Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 848 Meet With Xi'er Again!

Chapter 848 848: Meet With Xi'er Again!

Tang Li Xue was awoken from her afterthought when the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird intimately snuggled its head onto Tang Li Xue's chest.

Tang Li Xue laughed happily while caressing the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird's head gently: "All right, I know you are very happy and grateful to me, but you still have to work hard in the future, okay?!"

"No matter how high your potential is, it would only be wasted in the end if you do not work hard to always improve yourself, do you understand?" Tang Li Xue warned Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird in a stern tone.

The Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird obediently nodded its head at Tang Li Xue to show that it had completely understood.

Tang Li Xue could also see from the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird's glittering golden eyes which shone with excitement and filled with a strong obsession that it was truly determined to get stronger to repay Tang Li Xue back.

But before Yaya and Little Loki could greet their new comrade-in-arm, the army of zombified baby creatures were already impatiently rushing toward them once again from all directions like a tidal wave!

The expressions of Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and Little Loki became very solemn at that moment.

"We have no more business here. Let's break through their encirclement and get out of this egg incubation room as quickly as possible!" Tang Li Xue said their next objective to Little Loki, Yaya, and Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird.

 Who knew that the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird suddenly pulled the back of Tang Li Xue's collar with its sharp beak and threw Tang Li Xue onto its back?!

Then it grabbed the exhausted Little Loki and Yaya with its talons while flapping its wings!


The Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird turned into a golden flash of light!

Since the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird still did not know the location of the egg incubation room's exit, it even flew around the egg incubation room once before it zoomed toward the egg incubation room's entrance gate and flew out of the room.

Despite that, it all happened in a moment!

"What the heck are you..." Before Tang Li Xue could even finish her words, she quickly realized that she was already right outside the egg incubation room's gate in the blink of an eye!

Tang Li Xue gasped in shock while exclaiming in a surprised tone: "So... So fast~!"

Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird carefully put down Little Loki and Yaya in its grasp on the ground, then showed a proud expression.

Tang Li Xue understood that the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird was asking to be praised, so she patted its head gently while chuckling in satisfaction: "Great job~! As I expected from someone with the Golden-Winged Great Peng bloodline, you really have unparalleled speed!"

Tang Li Xue jumped down from the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird's back and hastily pulled the egg incubation room's gate to close it, so the zombified baby creatures inside would not be able to get out.


The zombified baby creatures began to bang the metal gate from inside the egg incubation room, but they clearly could not even shake the metal gate at all since it was made specially from treasured metal material and engraved with strong protection formation.

Tang Li Xue finally sighed in relief when she saw those zombified baby creatures could not get out of the egg incubation room.

Little Loki and Yaya jumped onto Tang Li Xue's shoulders and sat there to take some rest while staring curiously at the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird together.

Tang Li Xue patted Little Loki and Yaya's tiny heads while introducing them to Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird: "I know you probably already know each other, but let's just introduce you all formally again."

"This little green fairy is your eldest sister, Yaya. The black kitten will be your second... err... By the way, Little Loki, I have already wanted to ask this for a very long time, are you a male or female?" Tang Li Xue asked Little Loki in an extremely curious tone.

Little Loki rolled its eyes disdainfully at Tang Li Xue. It lazily licked its paws and completely ignored her.

Little Loki could not really answer Tang Li Xue's question because Taotie could be said to be genderless at the beginning when it was still a cub.

However, Taotie could choose to be male or female when they reached their mature state.

Tang Li Xue still did not know about it, but she did not bother to force Little Loki to tell them about it.

"All right, let's just forget it... You can just call it, Little Loki."

Then Tang Li Xue introduced Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird to Little Loki and Yaya: "Little Loki, Yaya, this is our new companion, Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird. You can call it... err, that is right... I still have not given you a proper name yet..."

"Xiao Jin (Little Gold), Xiao Feng (Little Wind), Xiao Peng (Little Peng)? Meh, not good enough... They are too plain..." Tang Li Xue muttered while frowning deeply.

Tang Li Xue recalled that the Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird was a female bird, so Tang Li Xue wanted to give her an elegant and beautiful name.

"Lucia... Oho~! This one sounds very good~! Okay then, your name will be Lucia from now on, and I will call you Little Lucia!" Tang Li Xue happily said while gently rubbing Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird's head.

Even though Lucia's size was not 'little' anymore since she was already more than two meters tall, and she was already much taller than Tang Li Xue who was only around 160 cm tall, but Lucia's mind was still relatively simple and childish, so Tang Li Xue still decided to call it 'little'.

Little Lucia looked really happy when Tang Li Xue formally gave her a name.

She did not really understand the meaning of her name, but it meant a lot to her because it meant she completely integrated into Tang Li Xue's family from now on.

Tang Li Xue laughed at Little Lucia's happy expression and explained clearly to her: "Lucia means 'Light'. It also signifies my wish for you to become the light of hope that will always illuminate our ways in the future."

Little Lucia's golden eyes shone in excitement after she heard Tang Li Xue's explanation, and she felt really touched by the meaning of her own name.

Tang Li Xue felt a little bit guilty and ashamed when she saw the gullible Little Lucia.

Actually, Tang Li Xue remembered her favorite female character with white hair in her previous life, so she just gave her name to Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird.

Anyway, Lucia's name was really elegant, beautiful, and cool, not to mention that Little Lucia has white feathers.

White hair and white feathers... Well, they are not really that far off, right?

Tang Li Xue led Little Loki, Yaya, and Lucia back to the vast hall again.

On the way, Tang Li Xue stared at the pitch-black egg of the Golden Winged Falcon in her grasp while frowning deeply.

The pitch-black egg no longer emitted any aura. It was just like a dead egg right now.

Just when Tang Li Xue was puzzled about what she had to do with this pitch-black egg, her System kindly gave Tang Li Xue a suggestion.

[After the Golden-Winged Great Peng bloodline extracted from that egg, it became incomplete and lost most of its vitality energy.]

[It would require enormous resources to make up for it. Even if Host stored it in [Key of Undead's Glory], it would take thousands of years of Death Energy's continuous nourishment for it to hatch. It is simply not worth it at all to do.]

[Despite that, the undead power, aura, and energy contained in this egg are still quite abundant. This System suggests Host use that egg as the nourishment for the previous cracked sword that Host obtained before.]

[Not only the undead creature merged with that cracked sword would recover much faster with that, but it would also get stronger and have much higher growth potential.]

"Oh, really~?!" Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes were shining in excitement after she heard System's reasonable suggestion.

Tang Li Xue took out her [Sword of Disaster] and tried to store the pitch-black egg into the space inside the [Sword of Disaster].

The pitch-black egg entered the space inside the [Sword of Disaster] so easily without any resistance.

Then Tang Li Xue carefully controlled it, so the pitch-black egg would be placed very close to the Heaven Edge Sword which was still filled with countless cracks.

Just like according to her System's suggestion, the Heaven Edge Sword began to greedily suck the undead power, aura, and energy contained in the pitch-black egg!

If Tang Li Xue had not extracted the Golden-Winged Great Peng bloodline from the pitch-black egg, what happened right now would have been reversed, and it would have been the pitch-black egg that sucked the Heaven Edge Sword's undead power, energy, and aura instead.

But because the pitch-black egg was damaged until it became incomplete and lost all of its vitality energy, the Heaven Edge Sword could devour the pitch-black egg's power without any problem.

The color of the pitch-black egg slowly faded away and became dull and gray like a fossilized egg.

It might not take long for it to completely lose its worth, but Tang Li Xue stopped paying attention to it and threw her [Sword of Disaster] back into her space pouch.

The Sea Goddess Statue, Xi'er, happily greeted them when she saw them: "How about it? It is really comfortable soaking in the spiritual spring pool, right?"

But Xi'er immediately realized that something was not right, so she asked Tang Li Xue and her group curiously: "Eh? That is really strange. Why doesn't your aura get stronger after soaking in the spiritual spring pool? Don't tell me that you have not found the spiritual spring pool?!"

Tang Li Xue shook her head with a disappointed expression and told Xi'er what had happened in the egg incubation room.

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