Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Innate Divine Eye, Invincible Dual-Pupils!

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Lin Xuan was hugged by Xuan Yanran. At this moment, he finally opened his eyes. The first to feel the abnormality was Xiao Shui, who was opposite Xuan Yanran.

Originally, Xiao Shui was high-spirited and confident in his victory. He held a brush and ink in his hand as his entire person emitted a calm and domineering aura. However, in just an instant, Xiao Shui’s aura started to change. A dense feeling of fear emitted from his body, and Xiao Shui’s entire body started to tremble slightly.

However, how could he put down the arm that was holding the brush and ink! In this situation, how should he write this letter?

For a time, Xiao Shui’s arm could only stiffen in the air and tremble non-stop.


In reality, this was Lin Xuan deliberately looking at Xiao Shui.

Lin Xuan did not have much thoughts about Xuan Yanran, after all, he was still a baby.

However, this girl was quite good to him. Moreover, this Xiao Shui was really impudent. He could not really watch Xuan Yanran be humiliated by the other party.

Moreover, the Xuan family was his grandfather’s family. He should protect them a little.

The surrounding Xiao Family people did not know what happened to Xiao Shui. They looked at Xiao Shui who had not written for a long time and were very confused.

What… What exactly was going on? Why was Xiao Shui still not writing the letter?

Even Xuan Yanran, Xuan Shu, and the old antique of the Lin family, Lin Bao, were puzzled. Why was that kid from the Xiao family, Xiao Shui, standing there?

“Shui’er? You…” Xiao Zhan carefully wanted to ask.

However, halfway through his sentence, he saw Xiao Shui’s voice tremble as if he had seen something unbelievable.

When he noticed Xiao Zhan, Xiao Shui was horrified, but he struggled to speak.

“Don’t… look… at that baby… his… eyes…”

Xiao Shui’s voice carried extreme fear. After he finished speaking, his entire body started to tremble violently.


“Xiao Shui!”

Everyone from the Xiao family was shocked. Xiao Zhan immediately pounced to Xiao Shui’s side. Most people suddenly sensed a strange force.

At this moment, the surrounding space suddenly froze without any warning. It was as if their bodies had fallen into a pool, and the surrounding air became sticky. Everyone was shocked to discover that their movements had slowed countless times.

Moreover, there was great resistance. Even lifting a finger required several times the usual strength!

Not only that, in a short period of time, everyone’s breathing had become difficult!

“Who activated the array formation?”


“No one activated the array formation!”

Everyone from the Xiao family replied. Soon, they locked onto the core of the abnormality!

The old antique of the Lin family, Lin Bao, had a shocked expression. He immediately appeared beside Xuan Yanran and looked at the infant in the swaddling clothes!

“Could it be…”

It was not only Lin Bao, the others in the surroundings also looked towards the infant in the center of the abnormality, Xuan Yanran!

The moment they looked over, the entire hall was suddenly enveloped by endless light!

The mysterious fluctuation suddenly spread out in all directions of Wu Tan City with the Xiao family as the center!

“What’s this?”

“What a strange fluctuation. Is this from the Xiao family in the center of the city?”

“What’s going on? Could it be that someone from the Xiao family has also broken through?”

Endless light gathered. Wherever the mysterious fluctuation swept, everything in the world seemed to slow down.

Everyone in Wu Tan City discovered in shock that their movements had suddenly become extremely slow!

The birds in the sky, the flowing clouds, and the falling leaves seemed to have slowed down dozens of times!

At the same time, the cultivators of Wu Tan City suddenly felt their minds gradually stiffen! Even their spiritual senses were hallucinating!

“This is…”

“What’s going on? My actions?”

“What happened to the Xiao family?”

“Why do I feel like I’m falling into chaos!”

In Wu Tan City, many cultivators had shocked expressions and felt great fear in their hearts. They quickly sat down cross-legged, wanting to resolve this sudden change, but it was useless!

Along with this fluctuation, three extremely dazzling lights rose! A figure appeared in the hearts of all the residents of Wu Tan City out of thin air!

The figure’s face could not be seen clearly. It was not tall and looked like a youth, but in the blurry light, one could see three spots of light on the youth.

It was like a pair of eyes and a vertical pupil. There were three eyes in total!

At this moment, regardless of whether it was ordinary people, cultivators, or those with profound cultivation or those who had just entered the path to cultivation, a figure appeared in their hearts at the same time!

When these people saw the two eyes and the vertical pupil, their minds fell into a daze…

In Wu Tan City, countless cultivators were swept up by the phenomenon of the dual-pupils and divine eye!

Unlike the few times in Great Yan City, this fluctuation was especially powerful. No one could comprehend the fluctuation of this phenomenon!

All the residents who were swept by the waves became slow-witted. Their minds were chaotic as they walked on the road in a daze! Even time in Wu Tan City seemed to have slowed down!

This kind of fluctuation was the power produced by the first appearance of the dual-pupils and divine eye. The current Lin Xuan was far from being able to control this power. Just like the previous phenomenon, it was the power brought about by the awakening of his achievement.

Of course, as Lin Xuan grew and his cultivation increased, he would gradually grasp the true essence of the dual-pupils and divine eye! In the Xiao family’s main hall, which was at the center of the storm, the situation became even worse!

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