Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Opening His Eyes for the First Time, Innate Divine Eye and Dual-Pupils!

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“Change is the only constant, the wheel of fortune turns!”

When everyone from the Xiao family heard this, their bodies shook at the same time, shocked by the endless confidence and anger in their words!

The young man’s words were like a cold hammer that heavily hammered the hearts of everyone present, making their hearts beat wildly!




“What a great saying!”

“I knew that my son would not be dispirited forever!”

Suddenly, in the hall, Xiao Zhan laughed fearlessly.

Everyone in the Xiao family also gradually shifted their gaze to this young master of the Xiao family who had been dispirited for three years. Other than shock, there was also a trace of rare brilliance in their eyes. It was as if they saw the once high-spirited genius of the Xiao family return.

However, Xuan Yanran’s expression remained calm as she replied with only a few words, “So what? I’ll look forward to that day.”

“There’s no need to look forward to it!” Xiao Shui raised his head, and his eyes finally revealed faint anger, “Xuan Yanran, you must remember this!”

“Today, you are not the one who came to our Xiao family to end the engagement!”

“It’s our Xiao family who doesn’t want you, Xuan Yanran!”

As soon as Xiao Shui spoke, Xuan Yanran narrowed her eyes slightly.

She had already made herself clear when she came to end the marriage today. She did not expect Xiao Shui to be so unrelenting, entangling with her to this extent.

However, at the same time, Xuan Yanran had indeed not expected that Xiao Shui would actually be able to say such a thing in such a situation!

Of course, it was not anger, but shock! After being rejected and humiliated in front of the entire family, this person could actually say such words?

Xuan Yanran narrowed her eyes slightly. If this Xiao Shui could grow up, then he might be a genius of his generation. However, so what?

She hugged the swaddled Lin Xuan tightly, and her gaze seemed to have seen the mighty figure that sat upright in the starry sky. Compared to Lin Xuan, what could Xiao Shui amount to?

“Do you want me to help you write it?” Xuan Yanran replied calmly.

“Of course not,” Xiao Shui replied. He twisted his wrist and actually took out a pen and paper from his sleeve before starting to write an annulment letter!

Obviously, Xiao Shui had prepared all of this long ago! Before she came, he had already prepared to write this!

Seeing this scene, the Xiao family members looked at each other, their eyes bursting with light. Could it be that the genius of the Xiao family back then had finally returned?

“The Xiao family’s Xiao Shui and the Xuan family’s Xuan Yanran were originally engaged, but because she was unfaithful, they decided to put an end to this!”

“After this, you will marry whoever you want and there will be no disputes between the two families!”

“For fear of no evidence, I’m willing to write this letter as evidence!”

Xiao Shui smiled calmly and raised his pen to write!

As long as he wrote this letter and news of today’s matter spread, their Xiao family would be able to obtain the beautiful reputation of “not bowing down to power” and “unyielding”!

As for the reputation of the Xuan family and Xuan Yanran, it would be completely ruined because of this. More than half of Qi Mountain County would view the Xuan family as an enemy because of this!

Xiao Shui was still a youth in the end. After such a thing happened, he naturally felt angry!

“How can it be so simple to humiliate my Xiao family?” Seeing that Xiao Shui was about to write an annulment letter, Xuan Shu’s expression was cold. She guessed Xiao Shui’s thoughts immediately. However, she could only curse in her heart but could not stop him.

On the other hand, Xuan Yanran’s expression was calm. Even though she was furious, since it had come to this, she could only allow Xiao Shui to write that humiliating letter.

Everyone from the Xiao family watched with a smile, waiting for Xiao Shui to write. However… Xiao Shui maintained the posture of raising the pen and did not write for a long time.

Not only that, but Xiao Shui seemed to have seen the most terrifying thing. The calm and conceit on his face completely vanished.

His powerful aura completely dissipated, and his body trembled slightly like a leaf! What… was going on? Why was he not writing?

In the main hall of the Xiao family, many people were very puzzled. What happened?

Only a figure was not affected at all. The swaddling cloth in Xuan Yanran’s arms was curled up. Other than breathing, there was no movement, as if he had fallen asleep.

Suddenly, the corners of Lin Xuan’s eyes trembled slightly. Immediately after, a pair of bright eyes slowly opened under Xiao Shui’s gaze.

In that instant, Xiao Shui felt as if he had arrived in the ancient era and saw the beginning of the world and the birth of all things.

Everything became fragmented. At the same time, in Lin Xuan’s mind, the voice of the system sounded.

[Achievement completed: First Eye Opening!]

[There’s an ancient deity named Jian, born with a divine eye. Yin-Yang split into two, and they were separated from each other!]

[There were sages in the primordial era. A single eye could nurture two pupils. The dual-pupils represented an invincible path. Why the need to borrow the bone of others?]

[Ding! Awakened: Innate Divine Eye.]

[Ding! Awakened: Innate Dual-Pupils.]

Lin Xuan had always ignored what was happening outside. When he observed that he was about to open his eyes, he completely immersed himself in cultivation.

Hard work finally paid off!

Finally, after he absorbed all the purple qi around his eyes, Lin Xuan could finally open them.

In an instant, Lin Xuan opened his eyes. The world could be seen clearly now.


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