Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Dao Sound Resonance, Continuous Breakthrough!

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In fact, it was not only the Lin family! The entire Great Yan City was also enveloped by endless purple qi. Although the faint purple qi was not as dense and powerful as the Lin Residence, it still carried endless profundity.

In Great Yan City, in the sky above the city walls and buildings, figures in long robes soared into the sky and looked at the Lin residence in shock.

They did not know what had happened in the Lin Residence. They saw the endless purple qi spreading out from the Lin Residence.

They simply did not expect that this abnormal sign was actually caused by the birth of a baby.


They only thought that this was the effect of the Lin family’s ancestor’s breakthrough.

“Purple qi came from the east for 30,000 miles. As expected of the Lin family’s ancestor.”

“Such a terrifying phenomenon as soon as he broke through. It’s unbelievable!”

“As expected of a top expert from hundreds of years ago. Now that he has broken through, as long as the Lin family’s ancestor is still alive, who would dare to provoke the Lin family?”

“This Lin family doesn’t need young geniuses at all. I wonder if those geniuses can outlive experts like the Lin family’s ancestor!”

The expressions of the other experts in the surroundings changed. They were extremely unsightly, but they all agreed.

“Too terrifying!”

“The rise of the Lin family is unstoppable. They only need the Lin family’s ancestor alone!”

As they spoke, the experts of Great Yan City sat down cross-legged. None of them were willing to delay their cultivation.

The purple qi in the air was a huge opportunity. Who was willing to miss it? After all, everyone in Great Yan City was a citizen of the city, and they were all people who supported the Lin family.

It was natural for these subordinates to benefit from the Lin family’s success.

Purple qi came from the east for 30,000 miles, shocking countless people in Great Yan City.

They only knew that a phenomenon had descended from the sky and that the purple qi had come from the east. They all thought that it was the effect of the Lin family’s old ancestor breaking through.

Countless people in the Lin Residence broke out of seclusion. After Lin Xuan was born, most of them advanced in a short period of time.

Only a few old antiques slowly began to advance after a while. At this moment, in the Lin family’s forbidden land, the Lin family’s ancestor, who had always been suspected to be the cause of this phenomenon, opened his eyes with a dumbfounded expression.

He looked at his hands in shock.

What was going on?

His cultivation bottleneck has actually loosened!

“I remember that I still needed 900 years to loosen my cultivation realm’s bottleneck.”

What was this purple qi?

With the Lin Residence as the center, the entire sky was filled with vast purple qi.

The purple qi in the sky lasted for half an hour before it slowly dissipated. All the people of the Lin family’s minds were filled with all kinds of inspiration, enlightenment, and knowledge.

As they breathed, they inhaled and exhaled purple qi.

Everyone sat cross-legged and enjoyed this rare opportunity. Especially in front of the luxurious mansion, Lin Hao’s four brothers directly set up an array formation beneath them.

“Nephew, you’re really too awesome!”

The four of them said this in unison and immediately started cultivating. In fact, among the five of them, Lin Hao had the most purple qi. However, not only did he not absorb it, he was also very worried that he would hurt his precious son. Therefore, not only did he not absorb the purple qi, he even used his internal energy to shatter the purple qi around his body. Then, with a nervous and excited mood, he entered the mansion nervously and arrived at the door of the delivery room.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

However, he was thinking too much. The purple qi in the house was even richer than the purple qi on his body.

His wife and the others opened the door. All of them were extremely excited.

“Congratulations, City Lord, congratulations!”

“Both the mother and son are safe. The Saint Child of Heaven has descended!”

Lin Hao did not care about these people. With a wave of his hand, bottles appeared in front of the old lady and others.

“You will all be rewarded. Everyone present will be rewarded with a Golden Core realm breakthrough pill!” Lin Hao said as he came to the bed excitedly.

The old lady and the maidservants were very tactful and immediately left the room. As the light fell, the woman and Lin Xuan quietly lay on the bed.

Lin Xuan’s eyes were closed, and his limbs were curled up as he quietly breathed. As he breathed, dense purple qi flowed around his body. Through this scene, Lin Hao could confirm that the source of this purple qi was here.

“My son is actually so terrifying. In just a breath, purple qi came from the east.”

Lin Hao was very excited, but it was more like a dream. The newly born Lin Xuan had already entered a half-awake state. Although his mind was already mature, because his body was too young and far from maturing, he did not know the situation outside at this time.

Beside him, the woman looked at Lin Hao with a gentle gaze.

She was extremely weak now, but her face and eyes were filled with gratification and joy.

“Do you want to hug Xuan’er?”

“Ah Yu!” Lin Hao gulped.

This man who had once fought in the Profound Sky Continent for many years and traveled everywhere with a calm demeanor rubbed his hands anxiously for the first time.

Lin Hao did not know what to say or do.

“Go ahead, hug Xuan’er!”

Lin Hao took a deep breath, his dark eyes filled with excitement. He carefully came to Lin Xuan and gently carried this child who had been born after a hundred years.

Lin Xuan breathed quietly and was not disturbed by the outside world.

Lin Hao looked at the baby in the swaddling clothes, and his eyes turned slightly red.

For the past hundred years, in order to let the child be born safely, only the heavens knew how much pressure he had endured.

He was a proud prodigy who dominated the Eastern Region, but his child could not be born for a hundred years. Countless people thought that it was a stillborn and mocked him and his wife. Even the Lin family itself had all kinds of problems. However, now, looking at the sleeping Lin Xuan in his swaddling clothes, Lin Hao felt that everything was worth it.

“Your name is Lin Xuan!”

“Your mother’s surname is Xuan, and your father’s surname is Lin, so your name is Lin Xuan.”

Lin Hao gently placed his forehead on Lin Xuan and whispered. Immediately after, perhaps because of Lin Hao or something else, Lin Xuan’s small face suddenly tightened.

“Waa… Waa… Waa…”

Immediately, Lin Xuan’s loud cry resounded throughout the room.

“What, what? Did I do something wrong?”

Lin Hao was filled with doubts. As a father for the first time, he was extremely anxious. He had no experience in such a situation and did not know that the baby’s cry was a normal reaction when it first came into contact with air.

Lin Hao looked at Lin Xuan in a flurry. He moved and moved, but he did not know what to do. Xuan Yu, who was lying on the bed, smiled and looked at the flustered Lin Hao. She wanted to say something, but at this moment, she suddenly saw a faint ripple rise on Lin Xuan’s body. At the same time, the system’s voice sounded in Lin Xuan’s mind again.

[Congratulations, host. Achievement completed: First Cry]

[Triggered the thunderous heavenly sound, resonance of the Dao sound.]

[Awakened: Great Thunder Technique!]

In the next moment, the entire sky above Great Yan City shook.


The intense sound made countless people in Great Yan City who were immersed in their enlightenment look around in confusion. The purple fog dissipated at a visible speed.


A faint bell sound seemed to ring from the sky. Hearing this voice, all the cultivators trembled and looked up at the sky in shock.

In the next moment, the bell and drum resounded, and the cauldron shook while the zither was played.


A cry resounded throughout the Lin family. This cry fused with the endless Dao sound and spread rapidly in all directions with the courtyard as the center. A vast Dao sound suddenly spread throughout Great Yan City.

A weak cry that contained the strongest sound of the Great Dao in the world carried a profound power. At first, this sound was very weak, but in the blink of an eye, it became loud like a huge drum.

In the world, endless phenomena appeared, churning in the air and gathering. Dao sounds enveloped the entire Great Yan City. As for the Lin family, it was filled with the cries of the infant.


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