Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Getting Beaten When We Meet

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“Yuqing, are you free now?”

Hearing this question, Fang Yuqing, who was hiding in a corner with her best friend and scrolling through Weibo, looked up. She then rushed over and asked, “Second Sister-in-law, what’s the matter?”

Qiao Jiuyin said, “I saw that Big Brother didn’t seem to have eaten anything tonight. Only Aunt Jin cooks in his courtyard. It has gotten late, so I don’t think she prepared any food for him.” Qiao Jiuyin pointed at the box in her hand and said, “I had the chef make some food for him. If you’re free—”

Before Qiao Jiuyin could finish, Fang Yuqing jumped up.

She kept her phone in her pocket and took the box. Patting her chest, she said, “I’m free. I’ll send it over.” She carried the box and dragged her best friend to Fang Yusheng’s courtyard.


When Fang Yusheng returned to the courtyard, Auntie Jin had already fallen asleep.

Fang Yusheng was very familiar with his house, so he could freely move around here without anyone accompanying him.

Fang Yusheng asked Qi Bufan to rest before returning to his room. Even though he could not see anything, he still acted like a normal person. He turned on the lights in his room and walked into the cloakroom with great familiarity. Then, he took off his clothes and changed into his pajamas. When he returned to the bed, he removed his sunglasses and prayer beads, then lay down next to the bed.

As he turned off the light, he could hear nothing but the sound of breathing and the distant clamor of the birthday party.

After lying down for a while, Fang Yusheng realized that something was wrong…

He could hear another person’s breathing beside his ear.

“Amitabha!” Young Master Fang exclaimed in shock. He suddenly sat up and rolled down the bed in agitation.

As he sat on the floor, Fang Yusheng was stunned.

There was a woman on his bed! He stood up, and a layer of frost appeared on his originally gentle and handsome face.

“Get down!”

Fang Yusheng, who cultivated his body and mind, ate vegetarian food, and recited Buddhist scriptures daily, had finally become angry.

A rustling sound came from the bed. Then, Fang Yusheng felt someone standing in front of him.

“Mr. Fang.” The woman’s voice gave Fang Yusheng a sense of familiarity.

Fang Yusheng was stunned.

He raised his eyebrows and asked in an unfriendly tone, “Sister-in-law?” It was obviously the voice of his sister-in-law, Qiao Jiusheng.

The person on the other end suddenly became silent.

After a while, just as the woman was about to respond, she suddenly heard footsteps come from the corridor outside. Then, Fang Yuqing’s exasperated voice traveled inside the room. “Brother Yusheng, look what I caught.”

The sudden change made the woman jump behind Fang Yusheng and hide behind him.

When Qiao Jiusheng realized that someone was coming inside the room, her eyes shifted and she hugged Fang Yusheng. Just then, Fang Yuqing opened the door and barged in.

Fang Yuqing and her best friend dragged a woman wearing a tight dress as they barged in together. Then, Fang Yuqing angrily said, “This woman has been outside your yard the whole time. She’s acting so sneaky. One look and you can tell that she’s—”

Fang Yuqing suddenly stopped talking. She widened her eyes and looked behind Fang Yusheng. A woman was hiding behind Fang Yusheng. She was much shorter than him, and one could only see her long hair and her slender legs.

Fang Yuqing: “…”

Fang Yuqing’s best friend blushed.

They seemed to have encountered something incredible.

The actress whose hair Fang Yuqing was pulling covered her mouth when she saw this scene. However, her eyes revealed that she was gloating.

Fang Yusheng’s face turned cold, and the atmosphere around him became treacherous and frosty.

There was no way he could clear his name now.

He had been eating vegetarian food and chanting Buddhist scriptures for more than ten years. He had always kept himself pure. His waist had only been hugged by his belt.

This woman deserves to die!

Right now, Young Master Fang looked like a young girl who had been taken advantage of and who wanted to throw herself into the lake.

It was ugly.

“Young Master Fang, what happened?” Qi Bufan ran up the stairs a step behind Fang Yusheng. The strange scene also stunned him. When he came back to his senses, he hurriedly walked in front of Fang Yusheng. With his back facing Fang Yusheng, he covered Young Master Fang, who had lost his composure, and Qiao Jiusheng.

Facing Fang Yuqing and the other two women, Qi Bufan said, “Miss Yuqing, I’ll have to trouble you, your friends, and…” Qi Bufan looked at the actress on the ground and continued, “Miss, please leave for a while.”


Fang Yuqing seemed to have lost her soul. She dejectedly went downstairs, taking the other two women with her.

Qi Bufan then turned to Fang Yusheng and said, “Young Master Fang, it was my fault.” It was indeed Qi Bufan’s fault for letting a strange woman into his room.

Fang Yuqing could not be bothered to scold Qi Bufan. Instead, she said, “Bufan, bring me a rope.”

Qi Bufan glanced at Fang Yusheng’s long hair and legs, nodded, and went to the house next door to get a rope.


A sturdy rope tied Qiao Jiusheng’s hands, and her body hung in the air.

The end of the rope was tied to the ceiling lamp.

The neatly-dressed Fang Yusheng sat on the wooden chair. He held the Buddha Bead in his left hand and recited some scriptures that Qiao Jiusheng could not understand. In his right hand, he held a whip.

The whip was too long, and its body was coiled around his crossed legs.

His left hand holds Buddha beads, and the right wields the whip! Is he a Buddha or a devil?

Qiao Jiusheng thought: It’s a demon.

Qi Bufan had gone downstairs to deal with Fang Yuqing and the other two women. Therefore the room was silent.

The silence lasted until Qi Bufan came upstairs. “Miss Yuqing has already left. I’m afraid we can’t hide what happened tonight,” he told Fang Yusheng.

Fang Yusheng’s hand that was turning the prayer beads stopped, and he stopped chanting the scripture. He raised his head, closed his eyes, and faced Qiao Jiusheng. When he thought of what Qi Bufan had said, he felt unhappy. This woman had put on makeup and looked a little like Second Madam.

“Who asked you to come?” he asked Qiao Jiusheng.

Fang Yusheng was certain that someone was trying to mess with him.

On such a special and lively night, a woman who looked like Qiao Jiusheng had sneaked into his bedroom. Moreover, this scene was coincidentally seen by Fang Yuqing, who came to deliver supper. Everything was unbelievably coincidental.

Fang Yusheng wouldn’t believe that it was anything other than a conspiracy.

Qiao Jiusheng’s hands were tied high above her head, and her body was suspended in the air. Her joints, which were connected to her shoulders, were in great pain, and her forehead was covered in sweat from the pain. When she heard Fang Yusheng’s question, her expression did not change as she replied, “Myself.”


A whip lashed Qiao Jiusheng’s waist.

Fang Yusheng had swung the whip in his hand.

“Who told you to disguise yourself as Qiao Jiusheng and sneak into my room?” Fang Yusheng’s voice was cold and unhappy compared to before.

Qiao Jiusheng’s face turned slightly pale as she gritted her teeth and said, “It’s really me.”


Another whip mercilessly landed on Qiao Jiusheng’s legs.

Qiao Jiusheng cursed in her heart and confessed everything. “I’m the real Qiao Jiusheng. Everything that happened tonight was my idea. It’s up to you to believe it or not!”

Fang Yusheng had already raised the whip in his hand again, but when he heard the name ‘Qiao Jusheng,’ the whip suddenly fell. “The real… Qiao Jusheng?” Fang Yusheng said the words ‘the real’ very slowly and heavily.

A frown appeared on his face as Fang Yusheng recalled the conversation he had earlier heard in the hall on Fang Mu’s wedding day. The old Qiao Yunfan had immediately concluded that the woman who married Fang Mu was not Qiao Jiusheng but his eldest granddaughter, Qiao Jiuyin. At that time, Fang Yusheng had felt that this matter was strange.

Fang Yusheng thought of the car accident a few months ago. One of the two Qiao sisters had died in this accident. Both were twins, and it was said that they looked almost identical. The dead could not speak, so the living could live however they wanted.

If what this person said is true, then the woman beside Fang Mu is most likely Qiao Jiuyin.

Fang Yusheng was secretly pleased when he thought about how Fang Mu’s heart was tied to Qiao Jiusheng, but he ended up marrying Qiao Jiusheng’s sister, Qiao Jiuyin.

Fang Yusheng gloatingly thought. He married a hypocritical venomous snake! Fang Mu’s future would be interesting.

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