Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Fang Family’s Old Affairs

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All those who knew about the old affairs of the Fang family were clear-headed.

Fang Mu was an illegitimate son of the Fang family. His mother was actually an actress named Mu Chen.

Fang Pingjue’s wife was called Lisa. The second year after his marriage, he had cheated on her with Fang Mu’s mother, Mu Chen. The following year, Fang Mu was born.

Fang Mu’s birth made Lisa realize that her husband had cheated on her.

Lisa was a pure Englishman. The education she had received and the dignity she had did not allow her to continue this marriage with such a compromise. Thus, Fang Pingjue’s first marriage lasted for only three years and ended in divorce. After the divorce, Lisa brought Fang Yusheng back to England.

However, even after Lisa and Fang Pingjue parted ways, Fang Mu’s mother did not manage to enter the Fang family home. Fang Pingjue’s father was an old man who valued his daughter-in-law’s family background and character. In his eyes, Mu Chen was a nobody. Although Lisa did not have a powerful background, she was a very good physicist. She had been a physics professor at Manchester University.

Between Mu Chen and Lisa, Elder Fang had been more inclined toward the latter.

In his eyes, Mu Chen was not only an actress who had a hard time entering the main hall but also an outsider who had ruined a family’s happiness and harmony.

One could imagine how difficult it was for Mu Chen to marry into the Fang family. At that time, Fang Pingjue also followed Elder Fang’s advice. Since Elder Fang did not agree to his marriage with Mu Chen, Fang Pingjue had given up.

After that, under Elder Fang’s orders, Fang Pingjue married the Xu family’s third daughter in H City located in the north. His new wife gave birth to a son and a daughter. Now, their lives were pretty good. As for Fang Mu’s mother, she died in a car accident more than ten years ago.

These past events were the best topic for the people of Binjiang City to talk about during their leisure time. More than twenty years had passed since then, so those of the younger generation naturally were unaware of these past events. Those of the older generation who knew the details and saw that the Fang family’s power was growing would naturally keep the matter under wraps.

That was why the words Fang Yusheng told Qi Bufan to say to Fang Mu were insinuating Fang Pingjue’s unfaithfulness to his first wife and also mocking Fang Mu’s lowly status.

Qi Bufan closed the box and left the meditation room.

The next day, the Fang family residence bustled with noise and excitement. Fang Yusheng’s house was more than 300 meters away from the main house. Even from such a distance, he could still hear the laughter coming from the main house. Fang Yusheng got out of bed and pressed the bell. Aunt Jin immediately ran upstairs and gave him warm water.

Fang Yusheng would take a bath every morning.

He said that he was a cultivator; bathing and cleansing his body every morning was also a form of cultivation. Although Aunt Jin felt that this was unreasonable, she still obeyed his instructions. Qi Bufan, however, felt that Fang Yusheng was being pretentious.

Under Fang Yusheng’s instructions, Aunt Jin prepared a pure white linen t-shirt for him, as well as a short jacket with a round collar and buckle. After taking a shower, Fang Yusheng braided his hair and tied it into a bun at the back of his head.

When he was done changing his clothes and putting on his Buddha beads, Fang Yusheng smoothly went downstairs. He slowly ate his vegetarian breakfast and drank a cup of fresh soya milk before saying to Qi Bufan, “Let’s go.”

Qi Bufan had been impatiently waiting for a long time. When he saw that Fang Yusheng was finally wiping the corner of his mouth and getting ready to leave, he quickly picked up his car keys to fetch the car.

Fang Yusheng put on his sunglasses. He was about to leave the room when he heard Aunt Jin chasing after him. “Young Master Yusheng, wait.”

Fang Yusheng stopped in his tracks.

He felt a smooth cane press against his palm.

“Take it with you. You’re not familiar with the place you’re going to today. It’ll be more convenient with this,” Aunt Jin said.

Fang Yusheng pinched his cane and asked, “What color is the cane?”

Aunt Jin was stunned for a moment, then she said, “It’s a gray cane that you’ve never used before.”

Fang Yusheng nodded and praised her. “You made the right choice.”

Aunt Jin was puzzled. She then heard Fang Yusheng say, “The color of the cane suits my outfit today.”

Aunt Jin: “…”

He’s a cultivator! Why does he care so much about his appearance?

Qi Bufan, who had just driven the car over, also heard this. Naturally, he smirked.

When Fang Yusheng’s car passed by the main house, Fang Pingjue and the others had already made preparations. Rows of luxury cars were lined up in front of the main house, waiting for Fang Yusheng’s arrival. Seeing that Fang Yusheng had come in a black Volkswagen at such an occasion, Fang Pingjue’s expression turned a little ugly.

However, Fang Yusheng was blind. He could not see the expressions of his family members.

“Brother Yusheng, you changed your hairstyle again!”

A sweet girl’s voice entered Fang Yusheng’s ears.

Qi Bufan looked up and saw Miss Yuqing, who was wearing a pink strap dress, walking toward their car. This girl was Fang Yusheng’s younger sister and the younger daughter of Fang Pingjue and Xu Pingfei. Her name was Fang Yuqing, and she was still in the first year of high school.

Fang Yusheng pursed his lips when he heard Fang Yuqing’s voice.

“Does it look good?” he asked her.

Fang Yuqing stared at her brother’s head, and her eyes sparkled. “Yes!” No one else was as good-looking as her Brother Yusheng.

In the entire Fang family, only Fang Yuqing’s taste was similar to Fang Yusheng’s. Due to the praise, Fang Yusheng’s mood turned good. Hence, he ordered Qi Bufan to open the car door and allowed Fang Yuqing to get in.

Fang Yuqing quickly climbed into the car. Along the way, she grabbed her brother and asked him all sorts of questions.

Fang Yusheng patiently listened. He occasionally replied with a few sentences. The two of them chatted for a while before they arrived at the Empire Hotel.

“Mr. Fang, we’re here.”

Qi Bufan opened the car door for Fang Yusheng. Fang Yusheng stretched out his cane and got out of the car. Fang Yuqing got out of the car as well. She looked at her brother who was walking in front of her. Even though he was using a cane, he still looked like a gentleman. Her eyes flashed with regret.

If Big Brother were not blind, he would definitely attract more attention than Second Brother.

Young Master Fang rarely appeared in public. So when he stepped into the hotel, many guests curiously looked at him. He came inside the hotel with the Fang family. His sunglasses, cane, and brown hair were enough to guess his identity.

As the parents of the groom, Fang Pingjue and Xu Pingfei were naturally busy.

Fang Yusheng instructed Qi Bufan to go to the reception desk and present the congratulatory gift. He entered the banquet hall first. When he arrived at the reception desk, a few young talents were writing down their cash gifts in front of Qi Bufan.

“Cheng Hao, gift money, 88,000 yuan, credit card.”

“Wan Zihao, gift money, 99,900 yuan, credit card.”

“Li An, gift money, 100,000 yuan, cash.”

Qi Bufan expressionlessly listened, cursing Fang Yusheng in his heart.


Qi Bufan placed the box on the stage and said, “Fang Yusheng.”

Upon hearing that it was a gift from the groom’s brother, the two men in charge of writing the gift book paid more attention. One of them curiously opened the box. He originally thought that the box would have gold and silver jewelry, but he only saw a book with the words “Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra” written on it.

The corners of man’s mouth twitched, and his face darkened.

The other person took the book and looked up at Qi Bufan with an ugly expression. “Sir, how do we register this?”

Qi Bufan expressionlessly said, “Just write it as Heart Sutra personally copied by Fang Yusheng.”

“That’s too…”

Without waiting for the man to speak, Qi Bufan continued, “Mr. Fang can’t see. He spent half a year copying this Heart Sutra with his most sincere heart. You have to know that since he can’t see anything, copying the Heart Sutra is a very agonizing thing…”

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