Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Unlucky Xiao Shui Coughs Blood!

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In the main hall of the Xiao family, as the fluctuation erupted, many gazes looked towards Lin Xuan! The moment they looked at Lin Xuan, their entire consciousness was attracted by that mysterious and unfathomable pair of eyes!

What a terrifying pair of eyes! It was as if they were in the vast Great Desolate, and a surging wild aura assaulted their faces!

In that pair of eyes, it was as if primal chaos had been born. Heaven and earth split apart, reconstructing the world. It was as if endless life and death were intertwined as darkness and divine radiance erupted at the same time!

In their eyes, it was as if the world had disappeared, and the entire sky had transformed into a pair of vast dual-pupils! The aura of life and death reverberated, and mysterious and vast ripples enveloped everything. It was as if a world had been born, and all things were destroyed!


However, the dual-pupils were not the end! In the space between Lin Xuan’s brows, a faint golden line suddenly appeared. Then, the space between his brows split open, as if Yin and Yang were born and separated.

Endless clear qi curled up, and a violent wind blew. Spiritual qi surrounded the surroundings, and a pale golden vertical eye slowly appeared between Lin Xuan’s brows! It was as if the sound of a stream could be heard. In an instant, a golden divine light shot out from the divine eye and shot into the sky. It was like a heavenly blade descending, directly splitting the thirty-eight defensive formations of the Xiao family into two!

The light of the dual-pupils spread out, and two beams of chaotic qi flew out. They pierced through the thousand palaces and directly entered the Ancient Great Desolate. They exploded in the void and erupted with a myriad of holy lights! Two terrifying lights pierced through the world!

An explosion occurred in the sky! It caused wind and clouds to surge. Dark clouds gathered in the sky and in the blink of an eye, it rained heavily!

The power shook the endless Great Desolate! At the same time, a furious roar sounded, shaking the entire forest!

In the main hall of the Xiao family, everyone looked at this scene in shock! They already did not know what to say! What did they see? All of the Xiao family’s defensive arrays were broken into two!

Two rays of light shot into the sky, while one pierced into the wilderness, erupting with incomparable fluctuations!

The source of everything was actually an infant?

In the next moment, the figure of that youth also appeared in the minds of everyone from the Xiao family! This was the phenomenon of the dual-pupils and divine eye!

However, unlike the many residents and cultivators who were affected by the aftershock in Wu Tan City, everyone in the Xiao family’s main hall could see the appearance of this figure clearly!

They saw a youth who stood in the air with a peaceful expression. There was a golden pattern between his brows, and he wore a long robe. A breeze blew past, and his sleeves fluttered like clouds in the sky.

There were light decorations on his sleeve. When someone looked carefully, they would be shocked to discover that on the sleeve were actually strings of brilliant stars!

The youth only stood there and did not speak. However, he seemed to be at the center of the universe! He had the Supreme Being Dual-Pupils and was born with the Innate Divine Eye!

Xiao Shui looked at the youth in the cosmos and vaguely had a realization, “This is… the man that Xuan Yanran loves?”

To be honest, Xuan Yanran could really be said to be drop dead gorgeous. She only had the appearance of a young girl and already possessed the charm of a femme fatale.

Even Xiao Shui, who did not care much for women, could not help but take a few more glances.

Previously, he had thought that what Xuan Yanran said about the baby being the one she loved was just an excuse.

However, at this moment, Xiao Shui seemed to have understood something.

However, Xiao Shui was still a person with great providence after all. Even when faced with an existence like the young man, Lin Xuan, he still wanted to walk up and face him.

However, before he could do anything, a gaze swept over just as this thought arose in his mind. It was so high and mighty. In his swaddling clothes, the baby glanced over. He was incomparably exquisite, like a porcelain doll. However, the gaze of his dual-pupils was filled with indifference, calm, and ruthlessness, as if a huge dragon above the nine heavens was looking down at a worm. With a single glance, he could make everything dissipate.

A terrifying gaze swept over. It was clearly only for an instant, and it was from a baby, but Xiao Shui felt as if millions of years had passed!

His fingers gradually turned cold. His heart lost its vitality, his blood stopped flowing, and the spiritual qi in his body dissipated…

In an instant, it was as if endless time had passed, everything was dark. Xiao Shui could not move, he was like a rock that gradually turned into dust along the river of time.

The world was filled with vicissitudes. In the ancient sky, only that figure stood forever in front of him.

“Pu!!!” In the Xiao family’s hall, Xiao Shui opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His bones crackled as if he had been hit by something and he was sent flying.


Xiao Shui crashed into several walls and was embedded in the ruins. Blood flowed and he was heavily injured! It was not only Xiao Shui! The surrounding Xiao family members also had ugly expressions.

On the other hand, the eyes of Xuan Yanran, Xuan Shu, and Lin Bao flickered with extraordinary splendor. They glanced at Xiao Shui who was flying madly, but they paid no attention to him and directly sat down cross-legged.

The three of them stared at Lin Xuan’s eyes and started to seriously comprehend.

“When the world was first created, all things were born and destroyed. Yin and Yang would separate themselves and evolve naturally…”

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