Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Birthday Party

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Unknowingly, the day of the double seventh festival arrived.

It was not just the double seventh festival today but also Fang Pingjue’s birthday.

Initially, Fang Pingjue had not planned to hold a big birthday party.

However, Binjiang City had an unwritten rule. If the ages of a couple added up to exactly 100 years, then their birthdays would have to be grand.

Fang Pingjue was fifty-six years old, and Xu Pingfei happened to be forty-four. Their ages added up to exactly one hundred years. Hence, this birthday had to be grand.

As the new daughter-in-law of the Fang family, Qiao Jiuyin put in a lot of effort for this birthday party.

The birthday banquet was held at home, and Qiao Jiuyin personally decorated the venue. The venue looked warm and exquisite, yet it harbored a subtle luxury. Fang Pingjue and his wife wore the dresses that Qiao Jiuyin had a designer create for them. The two of them received a lot of praise for the dresses.

The dresses were a set of silver couple outfits. Fang Pingjue’s outfit was naturally a suit, while Xu Pingfei’s gown was a silver V-neck, backless dress.

Xu Pingfei had maintained her figure very well. Her backless dress revealed her beautiful shoulder blades, causing Fang Pingjue to frequently look at her. Xu Pingfei felt her heart sweeten. Usually, due to her status, she rarely wore such sexy clothes. Thus, Fang Pingjue was used to her virtuous and dignified image.

Today, seeing his wife in a sexy gown, Fang Pingjue felt his heart itch. Even when he chatted with his business friends, he had his arms around Xu Pingfei’s waist the entire time.

Everyone had to praise Fang Pingjue for his good fortune.

Fang Mu stood beside Qiao Jiuyin with an arrogant expression as well. Tonight, Qiao Jiuyin had worn an orange sleeveless, long dress. Her long hair was styled into lazy curls that draped over her shoulders. Despite her light makeup, she looked stunningly beautiful.

A handsome man and a beautiful woman stood together and looked down on everyone.

As he glanced around the banquet hall, Fang Mu leaned over and whispered into Qiao Jiuyin’s ear, “It has been hard on you.”

Qiao Jiuyin leaned into his embrace and said, “All of this is worth it for you.”

Fang Mu understood what she meant.

He took a deep look at Qiao Jiuyin and found it strange. After being in love with Xiao Sheng for so many years, he felt that he understood her well. She loved freedom the most and hated trouble. Now that she had become virtuous and sensible after marriage, Fang Mu felt relieved, but he also missed the carefree Xiao Sheng from the past.

After thinking about it, he still felt that it was unfair to Xiao Sheng.

“It has been a long time since we danced. Let’s go and dance.” Fang Mu extended her hand toward Qiao Jiuyin.

Qiao Jiuyin stared at the well-defined man’s hand, and her heart began beating faster.

In the past, she had only stood at a distance and watched Fang Mu and Qiao Jiusheng dance together.

Finally, it’s my turn.

Yes, everything was worth it.

She placed her hands on Fang Mu’s palms, and the two of them walked onto the dance floor. They danced along to the music. Their dancing skills were decent, and gradually, the number of people dancing around them decreased. Those who were originally dancing chose to stand aside and watch Second Young Master Fang and Second Madam Fang dance together.

In the crowd, a woman in a red dress quietly walked out of the banquet hall and made her way to a small courtyard.

After the dance ended, endless applause followed.

Everyone praised Fang Pingjue for his good fortune. His son was an outstanding man, and his daughter-in-law was virtuous and beautiful. As he heard these praises, Fang Pingjue’s cold and stern face gradually softened. When the birthday banquet was about to end, the Eldest Young Master finally arrived at the venue with a brocade box.

He was still dressed in the same light-colored cotton linen shirt, with his hair tied in a braid.

Accompanied by Qi Bufan, Fang Yusheng walked to the birthday boy and presented his congratulatory gift. When the banquet had just started, Second Young Master had given his father a “Longevity Blessing Twin Jubilee” Longevity Peach carved from Topaz. That gift was at least a million yuan worth.

At that time, many people felt that Second Young Master was generous and filial.

Fang Yusheng’s arrival naturally attracted the attention of many.

At Second Young Master’s wedding, Eldest Young Master Fang had given him a handwritten Buddhist scripture. This news had spread like wildfire. Who knew what Fang Mu thought when he received the gift. Fang Pingjue also knew about this, so when he saw the box in Fang Yusheng’s hand, an alert expression flashed past his eyes.

Unfortunately, Young Master Fang was blind, and he couldn’t see any of this.

When Fang Mu saw Fang Yusheng holding a brocade box, she could not help but recall the Buddhist scripture at his home. Her cold face slightly cracked.

Fang Yusheng raised the brocade box and handed it to Fang Pingjue. He then gently said, “Father, Aunt Xu, happy birthday.”

Fang Pingjue gazed at the box in front of him and hesitated.

His eldest son looked gentle and approachable, but in reality, he was a thorn. Fang Pingjue could not figure out what Fang Yusheng would give him, and for a moment, he did not really want to accept it. Xu Pingfei’s smile didn’t change, and she put on a happy expression as she took the box.

When she saw that everyone was looking at the box, Xu Pingfei had no choice but to open it.

Inside the box was a rolled-up painting.

She opened the painting. The painting was about three meters long, and some words were written on it with a brush. The words were—

Fortune is like the East Sea, longevity is like the South Mountain.

The calligraphy was bold and unconstrained. It could be seen that the writer’s calligraphy was quite good.

Compared to Second Young Master’s gift, this gift was indeed a little shabby. However, Fang Pingjue and Xu Pingfei heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was not some handwritten Buddhist scripture.

“It’s written very well. Which master did this calligraphy piece come from?” Xu Pingfei asked.

Everyone pricked up their ears, thinking that this master’s writing was really good. If there was a chance in the future, they would also go and get a piece from him.

As they excitedly waited, they heard Young Master Fang say, “It’s me.”

Everyone: “…”

Young Master Fang was indeed a miser.

Initially, Fang Pingjue had intended to praise the calligraphy master for his profound calligraphy skills. However, when he heard this reply, he nearly choked to death.

“It’s really well-written. Yusheng is so considerate.” Xu Pingfei still had that smile on her face. There was no hint of displeasure from her.

“Aunt Xu, you’re too kind.” Even though he said that, Fang Yusheng did not look humble at all.

Standing beside Fang Yusheng, Qi Bufan felt honored.


Although Fang Yusheng’s gift was a little shabby and he was blind, many people were impressed by his handsome appearance under his sunglasses.

When the banquet was about to end, Fang Yusheng and Qi Bufan left together.

Among the crowd was a lady from the entertainment circle; she had attended the banquet with a rich second-generation heir. When she saw Fang Yusheng leave, she thought of the recent rumors about this young master. They all said that the young master had been on repeated blind dates recently but hadn’t found anyone he liked.

She gritted her teeth and quietly followed him.

Tonight was an opportunity for her.

Qiao Jiuyin stood in the crowd and inadvertently saw a female celebrity following Fang Yusheng. Her eyes flashed.

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