Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 1183 - half an hour in the bathroom, very long

Chapter 1183: half an hour in the bathroom, very long

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lu yinxi watched as fang zicheng entered the bathroom. she patted her chest gently and said in a low voice, ” i almost wavered … ”

teenagers were full of curiosity about sex. lu yinxi was curious as well, but she knew what should be done and what should not be done.

fang zicheng stayed in the bathroom for a long time before coming out.

when he came out, lu yinxi secretly glanced at the clock on the wall. well, from the time he entered the bathroom to the time he came out, it had been almost half an hour. lu yinxi couldn’t help but stare blankly. in the future, when it really came to the practical stage …

could she take it?


“what are you thinking about?” fang zicheng saw her looking at him with her head tilted and was curious about what she was thinking about.

lu yinxi quickly put away the unhealthy thoughts in her mind. “it’s nothing. i just think you’re pretty good looking.”

fang zicheng’s lips seemed to curl up.

he said, ” it’s all because of our parents ‘good genes. ”

lu yinxi was speechless.

wasn’t he just showing off his genes?

“the baby we have in the future will definitely be very beautiful.” lu yinxi said casually.

when fang zicheng heard this, he lost the mood to do the questions. he put down his pen and looked at lu yinxi. ” how many babies do you think we should have in the future? ” he asked.

was it appropriate to talk about this now?

lu yinxi really thought about it seriously. she said, ” i like boys. give birth to one. give birth to a boy. ”

” i don’t know if i like boys or girls, ” fang zicheng replied. he had never thought of this problem before. ” but as long as it’s ours, i’ll take care of it. ”

lu yinxi complained, ” are you going to abandon me? ” abandoning the child now is the crime of murder.”

“of course i won’t abandon you. i can still afford to raise the child.”

“then let’s have one,”

“sure.” ” what’s a good name? ” fang zicheng asked lu yinxi.

lu yinxi pondered for a moment and said, ” fang lu. it sounds nice. ”

“it’s alright.”

the two children were only 17 or 18 years old, but they had already planned out the gender and name of their future children. the two of them chatted for a while more before they finally calmed down and started doing their homework.

by the time she finished her homework, the sky was already dark.

lu yinxi didn’t know how to cook, and neither did fang zicheng, but he didn’t want to go out and cook.

in the end, the two of them still chose to cook by themselves.

lu yinxi washed the rice and cooked. fang zicheng called his father to ask him how to make egg custard and stir-fried chili with meat. fang yusheng sent a video over. fang zicheng mimicked fang yusheng’s cooking of stir-fried meat with chili and steamed eggs. in the end, the taste was not bad.

lu yinxi praised fang zicheng as she ate. ” you’re great, fang zicheng. we won’t starve to death in the future. ”

” i don’t like to cook, ” fang zicheng said with a straight face.

” then you can teach me in the future, ” lu yinxi said.


fang zicheng had to leave after dinner.

before he left, he received a call from qiao jiusheng. fang zicheng said a few more words to his mother and hung up. after he hung up, fang zicheng said to lu yinxi, ” mom just told me on the phone that we’re having a family dinner tomorrow night. it’s a family dinner with no outsiders. she invited you to come too. ”

“who’s at the family gathering?”

“there’s my brother shan and his family. my grandparents will also come back. there’s no one else.”

when lu yinxi’s leg had been injured, she had been in frequent contact with the fang family, so she was not nervous. she agreed. remembering that there was a gathering the next night, she asked fang zicheng, ” what should i wear then? it’s not nice to wear too plain clothes.” she was going to buy some clothes.

but fang zicheng said that she could just wear her usual clothes.

after sending fang zicheng off, lu yinxi called wan yuting and asked if she was free to go shopping with her the next day.

it just so happened that tomorrow was saturday.

wan yuting readily agreed.

the next day, lu yinxi asked wan yuting out. she went to the mall and picked out a plaid strappy winter dress with a tight sweater inside. this kind of outfit was in line with the vivaciousness and shrewdness that she should have at her age.

after shopping, they passed by an ear shop. lu yinxi thought of something and said to wan yuting, ” where did you get your ear holes? i’m going to get my ear holes too. ”

” yay, lu yinxi, you finally know how to love your looks after you started dating. ” wan yuting always liked to tease lu yinxi, but lu yinxi didn’t get angry. ” where did you fight? ”

“i’m an auntie who runs a beauty salon. let’s go, it’s fast to take the subway.”

“alright,” he said.

lu yinxi went to get her ears pierced. then, she went to a fruit shop to buy some fruits. she bought a bouquet of carnations from a florist and took a car to dragonbay. when she arrived, fang zicheng had just come out to buy coconut juice.

when the two met, they would go in together.

fang zicheng noticed that lu yinxi was wearing new clothes. he felt warm and comfortable when he thought about how lu yinxi had specially bought a new set of clothes to meet his family.

he helped lu yinxi get some fruits and let her hold some flowers.

” are the clothes expensive? ” he asked lu yinxi.

fang zicheng knew about lu yinxi’s financial situation, but lu yinxi didn’t care about her reputation. she said, ” it’s alright. i haven’t bought any clothes this year. this dress is a little expensive, but i’ll take it as a reward for escaping death. ”

after dying once, lu yinxi had accepted many things.

“that’s good.”

lu yinxi knew that fang zicheng’s clothes were from cheap brands, so she didn’t feel stage fright when she wore the plaid dress that cost more than 500 yuan. the two of them walked for nearly half an hour before they arrived at villa number nine.

when she arrived, she saw fang zikai coming out on a bicycle.

“where are we going?” fang zicheng asked.

“pick up my boss!” fang zikai said. he stared at his bicycle and rushed to pick her up.

lu yinxi asked fang zicheng, ” gu yiqiu is coming too? ”

“i think so. if they’ve invited you, they’ll invite her too.”

“that’s true.”

qiao jiusheng and fang yusheng personally went to the front yard to welcome lu yinxi. lu yinxi gave flowers to qiao jiusheng and called her ” auntie. ” qiao jiusheng praised the fresh flowers she picked. fang yusheng took the fruits and asked fang zicheng to bring lu yinxi to play.

when fang taoran saw lu yinxi, he ran over and called out ” sister zhuolu “, then ran to chi boguang’s side to listen to him talk about how he and lisa had met back then. lu yinxi was also interested and sat down beside fang taoran.

fang zicheng saw that lu yinxi was very comfortable alone, so he went to help qiao jiusheng lay out the tablecloth.

outside the house, fang zikai picked up gu yiqiu and drove her to villa number nine.

today was the foreigners ‘day. the people living in this neighborhood knew it was christmas even if they didn’t. when he saw the second son of the fang family riding a bicycle and carrying his girlfriend past their house, he guessed that the fang family had set up a family banquet and had invited the two children’s girlfriends as well.

ever since the law stipulated that 16 was considered an adult a few years ago, young people nowadays were getting bolder and bolder in dating.

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