Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Overwhelming Beauty (1)

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Butler Wan Lang, who had been listening by the side, became flabbergasted.

After his trip to England, Young Master’s fighting strength has increased again.

Fang Pingjue got so furious that he shook all over as if he had epilepsy. The butler hurriedly massaged his back and comforted him, “Don’t get angry, Sir. Eldest Young Master’s words are unpleasant. Don’t lower yourself to his level.”

Xu Pingfei could no longer watch by the sides. She also walked over and gently said sweet nothings to Fang Pingjue.

Fang Yusheng’s expression remained calm as he listened to Fang Pingjue’s panting voice. He even added fuel to the fire and said, “Amitabha.”

This ‘Amitabha’ angered Fang Pingjue again.

“Fang Yusheng, you beast, how did I give birth to you!” Fang Pingjue quickly stood up and rushed toward Fang Yusheng. He grabbed his son’s cane to smash him up, but the butler and Xu Pingfei reacted and rushed to stop the fight.

The two of them stopped Fang Pingjue. Xu Pingfei tiptoed and grabbed his cane. She then shot a glance at the butler, telling him to send the Eldest Young Master out. At the same time, she consoled Fang Pingjue in a fawning manner, “Pingjue, don’t get angry at Yusheng. It’s not like he doesn’t know how to talk for a day or two. Why are you arguing with him!”

“He’s going to anger me to death!” Fang Pingjue chased after Fang Yusheng, wanting to hit him. “This bastard, he did a shameful thing, yet he doesn’t allow me to scold him! I’m his father. It’s not his place to tell me what to do.”

Xu Pingfei didn’t say anything, but she complained in her heart. You were so ruthless when you were young. Only you are allowed to do it, and your son isn’t even allowed to say it?

The butler quickly pulled Fang Yusheng out. As they walked, he sighed and said, “Young Master, can’t you just admit your mistake to Sir? Why do you have to argue with him?”

“I can bear it when he talks about me.” Fang Yusheng knew that the butler was looking at him. He smiled and firmly said, “But he insulted my wife for being a casual person. That won’t do.”

These words stunned the butler.


Only then did he realize that Eldest Young Master had mentioned the word ‘wife’ previously. It was just that he was too focused on the fight at that time and didn’t notice it. The butler’s expression changed, and he carefully asked, “Eldest Young Master, when did you get a wife?”

“Today.” With that, Fang Yusheng shook his drenched suit and lightly walked away.

The butler stared at the young master’s thin but tall back. He couldn’t snap back to his senses for a long time.

When Fang Pingjue finished scolding his son for smashing things, Butler Wan Lang turned around and walked into the house. Looking at the mess on the floor, he squatted down and picked up the things. He then said, “Sir, Madam, Young Master just said that he got married.”

“Oh,” Xu Pingfei casually replied. Then, she suddenly lowered her head to look at Wan Lang, who was picking up something. “What did you say?”

Fang Pingjue also shifted his gaze to Wan Lang.

Wan Lang put the broken pieces of the teacup into the bin before saying, “Young Master said that he got married.”

After a moment of silence, Butler Wan Lang added, “Today.”

Xu Pingfei and Fang Pingjue could not react.

They could not be blamed for being shocked, but Butler Wan Lang was still dumbfounded.


“Young Master Yusheng, what’s wrong with you? Why are your clothes still wet?”

“Oh my god, your skin is red. Did someone pour boiling water on you?”

Aunt Jin’s voice came from the courtyard. Inside the house, Qiao Jiusheng and Qi Bufan ran out at the same time. When they saw Fang Yusheng’s condition, both of them were shocked. Qi Bufan went up to ask, “Are you okay?”

Fang Yusheng calmly answered, “It’s fine.”

Hearing this, Qi Bufan was relieved. He walked away.

Qiao Jiusheng walked over and stood in front of Fang Yusheng. She looked up at Fang Yusheng, who had his eyes closed, and asked, “Did your father splash this on you?”

“Who else?” Fang Yusheng walked into the house unhindered.

The moment he entered the house, he said to Aunt Jin, “Aunt Jin, please fill the bathtub for me. I want to take a shower.”


Aunt Jin ran to the second floor to fill the bathtub.

In the meantime, Qiao Jiusheng pulled the corner of Fang Yusheng’s suit.

Fang Yusheng turned around and faced down. As he faced Qiao Jiusheng’s raised face, he heard her ask, “Is it because of what happened last night?”

Fang Yusheng smiled and did not deny it. “So, how are you going to compensate me?”

He had shouldered all the trouble she had caused.

Young Master Fang was not a good person. He had done something good, so he had to get some benefits.

Qiao Jiusheng did not expect Fang Yusheng to ask such a question.

How could I compensate?

For a while, she was speechless. Then, she secretly pinched the corner of her skirt with her fingers and hesitantly asked, “I’ll… scrub your back?”

Fang Yusheng: “…”

He pursed his lips and said, “My back is as clear as ice and as pure as jade. How can you touch it?” Fang Yusheng turned around and said, “Dream on!” Then, he went upstairs.

Qiao Jiusheng widened her eyes.

Damn, did he just despise me?

Fang Yusheng showered for an entire hour.

After showering, he put on a casual short shirt and went downstairs. When he reached the floor, he heard Qiao Jiusheng talking to Aunt Jin.

“Aunt Jin, can you recognize me like this?”

Auntie Jin honestly said, “Yes, you still look like Second Madam.”

Qiao Jiusheng worriedly said, “Should I go for plastic surgery?”

“It hurts to use a knife on your face,” Aunt Jin replied.

How could Qiao Jiusheng not know this?

Fang Yusheng did not say anything. He waited for them to finish speaking before heading downstairs. Once he was downstairs, he said to Aunt Jin, “Please help me pack my luggage. I have to go out for a long trip.” Aunt Jin was surprised but did not ask much. She only asked about the weather, then went upstairs to pack.

Fang Yusheng told Qiao Jiusheng, “Come with me.”

After dinner and a shower, it was almost ten o’clock. Fang Yusheng brought Qiao Jiusheng and Qi Bufan out of the house and rushed to the airport. In the car, Qiao Jiusheng curiously asked, “Do you have something urgent to attend to? It’s so late at night.”

Qi Bufan threw Qiao Jiusheng an indescribable look.

Fang Yusheng did not reply. He closed his eyes and leaned against the car. It was unknown whether he was sleeping or thinking about something.

When they boarded the plane, Qiao Jiusheng realized that their tickets were economy class.

This was the first time she had sat in economy class, and she could not help but feel curious. After she sat down and fastened her seatbelt, she whispered into Fang Yusheng’s ear, “I didn’t expect the plane to be full at night.”

Fang Yusheng asked, “Who said it’s full?”

Qiao Jiusheng replied, “Aren’t we sitting in economy class since the tickets for the luxury compartments were sold out?”

Fang Yusheng touched the gem on his cane and confessed the truth. “No, economy class tickets are cheap, and there’s even a discount late at night.” Without guessing what Qiao Jiu Sheng was thinking, Fang Yusheng added, “I don’t have a job, and I have a family to support. Naturally, I should be thrifty.”

Qiao Jiusheng silently looked at the sapphire in his palm and chose to shut up.

If you were poor, would you buy a cane that cost seven digits?

At that moment, she finally understood what Qi Bufan meant when he said those words in the car.

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