Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: She Is Not Xiao Sheng


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Qi Bufan’s nonsense put the man in a difficult position.

Just when the man was about to say something, his co-worker hurriedly tugged on his sleeve. The man reacted and quickly changed his words. “Young Master is so considerate.”

Qi Bufan nodded and expressed that it was natural of him. He watched as the man wrote down Fang Yusheng’s name and the gift, then left.

As soon as Qi Bufan entered the hall, his expression turned ugly. When he found Fang Yusheng, he quietly stood beside him without uttering a single word. Sensing that Qi Bufan was in a bad mood, Fang Yusheng only smiled. He was about to tease him when he heard a commotion.

“The bride has arrived!”

The sound of firecrackers filled the air as everyone ran out of the wedding hall to the front door. They watched the groom and bride enter the hotel together.

The venue looked luxurious today. Dozens of sports cars were parked outside the hotel.

Fang Mu, who usually wore just a black suit, was dressed in a wine-red, high-end suit for the occasion. The bride was as beautiful as a fairy. She was dressed in an embroidered and beaded wedding dress and was holding fresh flowers in her hands. On her neck was the masterpiece designed by Qiao Yifi, the founder of the jewelry brand “Crown for Love.” The necklace was also called “Crown for Love.”

This dark purple pear-shaped diamond necklace was the treasure of the “Crown for Love” brand. It was not for sale. Only the Qiao family’s daughter could wear it at her marriage.

Today, Qiao Jiuyin looked absolutely stunning.

Fang Yuqing moved closer to Fang Yusheng and mumbled, “Second Sister-in-law is so pretty.”

Fang Yusheng smiled. “Really?”

“Of course.”

He touched the bracelet in his hand and calmly responded, “Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful she is, I can’t see it.”

Fang Yuqing quickly covered her mouth and stopped talking.

The bride had to go back to her room to change into the wedding gown for the wedding ceremony. She only showed her face in front of the crowd before going upstairs. When the crowd could no longer see her, everyone returned to the wedding hall. Fang Yusheng waited for everyone to leave before saying to Qi Bufan, “Let’s go in too.”


Fang Yusheng had just turned around when he felt that someone was staring at him.

Noticing that Fang Yusheng had stopped, Qi Bufan quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Fang Yusheng said, “Behind me, Seven o’clock.”

Qi Bufan abruptly turned around and looked in the direction Fang Yusheng had pointed out. He saw the back of a woman who had turned around in panic. “There is a girl.”

Fang Yusheng raised his eyebrows. “What does she look like?”

“I couldn’t see clearly. She had her back to me. I can’t even see her shadow now.”


The two of them walked toward the banquet hall. The ceremony would still take more than an hour to begin. When he saw that the banquet hall was crowded, Qi Bufan suggested to Fang Yusheng, “Since it’s still early, why don’t we go upstairs and rest for a while?”

Fang Yusheng was also a little unhappy because of the commotion around him. He nodded. “Alright.”

The hotel had a lounge upstairs. Fang Yusheng and Qi Bufan took their key cards and walked out of the elevator. Before they could find the room, they heard an old man’s voice coming from the hall.

“Didn’t you say that today is Xiao Sheng’s wedding day? Where’s my Xiao Sheng?”

“Grandpa, Xiao Sheng is standing right in front of you. Look carefully.”

The person asking for Xiao Sheng was a handsome man dressed in a red Tang suit. He looked to be in his seventies, and his hair had turned white. As for the one who had answered him, he was a handsome man clad in a navy blue suit.

Fang Yusheng lightened his footsteps and heard Qi Bufan explain, “They are the bride’s grandfather and elder brother.”

“Second Miss Qiao’s” parents had died in a plane accident a few years ago, and just a few months back, she had also lost her sister. She only had her grandfather and brother in this world. As Fang Yusheng nodded, he heard the old man say, “Nonsense! She’s not Xiao Sheng. She’s Xiao Yin.”

When he heard this, Qiao Jiuyin’s elder brother, Qiao Sen, quickly held his grandfather’s hand. He comforted him while pulling him into the room. “Grandpa, you haven’t taken your medicine today. Let’s go back to our room and take the medicine first.”

“Do you take me for a fool again?! I know I’m sick, but I’m not so sick that I can’t differentiate between Xiao Sheng and Xiao Yin.” Qiao Yunfan was very dissatisfied with his grandson’s actions. Even though his grandson pulled him away, his eyes remained fixed on Qiao Jiuyin, who was dressed in a luxurious wedding dress. He kept muttering, “She’s not Xiao Sheng. You must be mistaken.”

Witnessing this farce, Qi Bufan frowned and said, “This old man is seriously ill.”

Fang Yusheng was blind, yet he turned his head in the direction where Qiao Sen and Qiao Yunfan had disappeared to. “Do you believe it?”

“What?” Qi Bufan was confused by Fang Yusheng’s question.

“Do you believe what the Old Master said?” Fang Yusheng asked again.

Qi Bufan thought for a while and said, “I don’t. This old man has slight Alzheimer’s disease. Second Young Master and Second Miss Qiao have been in love for many years. He can’t be mistaken.”


Fang Yusheng twirled the prayer beads on his wrist and said without rhyme or reason, “Compared to a lover who only knows her for six years, a grandfather who has watched his granddaughter grow up is more convincing.”

Qi Bufan was stunned.

“What do you mean?”

Fang Yusheng shook his head. “Nothing.”

Since they are twins, why can’t Qiao Jiusheng be Qiao Jiuyin?

Fang Yusheng fiddled with his Buddha beads and followed Qi Bufan back to his room.

In the hall, Fang Mu saw that Qiao Jiuyin’s expression had become a little ugly. He could not help but worriedly ask, “Xiao Sheng, are you alright?”

Qiao Jiuyin looked up and met Fang Mu’s gaze. She opened her mouth, wanting to force a smile, but did not succeed. “My grandfather could not tell the difference between me and my sister. After that incident, he has become very sad. He still can’t accept the fact that my sister is no longer around…” As Qiao Jiuyin spoke, her eyes turned slightly red. It looked like she was extremely sad at the thought of her sister.

Fang Mu quickly held her hand. “Don’t think about it. Today is a joyous day. You should be happy.”

Fang Mu led Qiao Jiuyin back to her room.


“Grandpa, today is Sister’s big day. Please watch your words.”

In the room, Qiao Sen squatted by Qiao Yunfan’s feet and held his hand. His eyes were filled with helplessness. The Qiao sisters got their looks from their mother, while their older brother Qiao Sen looked like their father Qiao Jingren.

Qiao Yunfan stared at Qiao Sen and sighed. He then said, “Jingren, I can recognize her even as her grandfather. But how can you, her father, not recognize your own daughter?”

Seeing that his grandfather had again mistaken him as his father, Qiao Jingren, Qiao Sen gave up trying to persuade him.

He stood up and found the Old Master’s medicine in his bag. Then, he poured out two pills and coaxed the Old Master to drink them. Only then did he feel relieved.

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