Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Lin Family’s Ancestor Broke Through?! Hurry and Congratulate Him!

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Facing the “perverted hands” of the two old men, it was fortunate that Xuan Yu came to help in the end.

“Uncles, Xuan’er is still young. Let him sleep for a while,” said Xuan Yu softly. She naturally saved Lin Xuan from the hands of the two old men.

Upon hearing this, the two elders stopped in embarrassment. Then, they pulled Lin Hao to the other side and began to discuss how he could have such a genius son and if he had eaten some secret medicine.

Lin Hao looked awkward and helpless. On the side of the house, a group of young people quickly rushed over beside Lin Xuan. There were both men and women, and they all looked at him with bright eyes.


“This is our younger brother?”

Someone carefully stretched out a finger and poked Lin Xuan’s arm.

As they were a cultivation clan, they had a long lifespan. Those who were less than a hundred years old could actually be considered to be from the younger generation.

Those who could get close to Lin Xuan were mostly core disciples of the Lin family. They were also the closest to this place. Previously, when Lin Xuan breathed, purple qi came from the east, and his cries carried the sound of the Dao. They were also the closest beneficiaries, and most of them broke through two levels in a row! If news of this got out, it would definitely shock countless people and their eyeballs would fall out!

Don’t underestimate these two levels! This advancement had saved them decades at the very least! Saving decades of time when they were the youngest naturally meant something! Therefore, these young men and women had a good impression of Lin Xuan.

Coupled with the fact that Lin Xuan was curled up like a porcelain doll and his entire body was brimming with faint purple qi, he was extremely exquisite and cute. He emitted a purple light, causing some of the young girls among these people to have sparkling eyes as if they had seen the cutest thing in the world.

They kept using their fingers to carefully touch Lin Xuan’s arms and legs.


“So cute!”

“Ah, my heart is about to melt. Little Brother Lin Xuan is so beautiful and so talented. Which vixen will benefit from this in the future!”

“He’s like the best jade! So soft!”

The young female cultivators were all seeing stars. They held his face and continuously touched Lin Xuan’s small arms and legs. When they saw Lin Xuan who was like a doll wrapped in his swaddling clothes, their hearts almost melted.

The young men of the Lin family beside him smiled helplessly.

They could not even get close to him. They could only stretch their necks and try their best to see what this Lin family’s Saint Child was like. While they were inevitably a little jealous, they were more happy. Towards these movements, Lin Xuan could not be bothered.

He was currently in a strange state. Because of his breathing and cries, there was a vast amount of purple qi and endless Dao sounds condensed in Lin Xuan’s small body.

The purple qi and Dao sounds were all stored in his body. Now, there was still faint purple qi flowing between his mouth and nose.

He was using the “Primordial Purple Qi Breathing Technique” to absorb it with all his might. This was also the reason why he was curled up and not moving.

“There’s so much purple qi. Hmm, have you guys noticed? Little Brother’s breathing is very rhythmic. Big Sister, Little Xuan seems to be cultivating?” A young girl suddenly asked Xuan Yu.

Xuan Yu nodded as she hugged the swaddling cloth. As she was pregnant for a hundred years, even if Xuan Yu was a cultivator, she seemed to have injured her vital qi after giving birth to Lin Xuan. She looked a little weak, but when she saw Lin Xuan, her eyes were filled with love.

“Before our ancestor left, he said that Xuan’er seems to be cultivating.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was instantly extremely surprised!

“Ah, he already knows how to cultivate at such a young age?!”

“I heard that for geniuses, cultivation is an instinct!”

“Ah! I’m so jealous!”

“Is this the difference between a genius and a mortal?!”

Lin Xuan did not care about this or his surroundings. He only followed the Primordial Purple Qi Breathing Technique and cultivated quietly, wanting to quickly absorb the purple qi and Dao sounds completely. However, as he comprehended, soon, Lin Xuan could not continue cultivating.

“So small!”

A beautiful young girl with a red ponytail blinked her large eyes. She stretched out two fingers and compared them. She excitedly said to Xuan Yu, “Sister Xuan, it’s about this big!!”

Xuan Yu was caught between laughter and tears.

Lin Xuan, on the other hand, had a dark expression on his face as he increased the speed at which he absorbed the purple qi. He had to refine it quickly and gain the ability to move as soon as possible. Otherwise, who knew where these guys would touch when they had nothing to do!


The Lin family was decorated with lanterns and colored banners, and many people did not sleep through the night. They were glad that a fortuitous encounter had descended from the sky, and they listened to the Dao sound and absorbed the purple qi to advance two levels in a row. Similarly, they were also happy that the Lin family had the Saint Child, Lin Xuan.

As for the Great Yan City where the Lin family was in, they did not know what had happened.

While the Lin family was busy, many of the other families or merchant associations stationed in Great Yan City also sent people to spread the news!


“Inform the main family that the Lin family’s ancestor has broken through!”

“Purple qi came from 30,000 miles east, and there was the sound of the Dao! From the looks of it, he’s probably taken that step!”

In Great Yan City, countless people were busy spreading the news! To them, the Lin family’s ancestor breaking through was definitely a huge matter!

“Ask the headquarters of the merchant association on how we should congratulate them! What gifts should we prepare?”

“Inform our main family to send a few influential people… Forget it, I’ll go back directly and call my elder brother to come here. The Lin family’s ancestor, a top expert, must be greeted by our family head!”

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