Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: You Have to Agree Even If You Don’t Want To!

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Xuan Yanran? This woman was Xuan Yanran? When they heard this, the expressions of all the people sitting in the hall changed slightly!

The Xiao family and the Xuan family had an engagement! The targets of the engagement were Xiao Zhan’s son, Xiao Shui, and the Xuan family’s Xuan Yanran!

There were clearly still a few years before the marriage was due. Now, Xuan Yanran had actually appeared here. What did she mean? Moreover, she was holding a baby? The expressions of many people from the Xiao family sank slightly.

Of course, with their discerning ability, it was impossible for them to take that infant to be Xuan Yanran’s child. However, Xuan Yanran had brought an infant here? This attitude was obviously extremely disrespectful!! The room fell into a stagnant atmosphere.


“So it’s Niece Yanran. Hahaha, women really change drastically when they grow up. Don’t blame Uncle Xiao for being blind. You are becoming more and more beautiful. Uncle doesn’t recognize you at all!” Xiao Zhan was stunned for a moment before he quickly replied with a laugh, breaking the silence in the room.

“Hmm, as expected of Niece Yanran. You’re so young, but you already have such grace. Now, your cultivation has already broken through to the Body Refinement realm and entered the second level of the Qi Refinement realm, right? Haha, back then, Uncle used a total of 30 years to reach the second level of the Qi Refinement realm!”

Xiao Zhan laughed loudly. He looked gentle and intimate without any anger.

However, the old antique, Lin Bao, acutely sensed an almost unfathomable cold light in his eyes. This Xiao Zhan…

“Uncle Xiao, you flatter me. How can Yanran compare to Uncle Xiao?” Xuan Yanran smiled quietly.

“Sigh, Niece Yanran, you don’t know. When I heard that you had advanced to the Qi Refinement realm a few years ago, Uncle wanted to go congratulate you. In the end, I was too busy in the clan and had no time. Niece, don’t blame me!” Xiao Zhan smiled.

“How could I ask Senior to come congratulate me? I should be visiting Uncle Xiao instead,” Xuan Yanran replied respectfully.

“Hahaha, as expected of the genius of the Xuan family. Your mannerisms are indeed impressive!” Xiao Zhan laughed loudly.

Seeing that Xiao Zhan was about to gain the upper hand in the conversation, Xuan Shu frowned slightly and wanted to speak, but he was stopped by the old antique. He smiled and sent a voice transmission.

“Just watch. This little girl is not so easy to deal with.”

As expected, after Xiao Zhan finished speaking, before he could continue, Xuan Yanran stood up and said respectfully, “Uncle Xiao, I actually have something to discuss with you.”

As soon as these words were spoken, many members of the Xiao family present narrowed their eyes.

They were well aware of their own situation. Originally, the Xiao family had a genius, Xiao Shui, who was a rare talent that could lead the Xiao family to revive their reputation.

However, three years ago, Xiao Shui suddenly gave up on himself. His cultivation did not advance but instead retreated. Now, he had fallen to the third level of Body Refinement.

The Xiao family used all kinds of medicinal herbs but was unable to treat Xiao Shui. Xiao Zhan originally thought that the Xuan family would be concerned about their reputation and not choose to end the marriage. Perhaps they could still use the Xuan family’s wealth to treat Xiao Shui.

Xiao Zhan narrowed his eyes slightly and gradually sat up straight. However, it seemed that this Xuan family was not stupid. The atmosphere in the entire hall became a little solemn and dignified.

Numerous gazes assaulted her from all directions, and all of them descended onto Xuan Yanran’s tiny shoulder.

Xuan Yanran took a deep breath and looked at the sleeping Lin Xuan before slowly standing up.

She stood up and hugged Lin Xuan. She bowed deeply to Xiao Zhan and said guiltily.

“Uncle Xiao, I came to the Xiao family this time regarding the engagement.”

“The world is boundless. There are too many vast possibilities in this world. I don’t want to be bound to a corner.”

“Cultivators should have their own futures. They should not be bound by marriage contracts.”

“I came here this time to beg Uncle Xiao to annul the engagement.”

“I, Yanran, will bear all the consequences.”

“I implore the Xiao Family Head to agree.”

Xuan Yanran hugged Lin Xuan. Her attitude was very low and respectful. She did not force him and only spoke in a negotiating tone, hoping that the Xiao family would agree. Moreover, this marriage was not meant to be. From the beginning to the end, Xuan Yanran had never accepted it.

On the Xiao family’s side, they heard that she was indeed trying to cancel the engagement!

When they heard Xuan Yanran say these words, the expressions of many members of the Xiao Clan in the hall became slightly unsightly.

Looking at Xuan Yanran and then at the baby Lin Xuan in her arms, the atmosphere was a little silent.

Xiao Zhan’s expression was ugly. He did not speak. Instead, an elder of the Xiao family suddenly sneered and said, “The marriage contract has been set long ago. How can you cancel as you wish?”

“Do you know what kind of impact this annulment will have on our Xiao family? In order to maintain the marriage contract, our Xiao family has helped the Xuan family many times over the years. If we cancel the marriage this time, wouldn’t our Xiao family become a joke?”

Xuan Yanran’s expression was ugly. In reality, it was indeed her fault for breaking off the engagement first. However, this kind of agreement was only a verbal agreement in the end.

When Xiao Shui was still a genius in Qi Mountain County, there was an endless stream of families who came to the Xiao family to ask for marriage, but their Xiao family did not reject them.

Now that Xiao Shui was unable to recover from this setback and had given up on himself, the Xiao family immediately found the agreement from back then and refused to let go!

Xuan Yanran’s expression was ugly. Xuan Shu also saw it clearly. The Xiao family had decided that they did not want to relent. She narrowed her eyes slightly and slowly said, “Family Head Xiao, it’s my Xuan family’s fault for breaking off the engagement first. My Xuan family is willing to pay two high-grade spirit stone mines as compensation. What do you think?”

Her attitude was still very humble. She was not arrogant and overbearing. Instead, she offered to compensate a huge sum, two high-grade spirit stone mines!

Hearing this, not only did the Xiao Family people look over, even the old antique, Lin Bao, was slightly shocked!

How precious were high-grade spirit stone mines? Even their Lin family, the top overlord of the entire Qi Mountain County, only had a mere 30 high-grade spirit stone mines!

As for the Xuan family, they only had 15 spirit stone mines!

Some ordinary families did not even have a high-grade spirit stone mine!

Now that they had offered two at once, it could be said that they had decided to pay a huge price!

“How can a mere spirit stone mine compare to being mocked by others?!” Xiao Zhan sneered and punched the table. His tone gradually turned cold.

“Could it be that the Xuan family brought Senior Lin here to threaten our Xiao family because of this?!” When he said this, Xuan Shu and Lin Bao narrowed their eyes.

Lin Bao had a bad temper. When he heard this, he lost his nonchalant attitude. Now, he sneered and was prepared to go forward to ‘reason’ with this Xiao Zhan. In the end, he was stopped by Xuan Shu.

“Senior, this is a matter between the Xuan family and the Xiao family. You don’t have to interfere,” Xuan Shu said calmly. Then, she raised her head and looked at Xiao Zhan. She slowly opened his mouth and said, “Family Head Xiao, what do you want?”

Now, the Xuan family and the Xiao family could be considered to have shed all pretense of cordiality. Xiao Zhan sneered and stretched out his clenched fist.

“Ten high-grade spirit stone mines.”

“We’ll call off this engagement.”

Ten? Hearing this, Xuan Shu laughed in anger. Did he really think that the spirit stone mine was worthless? Was it just a number?

If they wanted to forcefully withdraw this marriage contract, they would do it no matter who the other party was in the Profound Sky Continent!

However, the Xuan family did not forcefully cancel the engagement. They said that they would use a peaceful method to end the marriage and that there would be a large amount of compensation. They did not expect the Xiao family to actually push their luck this far.

Xuan Yanran, who was standing at the side, clearly understood as well. This Xiao Zhan before her simply intended to hold onto the marriage agreement! Ten spirit stone mines were equivalent to more than half of the Xuan family!

Xuan Yanran was furious now. Fortunately, she noticed this early on and did not marry him!

Xuan Yanran immediately stopped pleading like before and started to become domineering.

She hugged Lin Xuan and slowly raised her head. Her tone was firm, powerful, and cold.

“Family Head Xiao, there is already someone I fancy.”

“You have to agree to cancel this engagement today no matter what, even if you don’t want to!”

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