Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: You Gave Birth to That Child?


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Clearly, the Xiao Family did not want to end the engagement. Xiao Zhan’s son, Xiao Shui, had his current cultivation crippled and was in dire straits, but he still had an engagement to rely on!

Although the current situation of the Xiao family was still very good, no one knew what the future Xiao family would be like. If anything happened, the Xuan family, who had a marriage alliance with them, had to help! They had to help even if they did not want to! Otherwise, the Xuan family would be labeled as heartless and notorious in Qi Mountain County! In the end, such a marriage alliance was similar to moral kidnapping!

However, if Xuan Yanran chose to withdraw from the marriage at this moment, it meant that their Xiao family would no longer have a reason to get help from the Xuan family and would be unable to stand on the moral high ground to condemn them in the future. All kinds of negative comments would land on Xuan Yanran as a person!

There would be rumors like “the genius of the Xiao family did not break off the engagement until something happened”, “this kind of woman is promiscuous”, “she actually broke off the engagement, how shameless”, “how snobbish”, and so on.


In order to prevent the Xuan family from reneging on the marriage, the Xiao family had even started secretly spreading all kinds of rumors.

As long as Xuan Yanran dared to renege on the marriage, all sorts of rumors would attack her at the first moment!

He had originally thought that Xuan Yanran would definitely be unable to endure such rumors and would not dare to break the engagement.

However, he did not expect that Xuan Yanran would actually dare to cancel the marriage so directly!

What did they want rumors for? It was because they actually needed the help of the Xuan family! Without their help, what was the use of just Xuan Yanran? Moreover, this was happening in front of all the Xiao family members!

Not to mention the benefits, if a young girl came to cancel the engagement so easily, how could their Xiao family still have any face left?!

Xuan Yanran looked at the many Xiao family members who had gloomy expressions and had gradually narrowed their eyes.

She lowered her head and looked at Lin Xuan’s quiet side profile in her arms. Her gaze gradually became determined.

A single glance could change one’s life. Was this referring to her? In reality, as a genius cultivator with a bright future, Xuan Yanran had never believed in love at first sight.

It was not until she met this infant in swaddling clothes and saw a figure sitting in the starry sky with his back facing all life!

He was peerless and peerless. When she saw his eyes that were brilliant like stars, the young girl’s heart was completely attracted.

Xuan Yanran knew that if she broke off the marriage this time, it would have a negative impact on her.

Most likely, the entire Qi Mountain County would say that she was a cold and heartless woman who went back on her word.

However… So what? After meeting Lin Xuan, Xuan Yanran understood one thing.

The world was huge, why did she have to care so much? What she did had nothing to do with good or evil! It did not matter if others talked about her, as long as she followed her heart!

Xuan Yanran took a deep breath and took a step forward. Facing the many members of the Xiao family, the thin and weak body of the young girl emitted an extreme force!

“No matter what your Xiao family says or how you pester us, we must cancel the engagement today!”

“I, Xuan Yanran, will bear all the consequences of my words!”

The young girl’s words ignited the anger of the Xiao family.

Behind them, the old antique Lin Bao and Third Elder Xuan Shu revealed satisfied gazes.

As for the source of this, Lin Xuan, he sensed everything outside but did not have much of a comment about this. He continued to cultivate quietly as usual.

It had been ten days since he was born. His current cultivation should be around the fourth level of Body Refinement.

After ten days, a small portion of the purple qi and Dao sounds that surrounded Lin Xuan had already been absorbed by him. According to Lin Xuan’s estimation, he would be able to completely absorb these things after about a month of birth.

At this moment, the curled up Lin Xuan, who had lustrous purple qi that enveloped his entire body, suddenly dimmed a lot.

There was a lot of purple qi flowing slowly into Lin Xuan’s face, especially his tightly shut eyes.

The purple qi gradually decreased. The eyes that Lin Xuan had never moved since he was born twitched slightly.

It seemed that he could open his eyes? Could he finally see the world?

Speaking of which, it was quite helpless. He had already been born for ten days and his cultivation was already at the fourth level of Body Refinement, but he had never truly seen this world…

Lin Xuan thought helplessly. He took a deep breath and increased the speed at which his eyes absorbed the purple qi…

Just as Lin Xuan increased his speed and cultivated with all his might, something unexpected happened in the Xiao family’s courtyard outside!

“Call off the engagement? Bear the consequences alone? Hahaha, that’s good. May I ask why you didn’t say that when I was in the limelight back then?!”

A thin figure suddenly appeared outside the hall. The man’s eyes were dark and his expression was icy cold. It was none other than Xiao Zhan’s son, Xiao Shui!

“In the past, who dared to say such a thing to me?”

“I’ve really been down for three years. Even some random nobody dares to behave atrociously in front of me.”

Xiao Shui walked over with his hands behind his back. His body was hunched, his expression was cold.

Staring at Xuan Yanran, Xiao Shui’s gaze brazenly sized her up.

Then, his gaze landed on the baby in Xuan Yanran’s arms. He sneered and said, “The real reason why you came to cancel the marriage is because of the baby you’re carrying, right? You gave birth to him?”

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