were filled with love!

“So cute!”

When he heard this, the old man in the distance, Xuan Tong, laughed and said, “Isn’t he cute? Can we bring Xuan’er back to our Xuan family to raise?”

Lin Bao narrowed his eyes, “Have you revealed your true colors? Don’t even think about it.”

The two of them continued to argue, but how could Xuan Tong beat the old antique, Lin Bao? In the end, he was still forced to stay in the Lin family under the excuse that it was very dangerous to bring Lin Xuan out.

Xuan Tong was unwilling to give up. He still wanted to argue, “But he can’t stay in the family all day. Someone needs to carry him out and take a breather occasionally…”

“Don’t worry.” Lin Bao dragged out his words.

“I’ve finally obtained it. I hope that I can finally completely remove the bronze rust this time around…”

Far away from Great Yan City, there were about seven or eight figures walking on the clouds. Each of them carried extraordinary fluctuations. The person in the lead was none other than the Lin family’s ancestor! Behind him were several sorry-looking old antiques of the Lin family who were covered in injuries!

“This time, we went to dozens of families in a row, but no one actually had a way to deal with this bronze rust. In the end, we actually went to the Great Desolate. We really almost lost our lives there,” an old antique said with a bitter smile.

There was a huge wound on his body that stretched from his left shoulder to his waist, as if his entire body had been torn apart.

It was not only this old antique. The other old antiques were also covered in injuries! Some had broken arms, some had their stomachs pierced, and some had only a layer of skin on their thighs…

They coughed up blood along the way and flew on the road. They were covered in injuries and were really in an especially sorry state!

Over the past few days, in order to help Xuan Yu remove the bronze rust curse, the Lin family’s ancestor and old antiques had really run around the world.

All kinds of related families were visited. In the end, no matter how they searched, these families did not have any solution.

In the end, they followed the Lin family’s ancestor to the Ancient Great Desolate and found a treasure that they had long known but did not dare to touch because of the excessive danger.

“It’s really dangerous. If not for Xuan’er’s previous two enlightenments, allowing us to increase our strength, we might have still returned empty-handed.” The Lin family’s ancestor said with a bitter smile.

He looked around at everyone. His body was still rather intact, but he was also quite injured.

“Not to mention returning empty-handed, even surviving would have been hard.” An old antique was helpless.

“That’s right. This Ancient Great Desolate is too dangerous.”

As the old antiques sighed, the Lin family’s ancestor smiled and took out a dazzling blue flower from his sleeve.

“It’s indeed dangerous, but everything is worth it to obtain this.”

“This Nether Orchid Nine-Petal Immortal Grass can resolve all curses in the world. Legend has it that it can even dispel the curses of immortals.”

“I hope this treasure is useful to dispel the bronze rust.”

When the old antiques heard this, they all laughed helplessly. They actually did not know if this immortal grass was useful.

If she really could not be saved…

The many old antiques sighed and increased their speed as they rushed to Great Yan City.

When these old antiques rushed to Great Yan City, they suddenly felt that something was amiss.

Hmm? Why was the city so quiet? Frowning slightly, everyone quickly arrived above the Lin family. When they saw it, they were all stunned.

“Oh? Why are there so many people sitting on the ground?”

“They are all… cultivating?”

“Not only are they cultivating, they seem to be… intoxicated?”

Seeing this scene, the few old antiques looked at each other. A bad feeling immediately arose in their hearts.

While they were stunned, the old antique, Lin Bao, suddenly appeared. He shouted in pleasant surprise, “Ancestor, everyone, you’re back? Hahaha, this is great. Let me tell you a piece of good news. The bronze rust on Xuan Yu’s body has been resolved!”

The Lin family’s ancestor and old antiques were stunned, “What? What did you say? Resolved?”

As if seeing everyone’s disbelief, Lin Bao excitedly explained the situation! As he spoke, the Lin family’s ancestor and everyone’s eyes gradually widened. It was really resolved?!

At this moment, Lin Bao finally noticed the injuries of the Lin family’s ancestor and the others. He was immediately stunned, “What’s with your injuries?”

The many old antiques stared at him grumpily.

“F*ck, we ran around outside and worked ourselves to death. Not only did we go to dozens of nearby large families, we even risked our lives to go to the Ancient Great Desolate. We almost lost our lives before we could retrieve the cure! In the end, you told us that after spending so much effort, not only was the bronze rust resolved, but she’s also fine.”

In fact, Xuan Yu seemed to have obtained a new physique and became stronger because of this? Many old antiques almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

“Oh? Your cultivation level?” Suddenly, an old antique narrowed his eyes and asked.

“I’ve consolidated it again! Didn’t I say it once before? This time, our little kid Lin Xuan…” The old antique Lin Bao chuckled and patted his chest as he explained everything that had happened earlier.

When the Lin family’s ancestor and the others heard the stalwart figure appear with his back facing all life and endless nomological laws appearing, they were immediately angered to the point their eyes turned red!

There was actually such a fortuitous encounter! They went out on a tough journey and actually missed such an important thing?!

The Lin family’s ancestor immediately kicked the smug Lin Bao away and quickly rushed towards where Lin Xuan was! He hurriedly took a look. Perhaps the fluctuation had not disappeared yet!

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