Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Upon the Birth of My Lin Family’s Saint Child, The Sun and Moon Vanished, Heaven and Earth Turned Blank!

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“Wait, I seem to have heard the cries of a baby?”

As the Dao sound echoed, everyone from the Lin family widened their eyes and looked at the place where Lin Xuan was in shock!

Was this the cry of a child?

His cries actually contained the sound of the Dao?! The person who originally wanted to head back into seclusion to digest the enlightenment immediately ran out when he heard the sound of the Dao! He looked at the sky and was extremely shocked! Even his cries carried the sound of the Dao?


This was a true prodigy! While they were shocked, the people from the Lin family sat down cross-legged! Following the throbbing in the depths of their blood, the people from the Lin family listened to the cries of the infant as if they could hear endless Dao sounds echoing!

The Dao sounds that everyone heard were all different! Some heard the crisp sounds of mountains and rivers, some heard the slaughter on the battlefield, some heard the whistling of the wind, the roaring of thunderclouds, some heard swords flying through the sky, or a sword tearing apart the heavenly gate! There were even some people who heard the sound of bells, cauldrons shaking, pouring rain, and the clamor of the Great Dao!

This was especially true for the people from the Lin family who were close to Lin Xuan. They felt as if they were in a dream and then inexplicably entered a state of enlightenment! It was as if they were listening to a holy infant preaching! All kinds of comprehensions and profundities emerged endlessly from their bodies, and they broke through the realm to advance another level!


“Breaking through two levels in a day!”

“How lucky!”

Endless Dao sounds echoed! In the distance, the Lin family’s ancestor, who had just inexplicably broken through a bottleneck and came out of his seclusion to see what had happened, also saw this scene. He was stunned on the spot!

The Lin family’s old ancestor listened to his surroundings with a shocked expression. His eyes were filled with confusion! The sound of the Great Dao? Moreover, it was contained in the cries of a baby?!

What was going on?

However, immediately after, the Lin family’s ancestor sensed the center of everything. In less than half a step, his figure dissipated like a ghost. Soon, he arrived near the delivery room without anyone noticing! It was not only the ancestor. In fact, after hearing the cry and the sound of the Dao, the old antiques who were guarding the surroundings finally could not sit still. They rushed over impatiently as they entered comprehension! Everyone wanted to see what was going on! Here, they happened to encounter the dumbfounded Lin family’s ancestor!

“Ancestor!” Many old antiques hurriedly greeted him.

“You guys are here too. What’s going on? What exactly happened?” The ancestor looked at everything in the courtyard and asked in a daze, “There’s purple qi and the sound of the Dao. What’s going on? Could it be that some huge fortune has appeared near our city?”

“Ancestor, isn’t this because you broke through?” An old antique rubbed his hands in embarrassment and asked excitedly.

“No, I also rushed over after hearing the sound. I thought that one of you had obtained some great providence,” the old ancestor shook his head while saying.

Upon hearing this, these old antiques immediately became extremely excited! It was not their ancestor!

Then, the only possibility was Hao’er’s son!

“Then it must be the newborn junior of our Lin family!”

A group of old antiques were extremely excited. They pushed their ancestor and entered the room together without saying a word! At this moment, the room had long been tidied up. As soon as they pushed open the door, there was dense purple qi and a vast cry!

“What a dense Dao sound! There’s also purple qi! What exactly happened here? What’s with the cries?” The Old Ancestor observed his surroundings and asked in a daze. Lin Hao, who was in the room, was currently immersed in immense excitement. He did not notice that the person who came was his Old Ancestor. He did not even raise his head and only stared at the swaddled Lin Xuan lovingly as he replied excitedly.

“It’s because of my son’s birth!”

“Once my son was born, his first breath was accompanied by purple qi!”

“Now, his cries opened the Heavenly Gate and the Dao sounds resonated!”

In fact, there was no need for Lin Hao to explain. The moment those old antiques entered, their gazes were locked onto the infant Lin Xuan!

The ancestor also reacted immediately! He looked at the baby Lin Xuan, who was crying together with the Dao sound and purple qi lingering between his mouth and nose.

The group of old antiques and the Lin family’s ancestor’s eyes nearly popped out!

What the heck! After all this time, this great providence was actually brought about by an infant?! It was not enough that there was purple qi coming from the east when breathing, but now, there was even the sound of the Great Dao caused by his sobbing?

What kind of prodigy was he!

“It’s really the infant? I had already made a guess before I came, but I didn’t expect this.” An old antique’s eyes lit up, and he looked extremely excited!

After being nurtured for a hundred years, they had originally thought that it was a stillborn. Who would have thought that not only was he not a stillborn, he was actually born successfully? Moreover, he was such a monstrous genius! He was only born, but his breathing was filled with purple qi, and he could attract such incredible purple qi from the east!

His cries actually contained the sound of the Great Dao! These old antiques felt the throbbing in the depths of their bloodline. They felt that this was because of the blessing of that baby!

The old antiques were all shocked! This bloodline was the cause of their comprehension! Because of the birth of the baby, because of the fluctuation emitted by this baby, it affected their mysterious bloodline relationship. The bottleneck that blocked them for many years actually showed signs of loosening?

How could they not be excited! The old antiques who had shocked faces danced crazily in the room!

“It’s said that when the Blessed Child of the North was born, it snowed for three days during the middle of the year and caused an outage for three days due to violent winds. In the south, when the Divine Child was born, the Nine Heavens’ stars descended, they gathered and formed a cauldron of intense light! When the Holy Infant of the West was born, a sword appeared in the Desolate Forest, and the water of the galaxy descended from the sky!”

“Now, looking at my Eastern Region’s Lin family!”

“We had purple qi that came from the east for 30,000 miles. The sun and moon vanished, and heaven and earth turned blank. By just taking a breath, one could break through easily!”

“What a prodigy! What a genius!”

Some of the old antiques looked at Lin Xuan with shining eyes!

“Ancestor! There’s hope for our Lin family to prosper!”

The old ancestor of the Lin family also looked at Lin Xuan and felt his mouth go dry. It was as if he had seen a rare treasure, and his eyes were filled with doting and love! He was just about to say something when he heard two cries at a close distance. He felt that there was an endless stream of Dao sounds piercing his ears!

In his old eyes, it was as if an ocean of runes was surging!

This old man had actually comprehended something after hearing two cries? It was not only the old ancestor, the remaining old antiques were all shocked! By listening to the cries at a close distance, they could actually sense the terrifying Dao sounds more clearly?

They turned around and looked at the four brothers who were meditating outside the house. They seemed to have understood something and their eyes immediately lit up!

“Come, come, come, old fellows. Let’s use the blessing of the Saint Child to break through a few realms first.”

The Lin family’s old ancestor and these old antiques did not say a word. They directly came to the door of the house and sat cross-legged in the air as they cultivated!

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