Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 1182 - don't do homework, do something else

Chapter 1182: don’t do homework, do something else

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after this incident, fang zicheng couldn’t help but think of some unhealthy scenes whenever he saw lu yinxi.

lu yinxi noticed that fang zicheng would look at her occasionally, and his eyes would become unfocused. sometimes, when he spoke, he would become silent, and she found it strange. this strange scene continued until christmas.

on christmas eve, lu yinxi received another gift from fang zicheng. fang zicheng had sent the gift via express delivery. lu yinxi held the box and guessed what was inside.

she waited until school was over and everyone had left before she quietly opened the box.

there was indeed a pair of gold earrings with tasseled fan leaves in the box.


lu yinxi carefully picked up the pair of earrings and put them on her ears. she looked smug in the mirror for nearly a minute. she put away her earrings and the jewelry box in her bag before walking out of the school.

at the school gate, fang zicheng had been waiting for more than ten minutes.

seeing that lu yinxi’s lips were curved, fang zicheng guessed why she was happy. ” did you receive my gift? ” he asked.


lu yinxi put her hands behind her back and pulled the zipper of her bag. she looked up and smiled at fang zicheng. ” i put my things in the small compartment of my bag. i won’t lose them. ”

fang zicheng smiled.

the two of them walked side by side to lu yinxi’s house.

ever since her aunt had passed away, lu yinxi had moved. she was no longer in the neighborhood she lived in, but it was still near nanshan road. she had rented a single apartment by herself. it was only about 40 square meters, with one room, a small living room, and a small kitchen.

for the sake of safety, fang zicheng had hired someone to install surveillance cameras and an emergency alarm system in lu yinxi’s house. he also had the key to lu yinxi’s house. on the way home, lu yinxi bought two ice creams, one matcha and one strawberry.

fang zicheng loved strawberry-flavored ice cream.

when fang zicheng was eating the ice cream, he noticed that pinglu yinxi liked to lick the ice cream ball with her little red tongue. he couldn’t help but swallow. then, he said to lu yinxi, ” stop adding. ”

lu yinxi blinked and asked, ” what’s wrong? ”

fang zicheng’s gaze was deep. he looked at her silently and did not explain anything.

lu yinxi thought for a while and said, ” do you think it’s unsightly to lick and eat like this? alright, i’ll just bite and eat. ” lu yinxi took small bites of the ice cream, but fang zicheng did not feel any better.

he quickly threw a big mouthful of ice cream into his mouth, his cheeks bulging, hoping to hide his embarrassment.

after eating the ice cream, lu yinxi suddenly said, ” i also have a gift for you. ”


“in my house.”

knowing that lu yinxi had also prepared a gift for him, fang zicheng didn’t look very happy, but he walked faster. when they got home, lu yinxi asked fang zicheng to sit on the sofa while she went back to her room to get the gift.

lu yinxi walked out with a gift box in her hands. “here you go,”

fang zicheng took the box with a smile and asked her curiously, ” what’s in this? ”

“you’ll know when you see it.”

lu yinxi walked to the dining table and sat down. she opened her school bag, took out the practice questions, and placed them on the table. she was ready to write her essay. fang zicheng opened the box and saw a brick-red sweater.

he was a little surprised. ” you knitted it yourself? ”

most of the sweaters she gave were handmade by herself.

lu yinxi nodded in embarrassment.

she heard the sound of footsteps behind her and couldn’t help but turn around. she saw that fang zicheng had taken off his school uniform and the wool sweater he had worn out of courtesy and was now wearing the sweater she had knitted for him.

the sweater fit her perfectly.

the white sweater was knitted into the shape of a young girl with a ponytail.

fang zicheng pointed at the girl and asked lu yinxi, ” is this you? ”

lu yinxi blushed and nodded. “if it wasn’t me, who do you think it was?” would she knit another girl on his sweater?

fang zicheng was really silly.

lu yinxi whispered in her heart.

when fang zicheng was with lu yinxi, he would almost always block his powers. he did not like the feeling of knowing what his partner was thinking. he preferred to try to figure out the meaning behind lu yinxi’s every frown and smile. this would give him a sense of accomplishment.

fang zicheng was really happy.

he didn’t take off his sweater. wearing it, he strode over to lu yinxi.

lu yinxi saw him walking over. she opened fang zicheng’s bag and asked him as she looked for a book, ” what homework did you give me today? you can do it first and tutor me later. ”

she had just taken out an english practice book when fang zicheng suddenly hugged her from behind.

lu yinxi looked up in shock.

she stared at fang zicheng, who was leaning his head on her shoulder, and was a little surprised. ” what’s wrong, fang zicheng? ”

fang zicheng said, ” we’re not doing homework today. ”

” what about tomorrow’s homework? will you be called to the teacher’s office to be lectured? ”

“i’ll make it for you tonight.”

lu yinxi was shocked. ” are you serious? ” fang zicheng was such a serious and serious person. how could he say such a thing? lu yinxi touched fang zicheng’s forehead and asked, ” have you been possessed? ”

fang zicheng raised his head and licked her wrist.

lu yinxi quickly retracted her hand. she felt her entire body burning. it was not good.

“what are you doing?”

what was he doing?

fang zicheng did not explain.

he tilted his head to kiss lu yinxi’s cheek. after a kiss, his lips moved to her neck. fang zicheng kissed lu yinxi’s neck and gently sucked. ” let’s do something else, ” he said.

lu yinxi’s face flushed red.

“do, do … this isn’t good, right? how old are we? it’s not good to be so small, it’s harmful to the body …”

“i’m not done.”

fang zicheng wouldn’t really touch lu yinxi. he knew what to do. he just didn’t want to kiss lu yinxi. he liked her so much! why was he suppressing himself?

is studying fun?

studying wasn’t as fun as his elk.

although lu yinxi liked fang zicheng, she knew how to control herself. she pushed fang zicheng away sternly and said, ” no, there are some things that boys say that can’t be trusted. even if it’s you, you can’t believe it. ”

at that moment, lu yinxi suddenly became smart and determined.

fang zicheng felt as if he was looking at the girl who had always overshadowed him when they were young.

lu yinxi said, ” boys say ‘i’ll only rub against you, but i won’t go in’ and ‘i won’t do the full set’. these are all lies that can’t be trusted.” lu yinxi raised the collar of her sweater. ” we’ll make it after you graduate from college, ” she said.

fang zicheng was speechless.

did he dig a deep hole for himself in the past?

fang zicheng unwillingly let go of lu yinxi.

he looked down at his lower body and said to lu yinxi, ” i’m going to the bathroom. ”

lu yinxi immediately understood what he meant.

“that way.”

she even considerately pointed in the direction of the bathroom.

“i know!” fang zicheng replied through gritted teeth and entered the bathroom with a dark face.

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