Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Substitution (6)

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Evening fell, but the two of them did not return to the Fang Family’s courtyard. Instead, they stayed in the villa. Fang Mu told Qiao Jiuyin that after they got married, he would move out of the Fang Family. This villa would be their new home then. Thinking about staying here for the rest of their lives, Qiao Jiuyin happily strolled around the villa.

However, when she saw everything in the house, her mood became gloomier. Every decoration in the house was Qiao Jiusheng’s favorite.

Putting away her jealousy, Qiao Jiuyin walked into the master bedroom.

She sat by the bed in the bedroom and looked at the photo of Fang Mu and Qiao Jiusheng on the wall and the bedside table. The jealousy Qiao Jiuyin had put away with much difficulty gushed out once again. As she saw Qiao Jiusheng’s blissful smile, she felt her breathing become slightly stifled.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened with a creak.

With her back facing the bathroom, Qiao Jiuyin took a deep breath and composed herself.

After she was mentally prepared, she got up and turned around to see Fang Mu, who was only wrapped in a towel. His tall body was still dripping with water, and his hair, which was usually neatly arranged, had become messy and sexy after he had washed it.

Fang Mu was usually busy with his job, but he insisted on working out three times a week. Naturally, he had a good figure.

Qiao Jiuyin’s gaze landed on his firm and sexy chest and abdominal muscles. Her cheeks flushed.

Upon seeing the blush on Qiao Jiuyin’s face, Fang Mu narrowed his eyes. He rarely saw Qiao Jiusheng’s shy look. He did not expect her to look like this when she was shy. Qiao Jiusheng had always been bold and proactive in front of him. He did not expect her to behave like a little girl in bed.

It surprised him, but he liked her even more now.

Qiao Jiuyin knew very well that if the person standing in this room were Qiao Jiusheng, she might have been shy. But after being shy, she would smile and walk to Fang Mu, taking the initiative to tease him. Therefore, Qiao Jiuyin prepped herself up.

She raised her head and gave Fang Mu a teasing smile. “Brother Mu, who are you trying to seduce by wearing this?” Qiao Jiuyin walked over to him. She flirtatiously smiled with every step she took.

Fang Mu looked at the girl who was deliberately flashing a coquettish smile and touching his chest with her hand with a knowing look in her eyes.

This was the girl he knew.

His thin lips parted, and he replied, “You.”

Qiao Jiuyin was stunned. For a moment, she thought that Fang Mu was responding to her and not Qiao Jiusheng.

She tiptoed and kissed Fang Mu.

They had known each other for six years; they had held hands and kissed before. However, they never had such an open and intimate contact before. Fang Mu’s breathing instantly quickened. He tightly grasped Qiao Jiuyin’s waist and responded to her teasing with an even more fervent attitude. A love between a man and a woman began.

Qiao Jiuyin lay under Fang Mu. She could see the satisfaction in Fang Mu’s eyes, and her mind kept running.

It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter even if Qiao Jiusheng reappears. As long as I get pregnant with Fang Mu’s child first, even if the truth comes out, Fang Mu won’t abandon me and our child. With this thought in mind, Qiao Jiuyin moved her hands closer to Fang Mu again.

Surprised by Qiao Jiuyin’s excessive enthusiasm, Fang Mu smiled and turned over to kiss her again.


“They really are a match made in heaven. This picture looks so good even without any photoshop. They must look even better in person.”

“Rich people. Did you see the ring that woman is wearing? It’s said to be an eight-carat sapphire ring. Sigh, I want to find a rich person too.”

“Come on, Miss Qiao’s family is rich too. The one who married the prince is not Cinderella but a princess. Cinderella is usually the prince’s secret lover.”

After the last lesson for the day, Wei Shuyi walked along the corridor of the school building with a book in his hand. He saw a few girls gathered together and heard them discussing something. Tilting his head, he tried to listen. When he heard that Cinderella was a secret lover, he couldn’t help but look at the girl who had spoken those words.

The girl held a magazine in her hand. The magazine had a photo of a man and a woman. In the photo, the elegantly dressed couple were standing next to each other. Wei Shuyi casually glanced at their faces, but at the next second, his expression froze.

“Student, can you show me the magazine in your hand?”

The female student looked up and saw that the person speaking to her was Professor Wei Shuyi, who was reputed as the most handsome professor at Binjiang Medical University. Her face instantly turned red. She frantically handed the magazine to Wei Shuyi and shyly asked, “Professor Wei, you also like to read magazines?”

“What’s wrong? Can I only read medical books?” Wei Shuyi chuckled. The girls blushed when they heard his laughter.

They couldn’t resist Professor Wei’s charm and left.

Wei Shuyi watched them leave before opening the magazine and reading carefully.


When Wei Shuyi returned home, he saw the girl sitting by the window in a daze.

He took off his shoes and deliberately increased the volume of his footsteps. Upon hearing the commotion, Qiao Jiusheng finally retracted her gaze from outside the window and turned around to look at Wei Shuyi. “Class ended pretty early today.”

Qiao Jiusheng stood up. The weather had become much warmer, and she had worn casual clothes today, a loose khaki-colored long-sleeved shirt and black pants. Her long legs looked straight and thin.

More than two months had passed since the accident. Qiao Jiusheng’s injuries had mostly recovered, but the injuries in her heart were difficult to heal.

“There was only one lesson in the afternoon,” Wei Shuyi said as he casually placed the magazine on the coffee table. He took off his jacket. Qiao Jiusheng grabbed it and hung it on the clothes rack. At this moment, she heard Wei Shuyi ask, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Qiao Jiusheng adjusted her sleeves and replied, “I want to eat stir-fried pork loin.”

“What else?”

“Steamed dumplings.”

Wei Shuyi raised his eyebrows and asked, “Pork loin with steamed dumplings?” It was a weird combination.

Qiao Jiusheng turned around and looked at Wei Shuyi with a complicated gaze that was filled with longing. She remembered that in her previous life, she had lived in a nursing home for the rest of her life. The elderly in the nursing home often gathered together to make dumplings, and Wei Shuyi’s best dish was stir-fried pork loin.

She suddenly missed the taste of dumplings and pork loins.

“Can’t I?” Qiao Jiusheng asked.

Wei Shuyi pursed his lips and replied, “Sure.” He rolled up his sleeves and walked toward the kitchen. Just as he peeled off the pig skin from the pork belly, he heard the sound of a book flipping in the living room behind him. He turned his head and saw Qiao Jiusheng sitting alone on the sofa, holding the magazine in her hands. Her eyes were slightly dazed.

At that moment, Qiao Jiusheng’s entire body was filled with sorrow and a hatred so faint that it was barely noticeable.

After reading the magazine article, Qiao Jiusheng’s heart became as cold as ice.

Everything that had happened in this life until now was just like how it had been in her previous life. The only difference was that she had managed to escape.

Qiao Jiusheng’s heart was in a mess. As her thoughts ran wild, Wei Shuyi called her to eat.

She stood up and walked to the dining table to sit down. Wei Shuyi handed her a dumpling, and the two of them sat opposite each other. Qiao Jiusheng ate a dumpling and praised the dish. “It still tastes the same. Delicious!”

Wei Shuyi paused as he picked up the dumplings. He speechlessly looked at Qiao Jiusheng. If he did not remember wrongly, this was the first time he had made dumplings for this girl in the two months they had known each other. It still tastes the same? Why is she saying that?

Wei Shuyi’s silence made Qiao Jiusheng realize that she had said something wrong.

She faintly smiled and said, “The dumplings you made taste very similar to the dumplings my previous chef made. They taste the same.”

“Really?” Wei Shuyi did not expose her lie.

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