Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184

1184 grandpa is telling a story again

those single parents whose children were almost 30 saw that the two 18-year-old boys of the fang family had girlfriends. looking at his own family’s child who was still single despite his age, he could not help but sigh.

” look at the two boys from the fang family. how old are they? they’ve just turned 18, right? they’ve already found girlfriends. ”

” just now, i saw the fang family’s eldest son bringing his girlfriend over, and now the second son is here to pick up his girlfriend … don’t you think it’s infuriating? other people already have a partner at such a young age, why don’t you have one?! ”

the single son, who was reprimanded, didn’t dare to say a word. seeing that his parents were still talking non-stop, he made an excuse that he had an appointment with a friend, took his car keys, and ran away.


“you’re running again! you only know how to run outside all day!”

“if i don’t run out, how am i supposed to find you a wife!” the son replied loudly and quickly drove away.

“this is useless! you can’t even compare to two little kids!” his old parents shook their heads and sighed. they were so envious of the fang family’s fang yusheng and qiao jiusheng. he was really lucky. he was so young, and his sons already had girlfriends, unlike them …

based on the speed of the two boys from the fang family, it seemed that in a few years, qiao jiusheng and her husband would be able to hold a grandson.

it just so happened that dongli ao was also off work today. the door of his villa no. 7 was open, and he was sitting in the front yard, basking in the sun. when fang zicheng and fang zikai passed by their house with their girlfriends, they even stopped to greet him.

after fang zikai left, dongli ao said to the butler, ” the girlfriends of the two boys from the fang family are quite good looking, especially the one at the back. one look and you can tell she’s a mature lady. ”

hearing this, the butler gave a faint “en.”

“what’s wrong?” hearing that the butler was not in a good mood, dong li ao opened his eyes and glanced at him.

the butler said, ” you’re already in your twenties. i haven’t seen you bring a girl back yet. what’s wrong with you? ” are you planning to be a small-time police officer for the rest of your life?”

dongli ao was speechless.

he didn’t have his parents to urge him to get married, but he had the butler to do so. how could he live like this?

” the sun is so comfortable. i can fall asleep under it. i’m so sleepy. don’t disturb me. ” dong li ao closed his eyes and pretended to fall asleep.

the butler shook his head with a look of disappointment.

fang taoran and lu yinxi were listening to chi baoguang talk about his first date with lisa when fang zikai entered the house with gu yiqiu.

gu yiqiu was wearing a black woolen coat and a pair of flat boots. her height and curvaceous figure had already revealed her feminine charm. it was not gu yiqiu’s first time at the fang family’s house. after she entered the house, she greeted all the elders before placing the chocolate on the coffee table.

“ranran, elk, come and have some chocolate.” gu yiqiu waved at the two girls.

fang taoran and lu yinxi ran over and picked out a few tipsy chocolates. as they ate, they listened to chi boguang talk about his romantic affairs when he was in school. gu yiqiu also stood by the side and listened. she found it quite interesting and sat down next to fang taoran.

chi boguang was a very serious person. when he realized that all the people listening to his story were girls, he deliberately slowed down his speech to make himself look more approachable.

lisa asked fang yusheng and qi bufan to go to the courtyard to roast the turkey. qi bufan could cook the chicken, but he couldn’t make a delicious turkey. in the end, the job of roasting the turkey fell to fang yusheng.

lisa stared at the two men outside the window. seeing that they didn’t mess up, she was relieved.

the phone at home rang. qiao jiusheng washed her hands and went to answer the call.

the call was from fang yupei, who was far away in new Zealand.

as usual, fang yupei told her about her parents ‘health and wished them a happy holiday.

qiao jiusheng also wished them a happy holiday.

fang yupei heard this and said, ” when i was in china, i especially liked christmas. there were many young people, so it was lively. “after that, i came to new Zealand. it’s christmas here, so i started to miss the good spring festival …”

however, she could never return to china to celebrate the spring festival.

qiao jiusheng remained silent.

” by the way, sister-in-law ah sheng, i have a boyfriend. ” fang yupei’s voice finally had a trace of vitality.

“is that so? what kind of boy is he?” qiao jiusheng was genuinely happy for her.

after so many years, fang yupei was no longer as rude as she was when she was a girl. after experiencing some storms, she had become more sensible. she was already 35 or 36 years old, but she was still single.

a few days ago, when she had dinner with xu pingfei and the others, lisa had even talked about fang yupei’s single status.

finally hearing that she was in a relationship, qiao jiusheng was truly happy for her.

fang yupei said, ” it’s a local man. he’s a police officer. he’s upright, kind, and considerate. ” his family isn’t very rich, but he’s able to get by. he’s a very ordinary man. ”

fang yupei laughed and said, ” but sister-in-law ah sheng, the way he looks at me reminds me of the way brother yusheng looks at you. i think that a man who would treat me like that would be a good man. that’s why i’m going to try it out with him.”

qiao jiusheng was a little embarrassed when she heard this.

” that’s good. it’s better to find someone who knows you better than to be alone. ”

“yes, i am. alright, lakeland is here to see me. bye.” lakeland should be the name of fang yupei’s boyfriend.

qiao jiusheng said goodbye and hung up after fang yupei hung up. she seemed to have thought of something as she stood beside the phone in a daze.

at the gate, xu pingfei’s family had arrived in their car.

xu pingfei was wearing an artificial fur coat. she was already quite old, but she still wore a pair of very slim jeans. however, she maintained her figure very well, so she didn’t feel out of place in jeans.

behind her, fang yu ‘an came in with his family, ouyang chao, as well as his two nephews, fang shan and ah ming.

qiao jiusheng heard fang yusheng talking to fang yuan. when she heard fang yusheng’s voice, she finally came back to her senses. chi boguang’s storytelling voice rang in her ears. in his old age, his voice was no longer as charming as it had been when he was young, but it had a more mellow tone.

it was like a pot of old wine buried underground, filled with a strong fragrance.

chi boguang said,”when i was young, i never thought i would like someone so deeply.” at that time, liking a person was shallow. he only liked her for her good looks. gradually, i got to know your grandmother better and realized how interesting she was. she was elegant and well-mannered.”

he showed a rare genuine and nostalgic smile and looked at the old lady in the kitchen. even though her hair had started to turn white, she was still elegant even though she was busy. he said, ” i’m in love with her beautiful and refined face, but i’m fascinated by her interesting and noble soul. ”


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