Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Marriage (4)

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Qiao Jiusheng was naturally familiar with Binjiang City.

She waved her hand and hailed a taxi. The place where she got off was a small alley near the university city. Qiao Jiusheng then bought a hat from a stall by the roadside and used it to cover half of her face. After walking into the depths of the alley, she finally entered a tattoo shop.

Four hours later, Qiao Jiusheng walked out of the tattoo shop with a pale face.

When she exited the alley, it was already past lunchtime. She went to a shop next to Binjiang University named “Five Grains Noodles” and ordered a bowl of beef and tomato noodles. Through the fabric of her dress, Qiao Jiusheng touched her right thigh. Even though she had administered an anesthetic, her leg still hurt a little.

“Your beef tomato noodles are ready.”

The shopkeeper brought the bowl to Qiao Jiusheng and thanked her. Qiao Jiusheng picked up her chopsticks and started sucking in big mouthfuls.

When she was in university, she had brought Fang Mu here to eat several times.

The noodles’ smell was still familiar, but it was no longer the same.

“Xiao Sheng?”

Suddenly, a familiar girl’s voice reached Qiao Jiusheng’s ears.

The chopsticks in her hand paused. Qiao Jiusheng slowly looked up and saw a familiar face. For a moment, she could not associate this face with its owner.

The girl in front of her had a round face, and she was fair and beautiful. Dressed in a white negligee, she smiled brightly with a takeaway in her hand. When the girl saw that Qiao Jiusheng was staring at her as if she did not recognize her, she immediately put on an angry expression. “Qiao Jiusheng, what’s wrong? It has only been two months since we last met, yet you’re pretending to not know me!”

Qiao Jiusheng was stunned.

After experiencing the excruciating pain in her previous life, Qiao Jusheng could not remember many people she had known when she was young.

She felt that the girl in front of her was very familiar, but she couldn’t remember her name.

Seeing that Qiao Jiusheng was still pretending to not know her, Lin Wanwan’s smile faded. “Qiao Jiusheng, what is this? You even invited me to attend your wedding. Have you forgotten about me so quickly?” The girl sat on the stool in front of Qiao Jiusheng and angrily said, “Didn’t you always say that I’m your best friend?

“Our friendship is over,” she said again.

Best friend.

Lin Wanwan’s name finally appeared in Qiao Jiusheng’s mind.

She remembered that this person was Lin Wanwan, her best friend in university. They were so close that they could use the same lipstick. Qiao Jiusheng suddenly smiled. “Wanwan, long time no see.” It has been a long time, my best friend.

How long has it been since we last met?

Qiao Jiusheng had not seen her friend since Qiao Jiuyin imprisoned her until she died.

“I thought you really didn’t remember me.” Lin Wanwan grumbled. When she looked up, she saw Qiao Jiusheng smiling and crying.

Lin Wanwan felt terrible.

“Hey, Xiao Sheng, why are you crying?!” Lin Wanwan hurriedly took out a few pieces of tissue to wipe Qiao Jiusheng’s face. Qiao Jiusheng took the tissue and wiped her eyes, but she could not stop her tears.

Seeing this, Lin Wanwan completely panicked.

“What happened to you? Xiao Sheng, did Fang Mu bully you?”

Qiao Jiusheng shook her head.

Fang Mu did not bully me. He just let me down!

Trying hard to hold back her tears, Qiao Jiusheng ordered a portion of rice noodles for Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan pointed at the takeaway in her hand and said, “Now that you’re treating me, didn’t I buy this takeaway for nothing?” She picked up the rice noodles and started eating. “Why are you eating alone? Where’s Fang Mu?”

Qiao Jiusheng opened her mouth, then softly replied, “He has to go to work.”

“Sigh! He’s really deeply in love with you. When your sister met with an accident, he called all of our friends one by one and asked us to take turns to accompany you. He was afraid that you’d be unhappy alone.” Her eyes sparkled with envy. “If I could find someone who loved me as deeply as he loves you, I’d marry him too.”

Yes, we are truly in love.

Qiao Jiusheng sneered in her heart but said, “Yes, you will find someone who loves you.”

“Oh right, do you have it now?”

“What do you mean?” Qiao Jiusheng was a little confused.

Lin Wanwan said, “Child! Didn’t you say on the phone that you and Fang Mu were working hard on making a child? Why is there no news yet?”

Qiao Jiusheng stopped talking.

This exchange reminded her of her past life.

Qiao Jiuyin had given birth to a child during the mid-autumn season of Qiao Jiusheng’s first year of imprisonment. What about this life? It’s only a month away from the 15th of August.

“What’s wrong? You’re not pregnant yet?” Lin Wanwan asked.

Qiao Jiusheng shook her head and said, “Nothing yet.”

God knew how upset Qiao Jiusheng was when she tried her best to talk to others about this in a friendly manner. She was not very happy with the meal. After paying the bill, she rejected Lin Wanwan’s invitation to have a cup of coffee and took a taxi back to the Fang family.

The taxi passed by the Fang family’s house and stopped outside Fang Yusheng’s house.

Qiao Jiusheng returned to the house but did not see Fang Yusheng.

“Where’s Mr. Fang?”

Aunt Jin said, “Old Mr. Fang called him over.”

Qiao Jiusheng nodded. She felt that the wound from the whip was a little painful, so she returned to her room and took off her clothes. When she removed the bandage, she saw that the wound had become a little red. It made her afraid of inflammation. She changed the dressing for the wound and tied it up, but she did not see Fang Yusheng return.

We are in the same boat now. When Fang Yusheng had not returned for a long time, Qiao Jiusheng became worried.

At this moment, at the main house.

Xu Pingfei sat at a table in the side hall, trimming the flowers with the maid. In the main hall, Fang Pingjue glared at his eldest son, who was sitting in a chair, looking like an immortal.

Thanks to his blindness, Fang Yusheng could not see Fang Pingjue’s anger.

He continued to fiddle with his Buddha beads and muttered something under his breath. Butler Wan Lang stood beside Fang Pingjue and vaguely heard Fang Yusheng chanting something, “There is no light, there is no light, there is no end, there is no death, there is no death…”

Housekeeper Wan Lang’s eyelids twitched. He’s still chanting scriptures at this time. Young Master’s ability to make people suffer is really good.

Fang Pingjue could not stand it anymore and scolded his son, “Shut up! You still have the face to chant scriptures!” He threw a cup on Fang Yusheng’s shoulder. The boiling hot tea drenched Fang Yusheng’s suit. Since his shirt’s top two buttons were unbuttoned, the hot tea scalded his exposed collarbone red.

Butler Wan Lang glanced at Fang Yusheng’s scalded skin and could not bear to see it.

With a frown, Fang Yusheng took out a handkerchief to wipe off the water stains on his collarbone. He then asked, “Father, who made you angry?” Fang Yusheng’s tone was calm and without a hint of anger. He was indeed a man who cultivated his character and was devoted to Buddha.

Hearing the question, Fang Pingjue became even angrier.

“How dare you ask me that after what you’ve done?”

Fang Yusheng remained silent for a moment before humbly asking, “Father, you have to make yourself clear. You’re being vague. How would I know what I’ve done?”

“How do you explain what happened last night?” Due to the big mouth of the actress from the previous night, everyone now knew that a delicate girl had been hiding in Young Master Fang’s house. The two of them had been caught red-handed on the bed.

No wonder the blind dates kept blowing up. It turns out that someone else was in the house.

Fang Pingjue’s expression had become black and green, green and red.

“How dare you mess around with a woman? You’re embarrassing me!”

As Fang Pingjue spoke, he wanted to throw things at Fang Yusheng again. When he looked around, he realized that there was nothing to smash, so he gave up.

When he heard his father’s outburst, Fang Yusheng raised his eyebrows. He closed his eyes and looked at Fang Pingjue. His gentle voice rang out. “Father, you shouldn’t casually use words like fooling around with a woman on me.”

Fang Pingjue’s eyelids jumped, and he got a bad premonition in his heart. Xu Pingfei hesitantly looked in the direction of the main hall. According to this development, the father and son duo would soon fight each other.

The corners of Fang Yusheng’s lips curled up into a beautiful smile. Then, he said, “What do you mean by beastly matters? When my wife and I do things behind closed doors, it’s called being unable to control our emotions. It’s human nature. On the other hand, you, who was a married man but still found a female celebrity to have children with, are more worthy of the word ‘beast.'”


Xu Pingfei was shocked. She cut the rose branch in her hand into two.

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