Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Substitution (7)

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“Qiao Jiuyin?” Wei Shuyi suddenly shouted.

The words stunned Qiao Jiusheng. She then realized that Wei Shuyi was asking for her name.

When he did not hear Qiao Jiusheng’s reply, Wei Shuyi asked again, “Is your name Qiao Jiuyin? The eldest daughter of the Qiao family in Yang City and the elder sister of Qiao Jiusheng, whose photo is in that magazine?”

Qiao Jiusheng’s lips moved as she asked, “What do you think?”

Wei Shuyi frowned. His gaze turned a little strange under his glasses. “What I think is not important. The strange thing is that you’re still alive, so why would the police think that you’re dead? Then whose corpse did they find?”

“Anyway, it’s not me. Perhaps, it’s a scapegoat?” Qiao Jiusheng mocked herself and even smiled.

Wei Shuyi stared at her mocking smile, but he was not in the mood to fake a smile with her.

He slowly ate the dumplings and the pork loin. Just when he was about to stuff himself full, he heard the girl sitting opposite him say, “My name is Qiao Jiusheng.”

The dumplings on the chopsticks fell into the sauce without any warning. The sauce splashed and stained Wei Shuyi’s white shirt.

Wei Shuyi raised his head, and a shocked and confused look appeared on his face. “Then, the one in the magazine…”

Qiao Jiusheng continued, “The Qiao Jiusheng in the magazine is Qiao Jiuyin. I’m the real Qiao Jiusheng.”

Wei Shuyi subconsciously took off his glasses and used his fingers to wipe away the nonexistent dust on them. He looked down at his glasses. The room remained silent for a long time before he lowered his head and asked, “Are you not afraid I will betray you using this information?”

“Do you know how to?” Qiao Jiusheng faintly smiled.

Wei Shuyi glanced at her, put on his glasses, and said, “Look, you didn’t even know your biological sister, who lived with you for more than twenty years. We’ve only known each other for a short time. So how dare you believe me?” As the saying goes, one learns from one’s mistakes. She should be more careful.

“No, I believe you.” Only one person in this world could dare to say that Qiao Jiusheng would believe him for the rest of her life, and this person was Wei Shuyi.

Wei Shuyi choked when he met Qiao Jiusheng’s unwavering gaze. “You…”


The media widely reported the news that the Second Young Master of the Fang family was going to marry the Second Miss of the Qiao family. Soon, the entire city knew about it.

Fang Pingjue, the head of the Fang family, was naturally happy to see this marriage happen. The Qiao family was a jewelry family with a heritage of more than a hundred years. Whether it was their family background or wealth, they were compatible with the Fang family.

On Saturday night, Fang Mu would bring Qiao Jiuyin to the Fang residence for a meal. The lady who was about to become a member of their family was going to visit them. This was a huge matter. Therefore, Fang Pingjue specially instructed everyone in the Fang family to make sure to attend the banquet on Saturday night.

On Saturday, at dusk, Fang Mu brought Qiao Jiuyin, who had dressed up, to visit his family on time.

Qiao Jiuyin was dressed in a black dress that hugged her waist, a red top hat, a pair of black high heels, and a white heavy-duty diamond evening bag. She walked beside Fang Mu. The moment the delicate beauty entered the Fang family, she attracted the attention of everyone in the hall.

The Fang family was a big family with a large business. Naturally, it had many descendants.

Fang Pingjue, the family head, sat alone on a rosewood chair carved into antlers. He was dressed in a black Tang suit, and his face looked 70-80% similar to Fang Mu’s. On Fang Pingjue’s right was Fang Mu’s aunt Fang Qingyun and on his lower left was Fang Mu’s uncle Fang Pingjun.

The hall also had a group of young men and women dressed in extraordinary clothes. They were Fang Mu’s cousins.

Fang Mu introduced his wife-to-be, and Qiao Jiuyin greeted everyone in the room.

She was magnanimous and had prepared a greeting gift for everyone. After receiving Qiao Jiuyin’s greeting gift, all the young girls smiled, and the women looked at her with more satisfaction. Fang Pingjue watched Qiao Jiuyin do all this and inwardly nodded.

At 6: 05 pm, Butler Wan walked into the hall and leaned over to Fang Ping Joe’s ear. “Mr. Fang, dinner is ready.”

Fang Pingjue silently stood up.

As soon as he got up, the living room, where everyone was frolicking non-stop a moment ago, fell silent.

Fang Pingjue’s temperament was the same as Fang Mu’s. He was cold and arrogant, and his expression remained stoic. All the youngsters in the family respected him. Fang Pingjue acted as if he didn’t see the respectful gazes of the younger generation. His hands hung by his side, and he opened his mouth to softly say, “The food has been prepared. Everyone, please take your seats.”

Without a word, everyone stood up and followed Fang Pingjue into the dining room.

As his family members took their seats. Fang Pingjue glanced at the people on both sides of the long table. His gaze swept across the only empty seat at the table, and an unhappy light flashed in his eyes. Seeing his frown, Butler Wan Lang explained, “Mr. Fang, Young Master is still in England.”

“What is he in England for?” A few days ago, Fang Pingjue had already gotten someone to inform the man that no one in the Fang family was allowed to skip tonight’s banquet. Everyone had come except for his eldest son, and this made Fang Pingjue furious. “He’s getting more and more unreasonable. Now, he doesn’t even take my words seriously!” Fang Pingjue’s voice suddenly became louder.

The people around the table heard him, but they did not say anything. Most of the juniors did not dare to say anything. Fang Mu was also silent, as he did not want to speak up for his elder brother. Fang Qingyun wanted to speak up for her eldest nephew, but before she could speak, her husband stopped her.

The couple looked at each other. Xie An shook his head at Fang Qingyun.

Fang Pingjue never wanted to see Fang Yusheng, and it was not something that had been ongoing for a day or two. Xie An thought that it was better to avoid trouble, so he stopped Fang Qingyun.

Housekeeper Wan Lang originally wanted to explain the reason, but seeing this situation, he shut his mouth. Only Fang Pingjue’s younger brother, Fang Pingjun, spoke at this time in a carefree manner, “Big Brother, look at what you’re saying. Did you forget that today is Sister-in-law Lisa’s death anniversary? As Sister-in-law Lisa’s only descendant, Yusheng went to England to pay respects to her. Is there anything wrong with that?”

In the entire Fang family, only Fang Pingjun dared to openly challenge Fang Pingjue.

Feng Pingjue was indeed capable. Ever since Lisa and Fang Pingjue divorced, Fang Pingjue had left the Fang family on average and established his own business. With his own abilities, he founded ‘Ansheng Entertainment’ and developed it into the country’s most influential entertainment empire.

Hearing Fang Pingjun’s words, Fang Pingjue was stunned. Everyone else also lowered their eyebrows and kept silent.

Qiao Jiuyin quietly sat beside Fang Mu. Like most people, she remained silent. She had long heard of the elder brother of the Fang family. She had known Fang Mu for so many years, but she had never seen his brother before.

It was said that this man had an eye disease, and he kept a low profile. Only a few people had seen him before. Even Qiao Jiusheng had never seen him before.

From the looks of it, Uncle Feng disliked this eldest son of the Fang family.

Her father-in-law disliked his eldest son. As the second son’s fiancée, Qiao Jiuyin was naturally happy to see that.

Fang Pingjue did not say anything more about Fang Yusheng, probably because Fang Pingjun had mentioned his deceased ex-wife. The topic that followed was mostly about Qiao Jiuyin and Fang Mu’s marriage. At this time, the younger generation of the family became lively again and continuously talked.

On the other hand, Fang Mu became a little quiet. He looked down at the only empty seat and narrowed his eyes.

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