Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Cultivation Should Start as a Baby

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Soon, news spread that the Lin family’s ancestor had broken through, causing purple qi to come from the east for 30,000 miles and the Dao sound to be heard! The entire Great Yan City and the nearby cities found out at the speed of light! When all the family clans and leaders of the merchant association near Great Yan City heard this news, their jaws nearly dropped!


The luxurious and majestic palace had fragrant incense floating in the air. 900 pairs of precious luminous pearls lit up the entire hall, causing it to be as brilliant as a river of stars.

There were thousands of treasures displayed on the left and right of the palace. These were precious enough to make any cultivator fight to the death outside, but here, they were only decorations.


“Come, drink!” Several men in luxurious clothes laughed and hugged each other from left to right. In front of them were hundreds of gorgeous and exposed women. As they drank and chatted, their voices filled the place.

“Everyone, this matter is settled today. After this transaction, the Drifting Cloud Chamber of Commerce will definitely not treat you badly!” The man in the lead raised his wine cup and smiled at the others.

The others laughed and raised their cups in agreement. At this moment, a maidservant came over and whispered in the leader’s ear.

The man nodded. His expression did not change as he stood up with a smile, “I’m sorry, I have some small matters to deal with. It’s rare for me to come to Qi Mountain County. Everyone, please enjoy yourselves. I hope that everyone can give the Drifting Cloud Chamber of Commerce a chance to host you!”

The others smiled and raised their cups.

The man walked out of the door, and his expression gradually recovered its calm. His eyes flickered, “You said that the Lin family’s ancestor has broken through? When was this news?!”

“My lord, it happened several hours ago,” the maidservant replied respectfully.

“The Lin family’s ancestor? It’s actually the Lin family’s ancestor?”

“I knew it. Some time ago, there seemed to be an extraordinary fluctuation in the east.”

“Purple qi from the east, resonance of the Dao sounds…”


“Great, great!”

Under the night sky, the man paced back and forth in front of the hall. His eyes were as bright as stars as plans and ideas quickly flashed through his mind.

“It’s settled!” The man clapped his hands and suddenly said, “Do you still have the item from the Western Mystic Realm? Take it out! Come with me tomorrow and give it to the Lin family’s ancestor!”

The maidservant was stunned for a moment, “The item from the Western Mystic Realm? That cost us…”

Before she could finish, the man casually interrupted her. He looked into the distance and narrowed his eyes, “Just do as you’re told. You’ve been here for too short a time. You don’t understand what that fluctuation means.”

“You don’t understand what the breakthrough of the Lin family’s ancestor truly symbolizes…”

This kind of thing did not only happen between the Drifting Cloud Chamber of Commerce! Great Yan City and nearly half of Qi Mountain County all knew of this news! They also made the same choice as the man!

“The Lin family’s ancestor has broken through? Quick, quickly prepare the gifts! We’ll go and congratulate him tomorrow!” Some young forces heard the news and looked excited.

“Hahaha, after fighting for so long, I didn’t expect that Old Lin would be the first to take this step!” A famous elder of an old family came out of seclusion and sighed as he looked into the distance.

“Bring the best items in the treasure vault to congratulate the Lin family’s ancestor.” A calm businessman from a Chamber of Commerce instructed in a deep voice.

Countless families, forces, and merchant associations acted after hearing the news. Of course, there were also many families with ugly expressions.

“What did you say? That old fool from the Lin family has advanced?”

“He broke out of seclusion?! Purple qi phenomenon?”

“Damn it, bastard, how infuriating!!”

In the south of Qi Mountain County, there was an old family clan that had been enemies with the Lin family for generations. After hearing this news, they cursed loudly. When the old ancestor of this family heard this news, he walked out of his seclusion place with a gloomy expression. That night, a violent wind swept past and thunder roared. Several disobedient forces near the family were instantly destroyed overnight.

“This damned Lin family, so what if you broke through? A genius has been born in our generation. Your Lin family has not had a genius for a hundred years!”

“So what if you have an alliance marriage with the Xuan family? Aren’t you still waiting for a stillborn for a hundred years?”

“You have no geniuses in this generation. This generational gap will still ruin you in the future. At that time, it will be the moment of your destruction!”

“What I need now is just some time to wait for it to act up!”


Lin Xuan did not know what happened outside.

At this moment, Lin Xuan did not know that the outside world had already gone crazy because of the news of the Lin family’s phenomenon. He also did not know that the outside world actually did not know the news of his birth and only treated those phenomena as signs of the ancestor’s breakthrough.

However, even if he knew, Lin Xuan would not mind.

In any case, Lin Xuan had revealed his talent now. As long as the Lin family was not stupid, he was destined to be protected by the core of the Lin family.

In the dead of the night, Lin Xuan was curled up in his tiny swaddling clothes in his mother’s arms, quietly cultivating the Primordial Purple Qi Breathing Technique.

As someone who had lived two lives, Lin Xuan was not blinded by success. He knew clearly what was the foundation to stand on this world.

The swaddled Lin Xuan instantly thought of the answer, strength. Everything was unreliable except his own strength. Cultivation had to start as a baby. The Lin family could protect him for a moment, but they could not protect him forever. If he wanted to live in this world, he still had to focus on his own strength.

As he slowly breathed in, the purple qi on Lin Xuan’s body glowed like stars.

As the starlight descended, the Lin family cheered and celebrated outside. Everyone drank and danced, celebrating the birth of the Saint Child and their own cultivation advancement. They celebrated to their heart’s content.

In his swaddling clothes, Lin Xuan held his breath and focused.. He studied the Primordial Purple Qi Breathing Technique with all his might, seriously and quickly consolidating his cultivation and foundation.

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